Payday 3 Update 6 Is Bad (with Some Good Stuff)



However, let's talk about everything new in the update. The first thing I want to do is break down each of the key things that we knew were coming in this update and the good and bad of them.

Quickplay (and its flaws)

So, first off, quick play. This is the first iteration of Quick Play that Starb has already talked about.

It still suffers from Payday 3's inherent matchmaking issues, where if you can't find a lobby near you in your region, you won't get put in one far away with just weaker ping because the star partners are obviously not many of us; some of them tried one in the US and one in the UK, and when they tried to matchmake, they didn't end up in each other's lobbies. So Payday 3's matchmaking system buckles when it comes to quick play, so if you can't find a match with someone in your matchmaking region, you're going to end up getting put in a Lobby on your own even if there's free ones a little bit further away which I think really sucks there should be an option where if you can't find a local lobby you find one far away like the oldfashioned Call of Duty matchmaking where they would find one with smaller ping if they couldn't they'd expand it just makes sense to put you in a Lobby like that if you want to play on your own you just play on your own, you make it an in by only lobby as I've said I want to just see a better quick play option with actual filters whenever that comes I don't know but I thought i' mentioned that here on top of that post game party up to help players find lightmed heers with whom to do crime there's now an option post game to let players vote to stick together as a party unfortunately it's not very easy to communicate with your teammates and find out if that's what you want to do because VIP still isn't in the game also known as Voiceover IP, where you can have an actual text chat or voice chat with people on different platforms you can play crossplay.

Post-game party-up (also has flaws)

Post-game party-up (also has flaws)

But anyone on the console literally can't even see the text chat that's being made on PC, so if you join a PC lobby, they could all be having a conf. You're the wiser, so you still can't really plan if you want to stick together. If you want to stick together, you can vote and hope for the best, but that could still have been better too.

It feels like some of these changes are being added in the wrong order. Now I'm not cutting my nose off to spite my face. It is good to make some of these changes regardless. I am grateful for them, but it's just a shame that they all are suffering from other inherent problems that could have been fixed, as things have been done in other orders.

It just feels like really bad planning and mismanagement.

Shock grenade

Shock grenade

Skip mission intro

Yep, you can skip it, although I do, like I said, think it is a really cool option. They've added a setting where you can just always skip the intro if you want to, so that's good.

You can get in the back of the van!

That gets you into the heist faster, and finally, a surprise one that wasn't in the dev update article.

It's not exactly anything major, but it's still all right. The Escape van is now open for business; in other words, you can jump in the back of the van again.

New weapon inspect animations

Also they are different if you're out of ammo so you won't pop a bullet out for example if you've got no ammo left, the reloads, also I believe when you have a fully empty ma have a new animation, but on top of that the motion and your sway of the gun when you're standing up and crouching is also different this is now also down to the improved Crouch animations you'll see for players from third person, and they've tried to tie into first person to make the animation a lot smoother I'm glad this is in the patch note I don't know why it wasn't in there in the dev update because the animation team deserves all the credit in the world but either way it is something again that is faultless and I'm very glad to see it so I'm really glad we've got these new animations they're all really cool these only applies the assult rifles as I've said so this is the ku59, the Northwest B9 the k 4 and the VF 7s.

First aid kit visual change

First aid kit visual change

There's not much to say there, but I thought I'd share it. It wasn't in the patch notes, as it wasn't the big change that we'll get to in a minute, but there've been a few overall changes. As you can see here, a few things have been improved and fixed.

New nebula rewards

Apart from that, there's also some tech fixes, and the only thing to note here is that I'm not sure why this is under Tech necessarily.

But they've added the black carrot mask, and I own the NY mask patent in Nebula's Rewards.

Armour repair kit heist spawns

Armour repair kit heist spawns

Mask pattern; both of those have been added to the game with this update, and beyond that, there are some Heist fixes across the board. One of the most notable ones I wanted to point out was a Cookoff fix. I've seen a community talking about this a little bit, but there was an issue where the helicopter would drop off the ingredients and it wouldn't show up, basically if another helicopter was currently dropping off an Overkill weapon, so they've fixed that and amended that issue.

However, the key thing to point out from all these is that you can always look at the patch notes in the description if you want to look over them more specifically, but armor repair kit spawn locations have been added to most of the heists; they're not added in Cookoff.

The vlad face change.

Well, it's a shame, because now Vlad looks like this, but don't laugh; I'll just cry, so what?


Is man why have they done this? This is the second update in a row that something has changed face-to-face for Payday 3 without any acknowledgement in the patch notes. If you don't know again, another thing that we weren't told about when update 5 dropped, but courtesy of our fellow starb partner Marina Toppa.

I could bring up this tweet to make it evident for you when update 5 was released at the start of April. Dallas was blurred out of one of the cut scenes, and it wasn't even a subtle blur; it was a very nasty iny face blur where they just went, Hey, let's just move it across the screen. We don't know why I wouldn't dare make a make a comment.

I know people have their theories on Twitter, Reddit, and all that. I'm not going to get into that in case I bite off more than I can chew because I really don't know what's going on. If you want to look into it, feel free to do some research and see what people are saying, but regardless. What does it look like?

Update 6 has dropped for Payday 3, and while it has some cool changes, it also has some VERY bad ones. Let's talk.
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