The New Best Way To Grind Exp And Cash Payday 3


This is the Rock the Cradle Speedrun, one of the most surprisingly short heists in the game, despite its apparent complexity. First, you'll need to put together a basic bill to get this done. Skills like infiltrator race, quick fingers, and slippery are necessities, but I also recommend you grab hacker Swift Escapist and glitch protocol for speed and safety.

You're also going to want to equip the standard lining and ECM Jammer, and whichever weapons you want to actually level up once your build is ready, grab the rock, and the cradle contract on the overkill difficulty from Vlad heading into the heist. You're going to want to start by rushing to the right side entrance and a lot picking your way in potentially.

Hacking this camera if it's slowing you down before rushing straight through the kitchens and into the back office, trying not to linger for too long on this camera, or, if you're an advanced stealtha feeling really confident, why not use the infiltrate array skill to immediately lockpick your way through the front door, ignoring the protests of these bounces from there depending on your approach?


At the start of the haste, you can add a sprint out of this secure office location to draw the bouncer's attention over to the bar circling. Around the side to pickpocket the key card silently or just brazenly run straight through the club and up to the bounces directly here, you need to boldly commit a crime, so steal and use the blue key card to instigate the handcuffed sequence once cuffed, though you can immediately break out with the final few seconds of Rush directly in front of them using the slippery skill diving around this corner to avoid being seen masking up whichever strategy you prefer.

You'll now need to head down to the basement and flank to the right, opening up this security lock door. In doing this quickly, it is possible that a camera spots you, which can be easily saved by walking up to the investigating guard and hacking his radio after he spots you, apparently. The glitch protocol enables you to hack into the hippocampus of gods who forget what the hell they were doing almost immediately after.


This mask up if you haven't already, and sprint over to the accounts office via this external ventilation shaft. Passing through the office, you can now smash straight through the vents to access either of these two candidate rooms, looking for a letter and a color if the crypto wallet spawns in the third location across the opposite side of the club.

I generally recommend resetting the heist for better RNG, although it is still possible to complete the heist regardless. Once you've found the correct room, flank right back around to the power boxes and flip the switch corresponding to the correct letter and color, then head back to the accounts and open up the crypto vault entrance break.

This time, grab the Wallace and secure it at either end of the underground nightclub. It's actually easy to do this if the guards are already in search mode thanks to your audacious handcuff trick earlier in the heist, but if they're not, you can always bait them out of the way by running in secure areas now.


You just need to escape the heist from the account side of the room. Simply climb up this debris and over the train platform to rush back around to the escape room, or from the opposite end, drop an ECM jammer, shoot any security you run into, and again sprint directly up to the escape for an incredibly fast clear.

A slightly riskier method of farming than say road rage or dirty ice, but it is a whole lot more enjoyable in my opinion and rewarding once you get the hang of it, granting four hundred thousand dollars and almost 1500 weapon skill experience, as well as being a great way to farm those many miscellaneous stealth challenges that take a while to complete otherwise.

As a result, it's the perfect jack of all trades. So rather than any other approach, this one is probably the most difficult to follow just from these instructions, so please take a closer look at my fastest RNG unknown attempt to get a proper look at what steps you need to follow. That's probably it for me as far as farming methods are concerned.


At the moment, the community has done an amazing job discovering the optimal ways to level up your account quickly, despite all the recent downtime. For now, at least stumble farmed out, so stay tuned for the fruits of my labor, with some of the strongest new 21-Point skill builds coming your way shortly.

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