Payday 3 buffs
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Payday 3 - Skills


Excels in reviving and supporting teammates with faster revives and extra Medic Bag charges. GRIT reduces damage during revives, and interactions with Medic Bags grant substantial health boosts. Medics play a vital role in team support.

Ammo Specialist

Vital for sustained firepower, increasing ammo reserves and deploying Ammo Bags with extra charges. Picking up ammo with a full magazine grants EDGE for combat readiness. With RUSH, they ensure a steady resource supply and team resilience.


Blends precision and relentless firepower, focusing on bullet management and reload efficiency for sustained combat effectiveness, making them proficient in combat scenarios.


Specializes in stealth and precision, using Rush for heightened focus and agility. They excel in loot handling and employ ricocheting knives for strategic strikes, making them masters of covert missions.


Grants unparalleled resilience with increased armor chunk regeneration and additional charges to the armor bag. Reduced susceptibility to flashbangs and stuns ensures their effectiveness in intense firefights.


Enhances firearm precision and effectiveness, offering increased damage, improved accuracy, reduced collateral damage, and faster target acquisition for accuracy-focused players.


Specializes in agility and rapid maneuvering, gaining RUSH by sprinting and utilizing EDGE through sliding for enhanced combat readiness.


Thrives on explosive tactics, with blasts having increased area of effect. They excel in high-impact confrontations, ideal for players seeking explosive mayhem in heist operations.


Excels in close-quarters combat, rewarding swift eliminations with GRIT, providing heightened combat readiness.


Excels in crowd control and negotiation, swiftly tying up and trading hostages. Their extended shout range and prolonged civilian compliance showcase their expertise in managing non-combatants.


Grants access to the formidable Sentry Turret equipment, enhancing combat effectiveness with automated firepower.


Specializes in swift and precise firearm handling, gaining EDGE through weapon switches. They excel in dynamic combat situations with enhanced weapon swap speed.


Excels in covert operations and civilian interactions, gaining RUSH when unmasked near civilians or employees. They navigate heists stealthily, manipulating security systems and interactions.


Excels in hacking and manipulating security systems, gaining access to CCTV systems and using Runtimes for strategic advantages.


Specializes in crowd control and tactical advantage, utilizing stun and stagger effects to gain EDGE. Their flashbangs and smoke grenades provide strategic cover and disorientation.


Specializes in target marking and tactical advantage, allowing players to mark additional targets for extended durations. EDGE grants significant damage boosts against marked foes.

CQC Specialist

Excels in close-quarters combat and hostage management, performing takedowns to gain or refresh RUSH. They navigate heists stealthily, with added proficiency in hostage situations.