Payday 3's First Content Update Looks Huge


Well, this is quite the revelation for a Tuesday afternoon. With the return of dev updates to Payday 3, we have received an absolutely massive influx of news regarding the future of free content for the game that's coming in patch 2.0 and beyond. After an unbelievable drought following the game's launch in September, it seems to me that quite a few of those missing updates are being rolled into one here, as what we're getting, according to the community team, is beyond my wildest expectations.

For a quick synopsis Apparently, in just the second update, we're getting two returning class members from Payday 2. The return of one of the most popular contractors held maybe even characters in the entire franchise, actual first-person animations when interacting with objectives, and the most requested change infamy points will now always be earned simply by completing a heist mimicking Payday 2's progression system, and that's all just scratching the surface of what seems to be in the pipeline for Payday 3 in the near future.

As is customary on the channel, this article is going to break down every detail we saw in the dev update so you know what to expect come patch day to work out if payday 3 really is back this time. First of all, it's just nice to see these development updates back on our screens. If you asked me, we could have done more over Payday 2's development cycle, and with the spotty communication since Payday 3's launch, this kind of transparent approach is more of what we need.


Speaking of which, this article starts with Andreas, the lead producer on the game, getting in front of the camera to personally explain what went on with Payday 3's Torrid launch. We don't learn much new here, as he pretty much says verbatim what was published on Star Bre's website regarding a critical error in their backend update pipeline, which could have resulted in everyone's server-stored progression being wiped had the initial update gone live on October 5th as planned.

This led to the system they had in place being overhauled, which was time-consuming, and when compounded with the console certification process, resulted in the update being almost a month late. I personally was just starting to worry about Update 2 suffering a similar fate until this article came out to assuage my concerns.


More importantly, moving forward, I'm hoping things are truly ironed out because the content that's been teased in this article looks simply magnificent. Starting off strong Cookoff, the iconic first day of rats from Payday 2's launch is returning alongside murky station one of the hardcore Henry Tian Heists that stole EMP Parts in the dead of night.

These heists have been more than just remade for Payday 3 within the unreal, as it seems the map layouts objective design and narrative context have been updated to fit seamlessly. For example, this scaffolding staircase has been added to the rear of Cof's meth lab to add more roots in and out, while climbable debris and gang planks have been added to the murky station to enable more vertical traversal of the heist and likely work around Payday 3's new casing mode.


Each heist looks absolutely fantastic, Andre, both capturing the moody late-night atmosphere they always had but going above and beyond in terms of detail and backdrop fidelity. Going on a deeper dive into each one individually, Kof's return is the least surprising to me. It was a fan favorite heist, containing an iconic mechanic that was well liked from Payday 2 and should translate well into the Next Generation.

It appears to be a fairly faithful recreation, if a little more spacious and somewhat way used to, as was confirmed by Gustavo, the lead composer, when discussing the music of this host. It's still going to revolve around drugs in some way, so I anticipate we'll be cooking up a meth storm once again.

I think it'll be interesting to see how they implement the meth cooking gameplay, and I hope there will be some mechanical curveballs in terms of how objectives are executed on this one. Assumedly, it will be Payday 3's first endless heist, so more important than anything, the map's combat flow must be perfect to keep that addictive loop going indefinitely.

If it's going to have the staying power of Payday 2's rendition of this heist, Big Bathroom might finally have some competition. I'm also going to be paying close attention to how this heist is balanced in terms of potential IP per minute, seeing as infy points and progression are also being changed with this upcoming update.


I think it's distinctly possible that we're looking at the new king of the infamy grind once more. As for murky stations, this one was much more out of left field to me, but it is certainly not an unwelcome surprise. From the Showcase gameplay, it does look like this Heist might be returning as a stealth-only one, the first of its kind in Payday 3, but I'm more than happy to see that if this is the case, as this was probably my favorite stealth-only Heist from the second game.

I think its map layout prompted some of the most interesting movement back in the day, so I'm hopeful this is something that can be replicated in the sequel, and we won't be limited in how much we can traverse this heist by the new secure area mechanic. And it looks like we might finally be able to get to shoot those pesky drones out in the sky, which is a nice improvement, finally giving us some counterplay there.


The overall layout of the heist looks broadly similar to that multi-level map design, which prompted less linear stealth gameplay, and if anything, plays even better into Payday 3's more free-flowing stealth design. I truly believe that stealth is the system that's improved the most between the two games, so I'm thinking this is a perfect opportunity to showcase exactly how those new mechanics can be highlighted within a familiar setting.

I'm really excited to see how they pull this one off. What probably intrigues me most, though, is how these heists are going to fit into From the narrative of the game and the backdrops, it looks likely that they could be found within their original locations, meaning we might already be leaving behind New York for DC.


Although it seems clear from the appearance of the guards on this heist that murky water won't be fronting murky station this time around despite the heist's apparent name, speaking of the LW ramifications. I'm even more intrigued by the identity of the returning character who will be offering these heists as a new contractor; it's none other than Ian Russell's fan favorite South African, who looks like he was on the receiving end of quite the assassination attempt, losing an eye in the process.

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