Why Payday 3 Needs To Be Careful With Update 6

New throwable

Well, we're going to be talking about that and more in this article, but First of all, this week Starre revealed the next throwable weapon coming to the game in the form of the pig tick 187 shock grenade. I'm going to leave it up to you to decide whether that name is cringeworthy or funny, but this is a crowd-control grenade.

So while it doesn't deal any damage, it does apply a debuff to enemies. When thrown, it sends out three bursts of electricity, which can chain between enemies and civilians. It stuns enemies for 1 second and then slows them for 3 seconds. In the clip provided by the blog, we can see it. Arc through a hostage and then hit two enemies, showing us a rough outline of the distance that these arcs will jump; however, as the hostage in this clip has already been zip-tied, it leaves me wondering what effect this throwable could have on freestanding civilians.

Would it stun and slow them just as it does to cops, or would it have a different effect? I could see it being quite a useful crowd control tool if, for example, using it in a room of bystanders would instantly intimidate them and get them to the floor. Take the start of the rock, the cradle. Heist! It takes quite a while to shout at all the civilians and get them into a position where they can be zip-tied.

If instead we could just throw a couple of shot grenades into that first room and get everyone down faster, it'd add that extra layer of functionality to the grenade, but that's likely just wishful thinking. What we do know, however, is that this grenade will synergize with the demolition and tactician skill lines and also possess the ability to instantly take out Shields zappers and techies.

The blog doesn't say anything about it having the ability to disable or destroy the tech's drones, and so we're going to have to wait until the grenade actually makes its way into the game to see if that's the case.

When will it come to the game?

When will it come to the game?

As for when that may be While the blog just says it'll be coming in a future update. I'dhazard a guess and say it'll likely be the next update in the same way that we received the blogs about adaptive armor fortitude and adrenaline.

Update 6 is nearly ready?

Before the last update on the topic of update 6, though Liz confirmed in this week's live stream that they are almost ready to record the next Dev Update article, which normally comes out the week before an update actually drops.

Is quickplay coming?

Liz has also mentioned that quick play is a high priority for the team in a way that makes me believe that it's going to be one of the next big operation medic bag changes that will be implemented to the game.

Current update cadence

So far, Stars has kept an alternating approach to updates, where one provides us with quality of life improvements and bug fixes, and then the next brings more actual content.

What will update 6 look like?

Therefore, , if you ask me, looking at what we've seen until now, I'd say that the next update will likely be. 1.1.3, which could consist of some of the initial focus points from the operation medic bag, like the quick play mask of the week, and some social features like merging parties postmatch or the communication wheel improvements, The next update is 1.2, with the boys in blue DLC, if I were Star Breze.

Dlc 2

Dlc 2

I wouldn't really want to release Boys and Blue until at least one of the bigger operation medic bag changes, such as offline mode version one or a progression overhaul, had been implemented to the game, or maybe even just the UI revamp. Liz has said that she has seen some concepts for the new UI, so perhaps that'll be coming sooner rather than later.

Then again, is that just wishful thinking? Yeah, it is.

Dlc 2 could save or kill payday 3

But whatever way you look at it, the boys in blue DLC are guaranteed to bring players back to the game, whether it's a couple hundred or a couple thousand. I'm very confident in saying that a new DLC will see people coming back, even if it is just the gold and silver edition holders, though I'm equally as confident that if at least one of the major changes isn't in the game by then, players will leave just as fast as they came back.

Closing thoughts & outro


Look at the end of the day. I'd absolutely love to be wrong and be back here in a few weeks talking about boys in blue as the next update, but unless it's one massive update, it might do more harm than good. If you liked the article, drop a like on the article. If you dislike the article, drop a dislike on the article.

In the next article, road again, and money calls me, I'm on my feet. Again, Roman is free.

This week Starbreeze gave us the details of the new Pig Tickler 187 shock grenade coming to payday 3. On top of that, Let's discuss what could be coming in the next update and why if DLC 2 releases too soon, it could do more harm than good to the longevity of Payday 3. Chapters.
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