Starbreeze Have Broken The Silence. Payday 3 Update Info


Okay, so after what feels like an eternity, Starb has finally broken the silence and commented on the current state of the first Payday 3 update. Now it is really nice to finally have something concrete to go off of some actual communication, and I will acknowledge that they did open the blog post by apologizing.

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And this blog post actually gives us quite a lot in the way of communication. There are four main things that Starre acknowledges in the post, and I think they're all really good things for us to know as the community. The third thing they mention is that they see and acknowledge all of the feedback that's come out about the progression system, and the designers are looking at a system that can be adapted to balance both the challenge system as well as offering infamy points for each heist, and I'm hoping other, ways of earning infam points but they do say that they're going to come back to us with more information on what exactly this system will look like once they know more themselves and the fourth and final major point in the blog post is that star Brees have acknowledged, that once they can consistently deliver patches the team will also deliver on their plans for more content for the game and we can expect to hear more about that kind of content as and when we get closer to it being ready so that's the major sort of narrative beats of you will of the blog post There is a little bit more, but it's mainly just apologizing, and so on and so forth.

If you do fancy reading it in its entirety. I'm a bit conflicted about this blog post, to be completely honest, and not even necessarily the blog post itself, but rather what the blog post represents, as you will well see. A couple weeks ago, I made a article discussing Payday 3 and kind of voicing my potential concerns.

About the future of Payday 3 on consoles, it seemed like the narrative was that the console certification process was what was delaying the major first update, and in my article. I spoke about how that concerned me for the potential future of the game on consoles, potentially even seeing a repeat of Payday 2 if it got to the point where consoles were completely abandoned, but this blog post quells those fears as Starb has outright commented that they are still committed to keeping parity on all platforms, and so on.

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Yes, you could say that article I made a few weeks ago was a little bit on the pessimistic side. We know where we were with Payday 2, and given the launch of Payday 3, things didn't go as planned, so maybe those plans were changed, and that was sort of the reasoning behind me making that article, but now I really don't think that's a possibility.

I'm very comfortable that consoles are going to be supported for the entirety of Payday 3's life cycle. I just wish we would have heard this sooner, and that's not just about the console side of things. Obviously, it's highlighted in this blog post that the main issue with this patch and a big reason why it was delayed was that there were potentially significant risks to resetting player progression given how much people haven't really enjoyed progressing at the moment, which would have come as a kick.

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I think I'm currently around level 78. At the moment. I've unlocked almost everything there is to unlock, at least in regard to sort of base content, and if I were reset. I wouldn't be too happy, assuming obviously that the new progression system isn't something that's a lot easier to navigate, and therefore being reset wouldn't be such a pain.

But still, nobody wants to get their progress reset, and if we had been communicated with properly and told that this is why the patch was delayed, we could have had a significantly more optimistic outlook on the future of the game instead of sort of everybody questioning where Starre went. The radio silence was quite frankly not on, and I want to acknowledge as well that the release of this blog post was, in my opinion, quite well thought out.

The blog post that I'm speaking about in this article was published on October 25th, and the previous communication we had from Star Breeze was on September 26th, so if they had waited one more day, we could have turned around and said it's been a month of silence and I. I don't know how that feels.

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I don't know exactly how to feel about that. I'm sure it's nothing, but I do want to point it out because this, at least from my perspective, doesn't seem like information Star Brees only had on October 25th. This seems like something that they've known since the release of the game, and so waiting a month to communicate with us seems a little bit unnecessary.

But anyway, I'm pleased to be able to make a slightly more optimistic article on payday 3, and whenever we hear more about this update, you can bet that I'll be covering it here on the channel. If you like the article, drop a like on the article. If you dislike the article, drop a dislike on the article. I'm on the road again, with money.

Call me; I'm on my feet. Again, Roman.

Starbreeze has broken the silence and published a blog post about the state of Payday 3's first update. This post comes as a huge relief to many fans of the game, who have been worried about the state of the update ever since it was revealed that the game would not be released this year. In the post, Starbreeze say that they are still working on the first update and that they are "doing everything in our power" to release it this year. They also say that they will be revealing more information about the update in the next few weeks.
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