Syntax Error Consistent Solo Guide (overkill) 8 Minute Runs On The New Payday 3 Heist



I hope everyone's doing well today. I know it's been a little while, but a syntax error recently came out on Payday 3. I figured now is a good time to give you one of those foolproof, consistent guides for syntax errors so you can solo stealth it on Overkill if you want. The last one we did was Touch the Sky, and I think it turned out pretty well, so hopefully you guys like this one to give you a little bit of backstory.

I've got about 230.

Skills & loadout

Hours on payday 3 and I've run syntax error about 20 times in Stealth at this point with this route this route didn't take very long to make but I think it turned out pretty well with this route each run takes about 7 or 8 minutes for minimum Loot and probably closer to about 12 or 13 minutes with all loot before I show you the route here are some good equipment and skills to take make sure not to take unbreakable, knives if you're going to use them as a distraction, and then take extra Munitions so you have more throwing knives we're going to ace hacker so that we have two run times and then we're going to bring secure Loops so we can hack cameras, if you play your cards right you can actually disable every camera downstairs all at one time but I'll talk a little more about that in a sec we're going to take glitch protocol to hack the guards I use this just to hack them and run past them we take transporter basic so we get rush anytime we pick up a bag, and then we take Beast of Burden so that Rush makes it so we have no bag penalties.

And then the most important thing out of this tree is that we're going to take a power lifter so we can carry two bags at one time, and then looking at the new tree they added with the syntax error Heist, we're going to bring a scrambler so we have an additional run time that puts us at three total run times, we take extra pockets so we get an additional ECM, and then most importantly, we take cam distortion, so if we place an ECM close enough to a camera, it completely disables the camera with two ecms, which means you can disable two cameras.

And with three run times, you can hack three cameras, which means five cameras can be taken out at once by you, and there's only five cameras downstairs on this heist. Moving over to load out, make sure you bring ecms, throwing knives, and an ammo bag. The rest doesn't really matter now.



Just as a preface before I show you the actual route, there are a lot of different possibilities. For how you run this heist. I'm going to show you the fastest way into each of the five server rooms since you only have to go into three of them, but it's random every time the beginning of this run and the end of this run are all the same though pre-step, one patiently wait to load into a.

Looking for lobby.

All right, we finally made it into a lobby. Go ahead and bring a zip line if you're going to go for all the loot. Right now that we've loaded in Step One, we're going to go to the bathroom and mask. Once you're in the bathroom and masked up, head inside the vent that's in the bathroom. You're going to take a right.

Our goal right now is to get upstairs to the manager's office so that we can get the keypad code, , make your way over there through the break room and check and see if there's a QR phone on the table there's two spots on the break room table and one in the manager's, office, it's not required but I like to grab it just in case if you don't see the QR phone anywhere it's in the camera room and you're not going to get it this run it's fine, now we're going to head into the manager's office and we're going to look for the code consider hacking the camera that's down the hallway or right in front of the door and make sure to close the shutters once you get into the room for a little bit of extra safety the first thing you want to do is just hack the PC and look for some numbers right here if there are no numbers right there that means the code is in the safe move over and open the safe,.

Up, anytime you see a number, type it into chat so you don't forget it. If you followed me up to this point, you've now got the code. We're going to move on to step two now that you have the code. Head back to the vents. This time, instead of coming out of the bathroom, you're going to go straight into the vents so that you pop out next to the keypad door behind the metal detector.

This bypasses the metal detector, so you never have to cut the wires. Very carefully put the code in because there can be a camera in this room as well as the guard turning around.

Keycard locations

Keycard locations

Occasionally, once you've got the code in your head, downstairs , okay, step three time, it's time to find the key card if you'd like to. Before you go all the way downstairs, you can hack some cameras from right here in the window. You can hack three cameras by hacking this one and then scrolling over to the other ones.

Pick your favorites, or just do the first. Three now we're going to go check for the key card. There are three locations for it, and you want to check them in this order. Once you walk down the stairs, distract or sneak past the two guards that are down. There, you're going to check for the key card in this spot right here, next to the L2 stairway.

If the key card is here, skip to this time in the article or keep following along so that I can show you the other two spawns. If it's not there, move to the server hub. It's down the hallway a little further, and you'll take a right to get over to the key card, Spot. The key card spawn is right here, which is where it was in my game.

If the key card's there, you can skip to this time, or you can check for that last key card spawn with me, so if the key card isn't in this second location, cry because the third spot is the worst. Sneak your way down the hallway right here from the server hub. Once you're down through the hallway, there's a janitor card to the side of that janitor card.

The third key card spawns. You have to be very careful because there are two guards that can patrol this hallway and one civilian near it. If you've done all of this correctly, you have the key card for sure now.

Finding the correct rooms

Finding the correct rooms

Work while getting the key card is required. This next step is required if you're going for minimum loot. If you're going for all loot, you can skip ahead to this time to start seeing how to get into the room. If you're going for minimum loot, you want to make your way back to the server. Hub, once you're on the server, backtrack a little bit to that L2 hallway near the first key card spawn.

You're going to want to head upstairs in the stairwell, scan into the room, and hack the computer that's in there. Once this screen pops up, only press the interact key. One time, the emails pop up in a certain order, and I'm going to tell you which ones you need for sure. For the first email that pops up, we're going to call it email number one.

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