This Is Not Good Enough. Payday 3 Update 1. 1. 1


Update 1.1.1 for Payday 3 is out, and it's disappointing, to say the very least. I played through it, and it's just not What it It's not what the game needs right now; this is an insult, quite frankly, to what this game is and what it needs right now. Update 1.1.1 is the first part of Operation Medical Bag, which is Star Bre's big initiative to try to fix Payday 3 to revive the dead player base and make the game what it should have been at launch, and this is the first part of it.

It's a flop. It's fallen flat on its face; this is not what the game needs. This is the type of update that should have happened a week after the syntax error came out; it's a glorified bug update. Because what does it add other than charm? and bug fixes, it adds a buff to the sniper. You could do that in a week.

Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if they did it in a week. It doesn't even work. I am actually one of those insane people who completed the cook-off and got all 19 pure bags, and I don't have it.

And for some reason, ever since this update, my computer is actually running Payday 3 worse than before. Now, admittedly, I am not the world's biggest. Tech expert I don't know about it, Jack. When before could I run it on?


This is the first step in Project Med in freaking Project Med, whatever the [__]. and it has done nothing; the game is still the same as it was three months ago. Hell, I'd say it's arguably worse because there are fewer people to play with because it's dying fast. Hell, you couldn't tell the difference between this gameplay that you're seeing on screen and whether it was from 2023 or 2024.

Because that's how little this update has done to actually change the game, and it's actually been added: unnecessary features for this game. Why do hostages need an outline when they're being traded? It's cool, and it's nice visually. I don't think it's very necessary. It seems like they spawn halfway through the heist, depending on the progress you make.

And it just highlights my personal gripe with the bulldozer and that he's too tanky; he's a boss enemy in this game when he should just be a heavy, not something that takes everyone's attention, something that just takes a little thinking to get over, like Payday the Heist, but no. He's just everywhere and shreds.


And the icing on the cake of this whole ordeal is that because of this new update, all builds got reset. Fan [__]] Astic. But, to speak on a positive note, and you do get the one, the rework balances for CQC and other skills are a nice touch. Making CQC work off of rush and then having it work off of soft assets to be an armor regen or not even an armor regen a full armor heal, you can basically kind of armor.

Gate is a nice touch; it brings a little variety; it'll probably become meta for the 50 people who are still playing this game, but I like it; it's actually a good thing; it should have been done three months ago. But it's nice, and the reworked medic bag is also a nice little treat. I think that it should probably go exactly back to the way it is; it's nicer that it's gone back from 35 heal to 35% heal to 50% heal and a reset of one down.

Personally, I think that should go back to how it was in the first two games: a full reset of downs and a full heal. The medic bag was perfect the way it was. I don't know what you know about the neutral bag we're dealing with now, but it's not my medic bag. It's nicer that it's getting back to where it should be, but it's not there yet.


Just put it back to the way it was; there was nothing wrong with it, and speaking on just one last. Minor, help that this game got at least with those who got bamboozled into spending money on syntax errors. I was working on a article right before this one. I was working on a article that was just me listing every single problem that I have with Payday 3, and that article is an hour-long raw recording, so at the end of the day, the question always boils down to: if you don't have the game, if you do have the game, should you play Payday 3?

In my opinion, no, not really. You should wait if this game is to get better; only time will fix it because this update sure as hell isn't going to do it, and if this is the big triumphant, fix the first steps to making progress to fix Bay. A3, this isn't it. I'm going to go now. See you,

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