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Okay, so I want to come out with what may be considered to be a little bit of a hot take at the moment and say that I think update 4 or update 1.1.1 for payday 3 is fine. I don't think it's great, and I reckon I'd have a hard time arguing that it's good, but I also don't think that it's bad, so fine feels like the right word.

Patch vs update

First, Let me draw the distinction in my eyes between a patch and an update. I have no experience in game development, so while these may not necessarily be industry definitions of the terms, providing my understanding of them is important to the rest of the article. A patch is something that I would consider to consist mainly of bug fixes and feature tweaks or improvements, whereas an update is more content-heavy with those definitions in mind.

Is update 4 a good patch?

I'd like to say that personally, I feel that Starb delivered a really high-quality patch to Payday 3 in update 1.1.1. Fixing many issues with the game from a technical standpoint, there were over 300 bug fixes as well as features such as controller Dead Zone improvements and, yes, an unready button.

As a quick aside. I'm not trying to say that it's acceptable that some of these features weren't here at launch, but at the very least they're here now, even if the unready button may still need a couple more tweaks to be entirely user-friendly.

We've been here before

We've been here before

Anyway, this isn't actually the first time we've been in this position after the initial month of silence that followed the game's launch. The first update we received was update 1.0.1. Which again consisted of mainly bug fixes and tweaks, and by the definitions I set out earlier, was more of a patch than an update, and my stance remains the same.

In fact, this is what I had to say about update 1.0.1. Finally came out, consisting of primarily bug fixes, which we knew it was going to be. I could have made a article about it and complained about the lack of actual content, but that didn't feel necessary to me, mainly because we knew that the first patch was going to be just that, a patch with some bug fixes.

We knew nothing was really coming, and so to complain about it felt a bit disingenuous, and I wouldn't change a single word of that when describing my feelings towards update 1.1.1.

We knew what to expect

We knew that it would mostly consist of bug fixes and tweaks to the skills from the AMA and the community update we got before the strike team was announced. Most of the changes to this update, especially in regard to the skills, were included in the what's coming section of the January Community update, which at the end of the day is what we were told to expect from the next update being this.

My thoughts on update 4

My thoughts on update 4

I wasn't expecting them to deviate too far from their plans for this update once the operation medic bag was announced, and so again, to quote myself personally.

I'd find complaining about this update a little bit disingenuous. And in essence, this update seems like a hybrid between what the team was planning before the operation medic bag and a couple of easier-to-implement operation medic bag changes sprinkled in for good measure.


I feel like Star Brees may have benefited from referring to this update as a patch rather than an update, and I brought this up during a lil guy G stream, a fantastic content creator in the payday space and a starb partner.

On top of that, I left a message in the chat that read that this was definitely more of a patch than an update. It felt like Starb kind of shot themselves in the foot by calling it an update, and this was his response. Yeah, technically, this is an update; it's an updated version of Payday 3. However, yeah.

I agree it's more of just, like, putting plasters over, you know, bullet wounds, rather than updating; I don't know how to really put it; it's just sort of like, yeah, it's just a patch. You basically said it, and I don't know why I'm trying to go further with it. This is basically just what it is, and of course, yes, by definition, it does require an update to the game, but to build off L's analogy. I don't think this update was ever intended to fix the bullet holes; it stands to address the lesser issues first, some of the cuts and grazes, if you will, before leaving the future of operation medic bag to handle the bullet holes, and that leaves the door wide open for the April update, which has been spoken about in a way that presents itself as the true beginning of operation medic bag, and given the things that we know so far are coming in that April update.

The april update

The april update

I'm quite excited.

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Payday 3's newest update has been receiving a lot of criticism and while It's not groundbreaking, it's far from disappointing. Starbreeze have rolled out a HUGE patch for Payday 3, addressing over 300 bugs and introducing features such as controller dead-zone improvements and the highly requested; and let's face it, inexcusable absent, unready button. While these should have been present at launch, their addition is a positive step forward for the game's quality. LilGuyG.
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