Payday 3's Future Is Optimistic, Here's Why. Dev News Roundup



In the past 48 hours, the development team and CEO Starbury's Company, aka the Payday 3 team, have had two community forum-type live streams where they have discussed their horrible launch.

Server and matchmaking issues

The developers and CEO of Starburst Company have acknowledged the concerns raised by Payday 3 players regarding server and matchmaking issues.

They identified the root causes, citing unforeseen errors in the matchmaking infrastructure and complications resulting from third-party software. Immediate action is being taken with the deployment of new matchmaking server software to enhance performance and resolve instability problems.

Always online

Well, they said it was to avoid negative aspects of Payday 2.

This includes problems related to cheating and unreliable host connections, aka peer-to-peer. They also mentioned maintaining a unified community, which was apparently important for implementing cross-play and cross-progression features and ensuring that all players could have a consistent gaming experience.

Offline mode?

Offline mode?

The CEO of Starburst Company continues to say that the development team is exploring the possibility of adding an offline mode to Payday 3.

This is in response to player feedback and concerns about the game's always-online requirement. While the livestream does not provide specific details about the proposed offline mode, it highlights that the development team is actually considering this option.

Payday 3 mods

While the development team may not have a solo play or offline option right now, there is a possibility to do so by using mods.

Payday 3 has a modded community, and there's quite a few moderators out there already. I've actually made a article of it right here. This mod is nice, but you do not gain any experience with your character, your weapons, challenges, or anything else since that is all technically handled server-side.

But, again, if you're interested in seeing that type of stuff, make sure to watch that article. I'm going to continue to check out all the moderators and make weekly articles on that to see what's cool.

New skill line

moving , During the live stream, they mentioned a new perk line called Transporter, which should come in a later patch.

They hinted that one of the skills would allow the heister to hold two bags at once. The skill line is coming in the second update at the end of October, or so they plan skills, including faster bag and body movement, carrying two bags, or deployables for efficient and body carrying. There is also a mention of a silent footstep skill, but not much was discussed after.

Future updates/patches

Future updates/patches

On the topic of future patches, it was hinted, but not really hinted, that there might or might not be a Halloween update. In the future, again, mostly speculation and not quite confirmed.

Menu ui sucks

The dev team goes on to state how they realize the overall menu UI is not all that great; they mentioned that the current challenge layout and the games are considered confusing, with numerous challenge pages that need better organization.

The team is looking to recommend challenges to players based on the highs they play and provide ways to filter and sort challenges more effectively. On top of the UI improvements, they are also working on getting mouse and keyboard support for consoles.

New vote kick feature

In regards to new features, they've mentioned a kick feature that doesn't allow hosts or players to initiate a vote or take action to remove disruptive or uncooperative players from a game, while these features are mentioned as potential improvements.

The live stream does not provide a specific timeline for this implementation of the kick feature.

Player compensation?

Now players are wondering if they will get any kind of compensation due to the issue at launch. In the current ongoing issues, the dev team mentioned that the topic of compensation for the issues and challenges experienced by Pity 3 players is not being extensively discussed at the moment.

The primary reason behind this is that the current focus seems to be the current focus is only on resolving the immediate server and matchmaking problems; they have yet to confirm or deny compensation. Is coming The results screen in Payday 3 is a key element that provides players with information about their performance and rewards after completing a heist. Here's what you need to know about the results screen: They talked about players getting bonus XP for stealth, but the game just isn't telling them.

End of heist result screen

End of heist result screen

The developers state that they are committed to improving this feature to make it more informative and user-friendly in future updates.

New difficulties

There , is also a brief mention of newer and harder difficulties, and it seems there are plans for more to come, while the addition of more difficulties is planned with specific details about these difficulties, such as their names and differences.

The release schedule may not be available until developers provide further updates, but they did say that they wanted them to be more meaningful.

New weapons

To keep things short, new weapons will come and there's potential for new enemies, but at the moment they are satisfied with the current ones, and boss enemies are not even being considered at this moment as they think the bulldozer, the really heavy tanky guy, is one of the best there is currently in paid A3.

Ai bots

Feedback on the performance and usefulness of AI-controlled bots has been a notable topic of discussion within the community. Here's a summary of the feedback: the developer's responses regarding bots and the game player Feedback on the bots in Payday 3 has highlighted concerns about their limited usefulness and effectiveness, especially at higher difficulty levels.

While the developers have acknowledged this feedback, they are currently evaluating whether or not it's worth looking at and how to address these concerns within the broader context of the game's development and priorities. Updates and changes related to bots may be considered based on community input and the evolving needs of the player base.



I summed it up basically as best as I could over the past two Dev live streams around the current state and future of payday 3.

The developers and CEO of Payday 3 have had two livestreams in the past 48hrs providing a ton of hopeful feedback. I summarized all of the important parts in 5 minutes. This is your Payday 3 News Source.
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