Unlimited C Stacks. New Payday 3 Hack. Buy Unlimited Cheap C Stacks Using Fiddler

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It is your boy, Pure Ghost, back again with another Payday 3 article. Now, today I'm going to show you guys how you can basically get infinite C stacks in Payday 3. If you hit yes on all of those, then you're going to hit okay, and as you see here, it's going to start filling up with all of your network traffic, so this is all of the games and stuff you know about your internet, browsers, and all that you see.

YouTube here All that stuff is going to be in here now. The next thing you want to do is launch Payday, and you're going to see that it is going to start filling up with all of the requests from the game so you can see Xbox Live connected all this. It's going to go ahead and go through it all. Of the websites, or excuse me, all of the you know game loading requests, now at this point over here, you're going to have this inspector tab.

c stacks

This is going to show all of the requests, and then the composer tab allows you to change those requests, so we're going to load up the game now that, now that we've loaded up, we're going to hit, you know, start the game. Log in now that we've logged in. As you can see, I have 208. To do this, you're going to create an order call an order call which is simply, it's going to give you, you know, the code in here of you buying something in the game, and we're going to use that to basically change the order call to buying C stacks and then change the amount to ninety thousand.

You couldn't go into, you know, the guns and change the gun price to something very cheap because it would check the price; it was just because that price was already on the C stacks. You can also use this program, Fiddler, to get these lock outfits and stuff like that. As you can see, there's also the mask that you can get, like the pre-order bonus and the Premium Edition bonus.

I had to go ahead and give myself those, and it's basically the same exact thing you put in this code, and it will basically buy it for you, and then you restart the game, and it's there. So the first thing you want to do, like I said, is do an order call, so we're going to go to our mass go to cosmetic and just buy, you know, one of these for 500 bucks just to get an order call, so here we go, we're going to buy it.


We're going back out to the main menu, and if we go into settler, we go into settler we can now see that we have orders. Now, the one you're going to be looking for isn't going to be any of these; it's going to be the first one that says order, so you're going to have a different code. Here as well, because this is your player code, this is your unique code, so you're just not going to have the same number and letters as mine, and it's going to say it's going to end in slash orders.

Okay, so quick edit. I think I forgot to actually add how to add the code, like over here to the right, so you take the order, you just drag it, and it'll show green, and then you release it, and it will show this. So that is how you add the actual order over here, and then you would go, you know, you could do that under inspector, you can't do that under inspector, but you would do that under the composer tab, and then you can change it down here and then hit execute, so if you see it in the inspector now we can see the entire order, and now we're going to go to the where is it the composer tab, so this is where you change the stuff, so down here this is the request body, and then the execute button.


So if we hit paste now, the item ID has changed, the quantity is the same, and now the price is ninety thousand, so you know, one stack of C Stacks or whatever if we go into the game, one stack is 450 000 for me; it doesn't reset for 32 minutes, so now that we have set that to cache, set it to 90 000, and we can hit execute.

And as you can see, it is now in the request on our network. We can hit it again, and it'll do it again. We can do it again and again and again and again, so we did it one, two, three, four, five, and six times, so that is 10 C sacks, so we're at 208 C stacks. There we go, so we did it five more times—about five more sacks of seed; see stacks of C.

dirty ice

I'm going to buy that, and now we're at 318 sea stacks. Now when you reset the game, it's going to stick because this is, you know, buying. In the game now, this does use the money, so don't think you can just buy this infinitely; you have to actually have the cash. But if you refer back to my previous articles, you can make a million dollars in two minutes.

If you go do that, that is a lot of C Stacks that you don't even have to pay for because you get a million dollars in two minutes. There's a lot of stuff you can do with these, like buying these masks, this suit, and the pre-order bonuses. All this stuff you can get just by doing this. I'll try to help below.

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