Payday 3's 6th Update Is Shocking. Ly Average


So I've played the new patch, guys, and I'm just going to be real with you: it's trash garbage; the game's dead; there's absolutely no reason. Payday is back. Payday is back. My God, yeah, another month has rolled on by, and with that, we have another payday 3 update, not to really fully sink our teeth into but more so just to peek our heads behind the curtain to see how the progress of operation medic bag is coming along.

Update Six for Payday 3 brings us a few quality of life features, including the ability to skip the intro cut scene of a heist post-game partying up, which will allow you to play with the same people after a heist, a ton of bug crashes, technical fixes, a new grenade, and the big one, a quickplay feature, which is pretty underwhelming for the most part.

I won't lie to you guys; however, you can jump into the escape fan again. Payday is all right. All right, all right, before you start typing the usual comments. In each of these articles, yes, these features should have been in the game since the launch, and yes, this isn't the update to bring players back to the game.

I'm aware of this. I'm simply covering what's in the update for documentation sake and also to keep the community up to date with Payday 3's current state. Now let's end this intro and get straight into what update 6 has to offer for payday 3, starting with Quick Play. Do I even need to explain this feature?


You click on it, you pick a difficulty, and you join an ongoing game or a lobby that is on the difficulty you've picked. Not this guy. Although PC players have been blessed with HW2's, the server browser mod is more handy for console players who are struggling to find other players to play with. The bigger picture of this is that players are finally able to find matches with other players quicker and more effectively.

The only gripe and downside I have to this is that there are no filters you can toggle for if you want to do the heist in loud or in stealth. Nine times out of 10, you'll join a random lobby with a completely loud-oriented build where the rest of the players want to do the heist in stealth. For me, this just feels like a huge oversight, but I can really hope that the developers can take this as feedback when it comes to improving QuickPlay's functionality, but not just for QuickPlay but for that crime, the server browser, that we are all waiting for.


Along with this, there's now the option to skip the intro-cut scenes of a heist, getting you into the action faster. This was already modded in by the community after launch, but an official feature is always something nice to cheer about. I guess what's also nice to cheer about is the post-game party-up feature.

At the end of a successful height, you now have the option to merge the parties into one, which will allow you to play with the same group of people you have just played with and met. Although this feature is great, it is let down massively. by the inability to chat with our newly formed group in the menus, and it only works if you fail to give it a go.

There's also no option to straight up and perhaps give another heist a go. There's also no option to straight-up add them as a friend or message them directly because, of course, we're using the extremely flawed Star Breeze nebula for these functions. So although these new features are welcome additions, there's still a lot of work to be done to improve the matchmaking and communication experience.


Because, at the moment, it's still quite shocking. Speaking of things that are shocking, we now have a new grenade to play around with. Essentially, how this grenade works is that if you throw it on the ground, it pulsates stunning units in the vicinity, along with the effect of chaining that stuns nearby units.

Both tasers and shields are affected by this the most, as when they are shocked by a shot grenade, they are pretty much immediately zapped and the game ends, whereas for the rest of regular units, they are just stunned, and of course dozers just shrug it off as usual. Overall, the usefulness of this grenade is that it's a direct counter to tasers and shields, and it feels a lot like a flashbang when it comes to its usefulness.

new update

Overall, it's a pretty neat addition to Arsenal. There's been a lot of bugs that have been fixed as usual, along with some armor repair kit spawn locations being added to each heist. Where are the locations you may ask? They're in security rooms alongside the ammo. That's a small but nice little change.

I'll also leave the patch notes in the description if you want to get into the nitty-gritty details of some of these changes. All right, I think that pretty much covers the update, and we can get in the back of that pretty much covers the update in terms of what is on the patch notes, but what if I told you?

That's not all in this patch; there have been some new animations added for certain actions in the game, such as opening certain vaults and crates, hacking circuit boxes, or having their own unique animations. In addition to this, we also have some brand new flashy inspection animations for the assault rifles in the game; this includes the K-4 and the VFS.


The Northwest and the KU also has new running, walking, and crouching animations. With the way you hold your weapons, pistols are held at a slant as well as primaries when crouching. There's also a slight weapon sway on some of the optics on certain weapons. Overall, the animation team has done a very stellar job on these, and it really bugs me as to why they haven't been given any form of credit for their work in the patch notes.

Wait one second. Because we have an update, myself and other partners kicked up so much of a storm about this that they actually gave the animations a little spotlight in the patch notes, whereas beforehand, they were not. Okay, now that's all covered up to present Luke, because there are some really cool animations, and although it's something so small, it contributes so much in the long run when it comes to giving the game more personality.


So I guess I'll do the honors of giving them a pat on the back because, in all honesty, this is pretty much the best part of the update, and the helmet pop sticker they added, which once again is not to be seen in the patch notes, really is the end of this article and update 6 as a whole. Ultimately, this update is once again just essentially another ticking of certain boxes when it comes to features and additions to the operation medic bag.

Since the start of the operation a few months ago, it seems like they have delivered on a good chunk of what it is they are initially focusing on; however, for now, it seems like we have to yet again keep on waiting for the release of Payday 3's second DLC. Boys in Blue, and let me tell you, I'm hyped for that one when it releases.

Another month flies by, and with it comes another Payday 3 update. Update 6 comes with a few QOL improvements including Quickplay, party merging, crash fixes, skipping intro cutscenes lots of gameplay, tech and bug fixes. Alongside this, we also have new content in the form of a Shock Grenade with the Escape Van also being back open for business as we can FINALLY jump back into it to escape! There are also some new animations for certain actions and weapons.
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