What's Coming Payday 3's First Major Content Update

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Hello there, Heisers Kobo exe here, and today I want to go over the dev update article for 1.0.1. There was a lot of good news to be heard in this article mainly about the free stuff that they're going to be adding this first update is going to be completely free, however before they dive into all the free stuff we're getting we hear about what was happening behind the scenes, and why it took over a month before we even got our first patch basically while they were working on this first update they realized there was a major flaw in the back end that could erase all player progression, so that became the main focus, while that was being worked on there was also bugs being fixed and it's easier to fix bugs than it is to add a whole new set of stuff that can cause more bugs so that's why we got just a patch and their main effort was put into preventing players from losing data and after a launch like that it's honestly Fair they couldn't afford any more bad press and I'm very glad they've been a lot more open it's more what we're used to as payday fans Overkill and Star Breeze have always been very open with their player bases.

I'm hoping that they've gotten all this stuff figured out and we can have patches and updates more regularly. First off, we got some changes to the XP, and now we've all talked to death about the whole challenge being the only way to level up, so to address that, you're going to be getting some infamy points just by completing the heist, which is something I think we've all kind of predicted was going to happen.

I even kind of incorrectly stated that it was already a feature when I made that short, but I guess the nice thing is that now you know it's actually a feature that's coming to happen, so booya to me, and speaking of challenges, they're going to get some reworking on their rewards. But more importantly, there's going to be some quality of life features, so on the menu, you'll be able to see what challenges you have, and it'll even recommend you some.


Some of the features we'll be getting will include a search bar as well as some filter options, because trying to find just one challenge out of 400 is just really annoying. What this means is that they are taking two heists from Payday 2 and bringing them to Payday 3, similar to what they did with the classic heists from Payday 1 to Payday 2.

These two new heists are Cookoff and Mky. If you've seen my top 10 article, you'll know I love Cookoff; it's my number 10. I recommend checking out that article. If you haven't already, it's not going to be a perfect one-to-one. They will be making changes to the map to fit Payday 3's gameplay more, so at least it doesn't feel like they're just doing a straight copy-and-paste.


As you can see in the footage, it looks like they're adding some scaffolding outside the building to add more mobility and options. I'm really excited to try this map out. I love cooking meals on Payday. Just do me a favor and don't tell the police. I said that saying, Out cook off is a loud only heist.

I think it's only fitting that we get a stealth-only heist. However, I am confused that it's a murky station and not Shadow Raid, according to Starb. Murky Station was a very popular heist; personally, I didn't play it all that much, and I don't know anyone who did, but that is just my experience.

Personally, I would have preferred the Shadow Raid. Well, hopefully they'll add it later on. What do you think of these two maps? Are you excited that these are the maps that we're getting, or are there two different ones that you want to see now? You might also be thinking, I wish we had some original stuff, but I'll get to that.

carrying 2 bags

I have an explanation for that one, but before we talk about that, there are two things I want to talk about. The first is that we're going to get two tracks to go along with these two maps, courtesy of Gustavo himself, and I'm not talking about the dentist. The other one is much like Payday 2 and how it integrated the payday 1 heist into its story, where we're going to have to do the same thing for payday 3, which means that we're going to need a contractor to give us these heists, and who else would be better for the job than the main man himself?

lock What's wrong with your face? It turns out the Assassins that went after the payday gang also went after lock. Lock's voice actor tweeted out that this was something that he's been hiding for months, meaning it was probably planned months before Payday 3's release, and the last thing they're going to add is a brand new skill line transporter.

This will bring us six new skills that you can use. First up in line, of course, is the transporter. It's basic: whenever you pick up a bag or body, you gain or refresh rust, and whenever you throw a bag or body, you lose that rush. If you Ace it, you also get Brit with the same rules. Next, you get Beast, the burden.


As long as you have Rush carrying objects or bodies, it doesn't incur any movement speed penalties for you. Now. I wasn't entirely aware there was much of a movement speed penalty while I was carrying bags, and you're also going to have brutal carry, which means that as long as you have grit, any civilian or employee who sees you carrying a body will immediately become intimidated.

You know what I mean now. The main thing with the transporter's skill line is that you will be able to carry two bags at once. Finally, after all these years, we're finally going to be able to carry two things of loot at once. I think this was something that we've all been waiting for and that we've all been wanting.

Now, heists that are going to have like 20, 30, or 40 bags of loot won't feel like such a chore to get through; it's beautiful. I can look at this all day, please. I need this update. Inject it straight into my veins, star. And it looks like the last thing on this skill line is like a throwing distance skill, which you know is always nice to have.

cook off

What you might have noticed in these pictures is that there's actually a skill line at the bottom that looks like they're already planning out, and this needs to have some images placed in it. I wonder what that's going to be. Obviously, the answer to that is going to be no. It's going to need more updates in order to get it to where people want it, but I have my full faith in Starb that they're perfectly capable of giving us that.

What a lot of people don't seem to remember is that Payday 1 and Payday 2 didn't actually have that many heists on launch. People will say that there's actually like 13 heists at launch, but like four, or five of them were the same bank. Only after 9 years of content updates did we finally get to where we are now, and I say 9 years because of November 2018 to November 2019.

Let's talk about what's coming in the first major content update coming to PAYDAY 3. Starbreeze just announced their first major content update for PAYDAY 3 and I have some strong opinions. We're getting quite a bit. We're getting 2 legacy heists, a new skill line, and changes to challenges.
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