The Recently Announced Payday 3 Update Has Been Delayed


Since its official launch in September, Payday 3 has climbed the sales charts while also leaving many fans and players upset with several of its shortcomings. Payday 3 since its launch has landed a mostly negative review tag on Steam after players lit up the platform angry with its matchmaking and progression issues.

The developers of the game, Starb Studios, have recently released a fix for these matchmaking issues that, for now, seems to have alleviated the problem for most, if not all, players. Star Breeze was also supposed to drop a new update with more than 200 quality of life improvements yesterday, but unfortunately, that specific patch has now been delayed until mid-October so that Star Breeze can ensure payday 3 remains stable.

Another week shouldn't be too bad if I play 10 hours a day for the next week, or I might be able to level up once or twice. Starrey Studios announced this delay in a tweet, saying, We're extremely sorry for this, but we've chosen to delay today's planned patch to ensure its stability. They continued that the patch needs some changes that would require us to go through console e-certification.


Again, we hope to be ready to deliver this one in mid-October. The payday team also noted that this means the bonus content promised to PS5 players will remain unredeemable. Until this patch is ready, luckily the delay is only going to be pretty short, but it's still frustrating for many fans and players who have already been disappointed by the state in which Payday 3 launched.

Hopefully, this patch can bring the game to at least a state that players and fans can be relatively excited for because, as it stands, the game itself is just a shell of what we know payday games are capable of. A lot of players are also curious to know what will be included in this first major patch for Payday 3.

Well, as mentioned in my previous article, if you watched it, this first patch has promised to include more than 200 quality of life improvements. Starb itself has yet to confirm all of the specifics, but we do know that one of the main areas the team is looking to improve in Pro is the progression system.


Note that it may not be included in this specific update, but in a recent developer twitch stream, lead producer Andreas Penninger said we have heard you and we are working on a bunch of changes to the progression system. I can't say exactly what yet. We're working on it, then we're going to test it and verify it to make sure it's in line with how we want it to work.

It's not yet clear if this delay will push that update back. I'm going to assume that it probably will, and in my opinion, you've already released a bunch of broken things. Just take the time you need to make sure that you don't release anymore. But what we do know is that a similar patch is also on schedule for later in November, and then, of course, the syntax error DLC will release sometime in the winter once again.

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All of that could be moved around based on this latest delay but will remain relatively around the same time periods. In my opinion, Payday 3 has potential; it has the winning formula in Payday 2 for them to just pick and take ideas and mechanics from those players. I love and enjoy it, so I'm more than positive that the game will eventually get rolling and slowly morph into the game that we'd all initially hoped for.

I just wish it could have been released that way. I, for one, certainly wouldn't mind a slight tweak to the level progression system. I'm not going to lie, this is hard, it's ridiculous, you shouldn't level up that slowly, and I honestly hope this wasn't their elaborate plan to stretch out the content until the first DLC would arrive, because that ain't it anyway.

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Payday 3 has been working on an update with more than 200 quality of life improvements to the game but it's been delayed until mid october. In this video we'll cover everything you'll need to know about this delay, and when you can expect the update for Payday 3 to take place! Thanks for watching. Support your boy with that thumbs up button and a sub, it means a lot.
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