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Okay, so this week we actually got a lot more information about update 1.0.2. For Payday 3, we had two live streams from Star Breeze, admittedly one with more information than the other, but that's what we're here to discuss today. The first live stream was about the new animations coming with this update to Payday 3.

These animations range from things to do with interactions with the world like opening air vents, bagging loot, and so on all the way down to weapon inspections, and we've been told that these aren't all the animations we're going to be getting and more will be coming in the future, so that's a really good start.

Again, something that probably should have been in the game from launch, but we'll have it soon enough. We were actually given a showreel of all of these animations. And that's what you're looking at right now. The second live stream was a much bigger presentation from Andreas and Elizabeth, where they went over some of the headlining features coming in this update.

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There are much more detailed patch notes to come, but we'll be getting those closer to launch. Well, we'll actually be getting them on the day of launch, which is something that I'm not too keen on. I would quite like patch notes at least a day or so before an update rolls out, and hopefully that's something we'll start to see in the future.

Regardless, let's talk about the presentation. Now I'm not going to be rehashing the same points I made in last week's article, so if there's anything you feel like I've missed, there's a chance I mentioned it there. First of all, we got some more news about the challenge system and how that's going to be displayed to the player.

The challenges you're closest to completing are going to be displayed in a recommended challenge section on the main menu of the game, and as you go to select a heist, you'll be given heist-specific recommended challenges. We are also finally getting another way of earning Infamy points. We'll be able to do this by completing heists, securing all of the loot available, and completing the heist in stealth.

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There are three distinct boxes to check: you can do one or you can do all three within a heist, and the amount of infam points you earn will reflect how many of those boxes you tick. The amount of Infam Points you earn will be affected by which heist you complete and on what difficulty. I personally quite like these being the three requirements to earn infy points from heists: My main issue comes from the third criteria, securing all bags.

I personally would like to see a bit more percentage based if you secure 50% of the bags, maybe you earn 50% of the total infam points available for securing all of the loot bags. Mainly because when it comes to, especially within the new heist like Cookoff, where there are 19 bags to secure, you're virtually never going to be securing the full amount of loot unless, of course, the amount of infamy points you earned are balanced perfectly, it's either too big of a time commitment or too challenging.

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I just think rewarding players for the number of bags they secure rather than just ringing them for securing all of the bags is the better way to go when it comes to this challenge, though I'm open for a discussion about that. Further to your familiar level and sort of overall player rank, we now have a new system known as Renown levels.

How exactly these works haven't been clarified well, in my opinion, but they are under additional 1,188 levels. Do not ask me why that number is so specific and available after reaching rank 150, the maximum rank in Payday 3. At least for now, what these renowned levels offer you are cosmetics.

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1, 88, and individual cosmetic items we've had that confirmed you'll be rewarded with a consumable cosmetic item Now I want to highlight the word consumable, for example, if these are materials. And you can use them to turn your weapon a specific shade of purple you will earn one and you will be able to use it once if you want to use that again you will then need to rearn, that from your Renown level how exactly that's going to work isn't entirely clear yet is there like a shop can I buy the same thing with my Renown points over and over again if I really like it or do I have to get lucky and earn it again as a random reward, that is something we'll hopefully find out more about in the patch notes if not we'll have to wait and see when the full update's out speaking of things that we're going to have to wait for the patch notes to learn more about we now know four of the 200 plus bug fix.

SL quality of life improvements. Specifically, that PC will be getting a lobby chat, and some skills will be rebalanced. This is so nice. The bots are practically useless once you get very hard, let alone overkill, and so hopefully this will go a long way. Speaking of other heisers, as it's been confirmed.


Twice I think this week that internally. Star Brees do know who the next he is going to be, and in the live stream the other day. Andreas kind of gave us one of those you'll have to wait and find out, and he was being quite vague and arguably cryptic about it. Part of that led me to believe that perhaps a new Heiser could be coming in this update, though I reckon that will come with DLC 1 syntax errors, and we had a little bit of discussion about the syntax era and when that will release being DLC 1.

Elizabeth said Q4 2023, so within the next month of December, and Andreas was quite quick to butt in and say the DLC has been confirmed for the winter period, so potentially. And most likely it'll be releasing in January, maybe even February, which is a little bit later than I would have liked, but again, just to clarify, none of that has been confirmed; that's just me reading into a little interaction between Andreas and Elizabeth, and anyway, returning back to the update at hand, we heard a little bit more about how the Legacy heists in general are going to work, as we already knew these heists are remakes, not remasters.


So they don't necessarily take place within the same context; they're just the same heists, if that makes sense, which is quite easy to explain away when it comes to turbid stations. For example, we could just say. Hey, look, it's just another station, but I imagine if we ever see a remake of something like the White House Heist, it's probably going to be a little bit harder to explain, not that it really matters.

Though of course these heists in a way are Cannon to the Payday 3 story because obviously they all did happen during Payday 2, and I guess Stares are going to be paying homage to that, at least in a way, because they've described, especially for Cookoff, that shade will be reading Bane's notes, for example, when it comes to cooking the meth in that heist, and so I'm sure there will be subtle Easter eggs and references to the fact that these heists did happen but aren't happening right now.

This week Starbreeze has given us a lot of information about the upcoming Payday 3 Update.
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