Payday 3's Next Update Is Going To Be Big



There was recently a Pay3 Live stream talking about the changes that are coming to Pay3. Pay3's next update is going to be coming by the end of November and will be on all platforms. I'll leave the live stream.

Payday 3 legacy heists

In the live stream, they talk more about the Legacy Heist that is coming into Pay 3.

These Legacy Highs are not tied to Pay3 Story and are just one-offs, and these Highs are now just based in New York, and in both of these Legacy Heists. Bucket is just the contact for the heist, not the operator, and Shay will be the operator for both Legacy Heists. They kind of made it look like Lug was going to be the operator for the heist.


I don't know why he isn't the operator, but it is what it is when it comes to the Cookoff Legacy Heist; it will be loud only like how it was before in Pay 2; it will be a larger map with new tactical scaffolding that is being added. A new garage area will be added as well. When it comes to making mess in this house, you can only make 19 bags, and after making 10 bags of mess, the endless assault wave will start.

There's an influence on the loot value. You can leave it there for longer to slightly increase the value of the mess, but if you leave it there for too long, it'll get burned and the value will be reduced. So that was the new information we got for the cookoff. and when it comes to the tured, station.

AKA mury station, it is going to be stealth only like in Pay 2. You can now access the train cart roofs; in Pay 2, you weren't able to access them, but in Pay 3, you'll be able to jump on top of the train carts, and also, when it comes to size, they have adapted Pay3 movements and Pay3 self-mechanics.

Not much was talked about, and what else they did to the heist besides those three things also when it comes to both of these legacy heist cook-offs and tat. We'll be getting new challenges and favors, and lastly, there's going to be a new tab in the menu for these legacy heists. Pretty sure they want to keep the Legacy Heist and the other Pay3 Heist separated.

Payday 3 cosmetics

Payday 3 cosmetics

And now to move on to cosmetics that are coming to Pay3, there's only going to be like two new cosmetics that are going to be coming out, one of which is the under-wrapped mask, which will cost 10 C stacks. The straps are physics-based, so they're going to move around as you run around in the heist, and the second cosmetic will be a Compat 7 preset weapon that will cost 25 C stacks.

I figured they would add more, but apparently we're only getting two new cosmetics.

Payday 3 transporter skill

The transporter skill will be coming in this update, and they actually showed off what each tier does when it comes to the first tier. Whenever you pick up a body, you gain or refresh. Rush: whenever you throw a bag or a body, you lose rush, and when you Ace the first tier, whenever you pick up a body, you gain or refresh grit, but whenever you throw a bag or a body, you lose grit.

The second tier is called the beast of the burden; as long as you have Rush carrying objects or bodies, it doesn't incur any moving speed penalties for you. The third tier is called brutal carry, and as long as you have grip, any civilian or employee who sees you carrying a body will immediately become intimidated.

The force tier is called Deep Pockets. If you have a deployable bag in your loadout, you start the heist with one extra deployable of that type, but all your deployable bags have two less charges and have a minimum of one. The fifth tier is called Powerlifter. And this is the tier that I'm pretty sure most people will want.

You can now carry up to two bags, but this incurs a movement penalty. The last tier is the transporter skill line called catapult, and you could throw bags 30% farther. This skill line will sure be useful for heists to have a lot of loot.

Payday 3 animations

Payday 3 animations

Another thing that will be coming into the P3 update will be new first-person animation interactions. These new interactions are going to be like bagging loot, cable tying, and civilian ordering. Reviving players with a drilling needle, sorting through files, unscrewing events with a screwdriver, and grabbing ammo from ammo bags grabbing bags, typing on the keyboard, scanning the key card, pushing the button in the keypad, grabbing loose loot, opening doors There's also going to be weapon inspections for all the weapons, and you can also inspect gloves when in caseing mode.

There'll also be more coming down the line, so I can't wait to see what more they're going to add, and now this is the major thing that I'm looking forward to when it comes to this update.

Payday 3 challenge system changes

In the challenge system, they will add recommended challenges. Based on how you've progressed so far with challenges, you will get recommendations for what challenges you should do next.


You get three on the main menu for general challenges and three per heist in the high selection menu; this would for sure be useful for cheating challenges. Another change they're adding to the challenge system is that ify points will be granted when you finish a heist, which is something I've been asking for so long.

I'm glad they're finally doing it. Three ways for the heist to be completed are: completing the heist successfully. Completing the heist entirely without raising the alarm, so basically stealth and completing the heist by securing all the legs The amount of infy points you get for each of these three factors depends on which heist you're playing on and on which difficulty.

These payouts are added up together and aren't mutually exclusive, which means that if you complete a heist without raising an alarm, you'll get points for completion and for finishing a stealth. I like this change. I'm just glad that we finally get points now just by playing the game and not having to do challenges over and over again.

There's also a new thing called Renown Low Level, so we recommend paying three. These are for the highers who reach the level cap, so basically, if you're low 100, level 50, you will get this. It will be a small icon, and you can interact with those next to your level. If you get 2, 000 infinite points, you get one with each level, and they're up to 1, 8, and 88 renowned levels.

I don't know why it's that number. You also get one random cosmetic reward per Renown level. The rewards would be random cosmetics from a pool; currently, it will only include existing cosmetics, but more cosmetics will be added in the future.

Other payday 3 changes

Other payday 3 changes

We'll see how this new Renol system goes, and the last few changes coming to pay for this next update are going to be things like Lobby Chat, which will only be available for PC players, not console players. Lobby chat for consoles will be coming at a later date. There will also be a rebalance, and skills will be at 300%.

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