Payday 3's First Patch Is Finally Here



After a long wait and an indefinite delay, the Payday 3 patch's first patch is finally here, so today I'm going to be going through everything that they've changed in the latest patch. But before I do, just note that these are going to be the majority of bug fixes and quality of life, and the update size is approximately going to be 2 GB, but of course we know that might be more of an approximation.

General fixes

Based on platform, so to start With some general fixes, the pre-order addition and addition-specific items have been added to PlayStation 5 players. They've updated the assist with PlayStation as well. The last radio call will provide a warning before the alarm goes off. They've added a fix for the cleaning-out achievement to pop up when the criteria are met, and now it needs to be done on Overkill.

100 fixes

Fix issues with not gaining rush and being unable to keybind some actions by saying keybinding, which is more in relation to the throw item and request. Overkill weapon key binding, specifically closing or opening doors, will no longer push or move players in close proximity; they fix crashes in relation to radios vaulting near the heist at the end as well; they fixed players getting stuck in Crouch when you've been playing with a high ping; Overkill weapons won't fall through vehicles now; the tutorial scroll box is now scrollable on the second time you open it; multiple explosions won't crash your game any more; and closing the account trophy will unlock properly.

You can mark people through Windows now, and the DLSS won't crash you anymore; you no longer get stuck and are not proceeding to menus after failing a heist. The placed AI bags will now have the correct rotation, so you no longer crash when joining another play through social fixes. Including the list not filling up and being unable to match, they fixed an issue when joining a friend in the social menu when spamming the join button and initial on Xbox, causing friends not to appear properly, and in the epic games, players can now change languages, and that was also a fix as it prevented you from doing so. They've also fixed some crashes related to getting a random character when joining and related to the IP address, and they patched the weapon XP exploit in 99 boxes now for more skills and specific fixes.

Skills fixes

Skills fixes

The manipulator's basic skill will no longer cause interaction interference when you do multiple interactions in a row.

The battering around skill can no longer be used to open the blue key guard door androp the Cradle or open the front door and untouch the sky now onto weapons.

Weapon fixes

Knives can now be thrown through broken shield visors and can be picked up if your primary or secondary school has full ammo. That was a bit of a bug.

The vertical grip spawn point on the weapon PC9 has been adjusted, and they've moved the magazine release lever on the SA A144. They've also fixed an issue with a weapon recoil in lower FPS.

Enemy fixes

As for enemies, dozers will be closer to the player when using their shotgun, and enemy flashbacks will have the flash effect be more consistent, and you can no longer open doors leading to enemy spawn locations.

Ui fixes

bug fixes

As for the UI, there are quite a few things in here. They've added a feature to keep display changes when changing resolution, and they fixed some typos and overlapping texts. They've adjusted the fonts in the settings menu. The description text size and skill lines have now been lowered, and the favor rewards have been added to the results screen so you'll know what favors you've been rewarded.

You can now review the user after creating accounts, player names, and INF levels that aren't loading correctly, and just when the wrong information has been fixed. The translation issue with the whisky bottle and Touch the Sky has also been fixed. They've added some icons for Buff. When Buffs are blocked you to skills the drop-down for offline friends and social skills is now displayed.

The camera shouldn't zoom out of the screen when inspecting an item from the vendor. The incorrect amount of remaining radio calls where a player joins on an ongoing heist is fixed; they fix the overlapping weapons and names, or weapon mods, more specifically the player stats when your F heist is now displayed.

A joining player's name is now displayed in chat, and they've added a button for the safe cracking of the name for canceling. The phone hacking visualization should now always reach full completion. They've also fixed lock Story articles to properly reset color values when initiated. They've also fixed subtitles for Story articles.

They fixed issues with the report player option and interacting with menus. When the report text box was opened, the TQ and HQ stock mod titles were now aligned to the loadout tool input, which is now shown as blocked when interacting with Loot. The loadout selection bar has now been resized to.

Audio fixes

Audio fixes

As for audio, fixes, and alterations, sound will be playing when you've dropped a dead body on the ground, the sliding sound effects will stop when intended, and they've added a sound effect for Clos Windows being destroyed. The cinematic audio volume is now also affected by master volume; they've removed the brake sound effects from throwing knives, they don't break when the retriever skill is equipped, and they fixed conversations between civilians and employees.

The shade voiceover will no longer play when players return to the main menu after canceling matchmaking, and they've disabled the shade voiceover about file queues when the actual documents have already been picked up. They've also improved the opening crate sound effects; Wolf now Whispers instead of screams for medic backs during stealth gameplay; and fixed an issue with die packs and Si cell phone ring tones that would loop.

The ice scanner will now play the correct voiceover when the correct MPC is present. There's been some audio balancing for enemy voiceovers. They've added more door and NPC animation sound effects, and they fixed an issue where the human shield takedown effect would not stop if you reloaded your gun or choked someone.

Visual fixes

Visual fixes

As for visuals, deployables placed on moving objects would sync up for players joining an ongoing heist that's now fixed; they've also fixed deployables floating in the air when placed on the surface.

After waiting over a month with silence from the devs and a indefinite delay for the first patch, its finally here. I go through every single change you need to know and their are over 100 of them.
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