Payday 3's Update 5 Is Good



I literally just woke up, like 5 minutes ago, so welcome back to Payday 3. Today I will be talking about this new update that has recently come around the corner. So the first thing I'm going to be talking about in the update is the introduction to the adaptive armor system.

Adaptive armor

The adaptive armor is the only armor in the entirety of the game that allows you to recharge all of the damaged chunks in a few seconds.

You might think that is overpowered, but it is completely useless, and I will get into that in a little bit. The difference between the normal armor and the adeptive armor is that the normal armor is only able to recharge a portion of the damaged chunks, whereas the adaptive armor is able to completely recharge itself to full.

adaptive armor

If you're out of combat, keep in mind that you need to have at least one armor chunk to be able to restore it. Normally the armor has two armor chunks, and if one is destroyed, you will not be able to completely recharge the second one because it is completely broken. As long as you have armor and the chunk is not completely destroyed, you will be able to completely restore it without having any sort of issue.

But you might be thinking, Why is it almost useless, in my opinion? Well, that's because it has three problems, the first of which is The first are the Damons. The amount of down you have is set to two, and the damage reduction is set to 5%. All the armor except for the adaptive armor provides a damage resistance of.

25% now. I am someone who likes to play extremely aggressively by being on the front lines and being able to tank a lot of damage, but when I tried out the new adaptive armor, it completely sucked away because it was not able to literally sustain itself for more than 5 seconds. But what's exactly the third reason for it being bad?

I mentioned three. Well, the last one is because it takes too long to sort of recharge itself. I know 4 and 1/2 seconds is something that sort of does not seem that much compared to the other armors that require, like, 8 seconds to recharge themselves, but my God, that recharge time is not really that good because I understand that if it were too short, it would be too overpowered, but it's not really that much like it; it still requires you to wait a lot because what if the enemies rush you?

The purpose of adaptive armor is to sort of play a little bit more passively. It forces you to play a bit more defensively and more passively. You sort of have to think of it as a crutch that you're constantly holding on to. If you get too greedy with it, it will completely fall off, but if you treat it right, you play a bit more passively.

Then you will be able to succeed with it effectively. That is why I do not like it, so I'm just practically staying away from it. Another thing that Deo also added to the game is the new adrenaline feature.

Adrenaline (overheal)

Adrenaline (overheal)

The adrenaline feature is commonly referred to as the overheal mechanic. The overheal mechanic just practically allows you to be able to sustain a bit of damage before your armor or your health take any sort of damage.

Meaning if you have overheal, instead of taking armor damage, overheal is the one that will take the damage for you. This overheal effect will be indicated by the green outline over your health bar, and the interesting thing is that each time you use a first St kit, it will sort of slow down the effect by a little bit, or at least I think it will completely stop the timer for a few seconds because it will actually degrade itself for a short duration.

It's not going to stay with you forever, so you need to know when the perfect opportunity is to be able to use it. I actually like this feature because it sort of allows you to use any sort of leftover first aid kit that is left around the map and use it as a bit of like a bit of sustainability. Because normally you take the armor damage first before your health is the one that takes the damage, but instead if you have overheal, then your armor will be completely untouched, and the overheal health bar will be the one that takes the damage.

How to get adrenaline

How to get adrenaline

Damage the only way you can actually get the overheal mechanic is if you're at 100% health or if you heal that is more than your, like Max Health. For example, if you have say 60 health and your medic bag heals you for 50, then you would have 10 extra overheals. That's basically the basic gist of it.

Fortitude skill line

There's there is also a new skill that they have added to the table that will basically work alongside the new agility feature from the medic bag or the first aid kits; it buffs both players and vastly increases their survivability. And I'm going to touch down on the skill lines.

Fortitude basic and aced

2 basic increases your maximum health by 50, and whenever you heal above your maximum health, you gain a refresh and grit.

The ace version increases the number of downs by one, and your bleed-out rate increases to 50%.

Stockpile mastery

Stock pilot is the Mastery AK, the final skill line on the skill; it just basically increases the amount of additional charges on your. Deployable bag, so by default, you have two, and it basically just adds the two extras; this also works alongside the pocket.

Health siphone

Health siphone

So that's a fun fact, Health siphon: whatever you create, whenever a crewmate mate use heals using your medic bag, you heal 40% of the amount healed. If this heals you beyond your full health, the entire amount is addressed.


Adrenaline, On , yielding your maximum amount of health is increased by 15 for each down you currently have, so wearing less armor actually has a specific purpose.


Ser, holy jesus, what is that? What the [__] is that? Physiological whatever the [__] you want to pronounce, whenever you have adrenaline, you gain 10%. Add additional adrenaline for each down you currently have. So you will basically be able to store more regaline if you have fewer downs or more downs.

Pardon me, so the standard leaning armor is the perfect opportunity for that one.

Walking tall

Walking tall, your adrenaline degrades 25% of the slower for each down you currently have. If you have any amount of adrenaline, you can use the first state kids to pause this degradation for 15 seconds.

Pain asymbolia

Pain asymbolia

As long as you have adrenaline in either Edge Grit or Rush, the effect of the buffs is doubled, and you take 10% less damage to your adrenaline. Basically, it increases the buffing effect of both Edge Grit and Rush instead of being normally 10%; it actually increases up to 20%, which is a really nice feature, and you also take 10% less damage to your adrenaline, which is also pretty nice, but you need to have adrenaline for the buff effect to be.


Buffs/ quality of life changes

Finally, let's talk about a few features that they introduced, aka some quality of life changes.

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