Payday 3 Hacker skill tree


The Hacker skill excels in hacking and manipulating security systems. Players can gain access to CCTV systems, emulating control of the heist's security room. They also possess Runtimes, allowing them to perform various actions like causing electrical explosions and stunning enemies. Additionally, Hackers can loop camera footage, mark guards, and create distractions through radio hacks, providing invaluable advantages in stealth and heist scenarios.
You can hack cameras to gain access to the area's CCTV system. This functions as though you accessed the heist's security room.
You gain one Runtime
You can overload a device that already has an active Runtime. This will cause an electrical explosion that will stun anyone within range and destroy the device.
You gain one additional Runtime.
Hacker Secure Loop
You can use one Runtime to make the security camera you're controlling loop its footage. Cameras looping their footage cannot detect you or anything out of the ordinary.
If the camera is destroyed, you regain your Runtime use. If you apply a new Runtime when you're at max Runtimes, your oldest active one is removed.
Hacker Appliance Breach
You can activate lures from a distances, as long as you have a clear line of sight.
Hacker Routed Ping
You can spend a Runtime to make the hacked camera automatically mark any guards or law enforcement within its range.
Targets stay marked for 5 seconds after leaving the camera's view and do not count towards your maximum number of marked targets.
Hacker Glitch Protocol
You can hack a guard's radio to cause a disturbance, stopping and distracting them, pausing any action they are doing. You must have a line of sight to the guard to hack them.
The guard is distract for 5 seconds, after which they will go back to their previous action. If the guard was escorting a player, the guard will go back to patrolling. If the guard was about to detain a player, the guard will go into Search mode instead.
Using this ability has a cooldown of 60 seconds.
Hacker Signal Catch
You can answer radios remotely if you have line of sight to the guard's body.

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