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Sooner, one thing that The game doesn't necessarily tell right away, but it's obvious because it's here, but maybe you didn't know because I saw a bunch of people confused by this or not, you know, wondering why you're not leveling up with Infamy. If you're familiar with Payday, you get experience, and the experience is Infamy.

You level up, you get to a higher level, and you unlock stuff. Well, in this game, there are challenges, and you have your tab up there. But it's tied directly to these three things. Heist career and combat, and so people are really unhappy because, if you go into stealth something, yeah, you will get some progression through INF for me just by doing the heist a certain amount of times or getting all the bags or whatever, beating it on a harder difficulty, but if you really want to level up, you kind of just need to be playing with the guns and getting a certain amount of kills or using this specific gun and doing something very specific with that gun.


Yeah, for example, there are three different things you have to look at. You have stuff like sprint through 20 to 250 different doors or use 10 ecms or hog 30 devices, so stuff that you do will happen naturally if you play the game, but to level up quickly, you need to be looking at your combat ones; those are like the easiest ones to get, and all of that is based around loud.

I mean, you're not going to kill that many people in stealth; you only have four pagers.

Lasers trick


So it stinks that it is that way, but it's not something that's obvious, and it would have been nice to know how that all worked right away, beginning, and if you were wondering what is this number on the top of your character face on the bottom left corner that is actually the amount of downs you have before you got to custody in p 2 they made you gray, that you know if you work great you needed to heal because you were going to go custody that doesn't exist in this game if you want to know how many ds you have before custody, the number over your face in the botom left we only have , two okay so in P two going through laser was sometimes an ner especially because it was peer-to-peer because you were like desynchronized behind in this game they added actually a sound a feedback sound a humming noise when you get too close to it to tell you that you are way too, close hear it there you, go kind of a cool thing, yep, okay so one thing we didn't know right away because it doesn't tell you is the zip lines are for riding the zipline or for throwing the loot on the zip line so you get the interaction with e you can ride it but you can also just throw it up on there and I know it's like really simple and probably you figured that out but right away we didn't we didn't notice that no we actually discovered it by accident we were playing touch a sky and I was trying to secure all the bags with this supplying, and I just was getting because it wasn't allowed I was just getting like paper by guns, so I threw the bag on the supply by mistake and I saw that I attached and in the tutorials I don't think they say anything no well you no not really they don't tell you for the bags oops yeah I basically, you just you can throw bags on the zip, line, okay, so continue now after the challenges.

Unlocking skills / how skills work in payday 3


Another thing we should be talking about is the skill system because it is completely different from how it was in P2. When you start the game. I think you have like a few lines to unlock, like medic OS specialists, but everything else is in research, and it will unlock the more you play, but in mind, you really, really want to unlock.

The Escapist tree is okay, and that tree is not in full research yet. If you press R over The Escapist, it will prioritize that line over the one that was unlocking, because if not, it would just do an order from top to bottom and do the points. The points are a little bit different. In Payday 2, you had skill trees, so you had to meet a certain requirement.

You had to start at the bottom and then get a certain amount of points spent in that tree before you could go to the top, and this one's not really like that, so each tree, if you once unlock it through the research You still can't use all the points; to unlock that skill line, you have to put at least one point in the first skill of each line.

The best way to do that in the beginning is to just dump all your points in the first skill of each line, because then, progressively, playing it'll unlock the rest of the tree, and then you can start making builds. Also, the only skill that can be aced is the first one in each line. You can only ace the first one; the rest of them are just one point, and if you don't want to get the last one in each line, you do not have to spend a skill point in that line if you want the last one.

But if you want to get, for example, if you go to medic and you want to get the fourth skill, so you want to get combat medic, all you have to do is put in one point, in the first skill of that line, and then you can choose any of the other five skills there; you do not have to do them in order. It's not like it doesn't have that hardcore requirement that you had in Payday 2, so it's a little bit different.

How to buy favors

How to buy favors

Favors are a bit different if you came from P to how you bought favors was in the pre-planning before you ready up for a mission you just place them down or buy them and you just went to the mission, and here though if you were wondering where to get them you need to go to the vendor stop and scroll down where the weapons are, and down here, you can buy them and you have to buy them.

Every time you are out of them, you can buy like 10 armor bags, and when you use them all, you have to come back here and buy them. Again, okay, so here on the left side, you have your armor bag, medic bag, zip zipline bag, and ammo bag, and each player can choose one favor to bring in. You can only bring one; yeah, you can change it out, but once you're ready, it's kind of a card laid out as a card plate because there's no back button right now, but hopefully there is later, but then you also have the one at the bottom, the no rest for the wikied key card location.

Now, when you first start playing, at least this is the way it was for us; that favor didn't exist. That is something that I'm not 100% sure how it works, but the more we played, the more different favors we got. These are favors that you can't buy currently. I think you just get them from playing the game or doing certain things in the game, maybe, but I don't know if those are weird favors that you can't.

In this video, we show you some of the things we wish we knew sooner in Payday 3! After spending thousands of hours playing Payday 2, Payday 3 totally caught us off guard with some cool new stealth features, a revamped leveling system based on challenges, and more stuff than the last game. If you're curious to know more, check out the video.
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