Payday 3's 5th Update Is A Fortunate One



with Payday 3's previous update ultimately resulting in disappointment despite positive changes and implementations.

What's new?

Which ultimately results in more creativity and variety when creating builds. We also have some very welcome changes to certain skills that take inspiration from mechanics in Payday 2, like the Beloved Dodge mechanic in the misdirect skill, while also reinforcing existing mechanics with changes to the skill Clean Slate for Payday 3's current armor system.

Along with this, we have some significant changes to two weapons that really deserved and needed a lot of love, the first being the r900. Sniper allows players to cycle the bolt between shots without needing to exit aiming down site, making it a much more useful weapon than what is currently on offer.

The second is the infamous Ziv Commando, which, deservedly, is going to be getting its own separate article, so keep your eyes on the channel for that. Why is it getting its own article, you ask? I mean, it's best to just show it.

Adaptive armor

Adaptive armor

You yeah it's busted now I briefly introduced you all to what's packaged in this update let's now jump into update 5 and it changes more extensively , starting off with a brand new armor type introduced, called adaptive armor which works differently to standard armor as identified by its color being purple rather than blue this is a two- plate armor which has the ability to recharge back to full with a 4 and 1/2 second chunk regen time it's relatively lightweight allowing you to find cover quickly if you wish to avoid damage to balance this out your maximum number of downs without skills is two this can be boosted to three with the base fortitude skill which I will cover in a bit incoming damage is reduced by 5%, making it slightly less tanky than other armor typ types but the real kicker is that it takes no trauma damage what this means is that each armor chunk will never take permanent damage unlike other armor types unless that chunk is broken meaning that if you were to hypothetically.

Almost lose a plate of armor you can take cover wait for the armor to regen, and it will regenerate that full chunk of armor ultimately this is a risk versus reward type of play style which many payday players have been used to over the many years of Payday 2 although it borrows Inspirations from its predecessor, it's still a welcome addition and stands its ground in terms of being unique to Payday 3 and it fits with the current armor system very nicely what's also very nice is the welcome addition to actual stats on our armor now finally we can see how each armor set performs including how many chunks it has the regen time and how many Downs you have with that armor set on seeing actual numbers and statistics is a huge step up for the love of God just add numbers to the weapons and, stats now please. Thank you,.



Next up is a brand new mechanic added to Payday 3 with update 5, adrenaline. This is essentially an overheal mechanic that allows players to heal past 100% of their HP. Once players do so, this will be indicated by the green health bar. Once adrenaline health depletes, it's back to taking normal armor damage and base health damage as usual.

The balance with this mechanic is that it comes with a degradation system once you overheal. It's a great addition to the game and allows for medical bags to be much more useful. This is especially the case with the new skill line that has been introduced alongside this mechanic.



Fortitude, fortitude is a brand new skill line which has been introduced to really allow this adrenaline mechanic to shine it also grants Buffs to HP Downs Edge grit and Rush when you spec further down into the tree which also now play bigger roles in this game I'm going to touch upon each skill in the line here just so then you can get a gist of how this skill line actually works starting off with the base skill fortitude, it increases your maximum base Health by 50 and it activates or refreshes grit whenever you're at Max health or overheal past maximum which grants you adrenaline, and then the ace version increases the maximum number of D you have by one and also extends your bleedout timer by 50%.

Starting off the tree with already a very useful skill, grit, is an extremely useful buff that pairs nicely with other skills that players are very fond of, like the holy trilogy, so giving players another option to be granted that buff is a win-win. Also, the bleedout timer being extended by 50% is a pretty nice change, going from 30 seconds to 45 seconds.


Also, increasing the number of downs by one will in turn be a worthy investment, as I will demonstrate in a bit. But now up next is health siphon. When a crewmate heals using one of your medic bags, you heal for 40% of the amount they healed. It's once again just another great way to make medic bags more useful and team-oriented.

Unyieldingly, your maximum health is increased by 15 for each down you currently have. I mentioned earlier that your number of downs is now a worthy investment if you wish to spec into the fortitude skill line, and now here we have a great example of this skill coming into practice is now equipping the standard lining armor, as that has a maximum of four downs apply fortitude Ace to this equation you now have a whopping five Downs, so if you do the maths real quick your base health is 100 increase that by 50 from fortitude, that's 150, now 15 * 5 that's 75 add that to the 150 Health we have a grand total of.


225 hp practically means that you can now take way more health damage than you could before, which once again makes medical bags and health in general much more useful than solely relying on armor superphysics. Super phys, [ __ ] super physiological, there we go one take nailed it whenever you have adrenaline you gain 10% additional adrenaline for each down you currently have once again providing more of an incentive to try other armor types which in this case means you can potentially have up to a 50% adrenaline boost if you use my example from earlier with the standard lining and fortitude's core skill walking tour adrenaline degrades 25%, slower for each down you currently have if you have any amount of adrenaline you can use first a kits to pause its degradation for 15 seconds as I mentioned earlier adrenaline comes with a degradation system as when you gain adrenaline it will slowly degradate back down to base Health however with this skill it simply degradates slower depending on how many Downs you have as well as straight up stopping degradation momentarily, pain aolia.


Wait, did I say that right, Aolia? Yeah, you nailed it. As long as you have adrenaline and Edge Grit or Rush, the effects of these buffs are doubled, and you take 10% less damage to your adaline. Essentially, what this means is that once you overheal and gain adrenaline, your edge rush and grit will double when they are active.

Update 5 for PAYDAY 3 comes with some new gameplay features, skill changes, a new armor type and a new skill line. Although this isn't the big update to "bring players back", I thought I'd still cover it as overall this is a VERY good update which will contribute to a positive future for PD3, and just let people know what's packaged in with this update for those who are either looking to hop back in, or for those who are sitting on the sidelines waiting for the right time.
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