Payday 3 Update 5 Is Actually Not Bad



Before this article begins, I've got a very important payday announcement to make, so you all better be sitting confidently for this one. I will have completed my very first heist in 2024. I know, I know, I know, and I can't believe it either. I didn't think this day would ever come. Let's talk about it.

Today we're talking about Payday 3 Update 5 and my very brief thoughts on it. I don't know how long this article will be, but I don't imagine it's going to be mega long because we already know what's in this update; no one's under any illusion. The main length of this article is going to be my personal thoughts on it, so however long that lasts, that's what we're going to be focusing on today.

But in terms of actual announcements, I do want to just say very briefly.

Dev blog update

This Friday I will not be making a article on Payday 3's Death Blog because I'm going to be at insomnia 72. I mentioned this last week; it's a gaming convention in Birmingham, UK.

Update 5 is here!

As well as the Clean Slate skill, which I will try and show at some point in the game playay, but let's go over everything and just give my general thoughts on what's in this update.

Adaptive armour is almost too good.

Adaptive armour is almost too good.

So first off is the adaptive armor, which unlocks at level 26. For people who aren't too sure, you do need to complete a heist first, though, in-game, for you to have unlocked it in your build.

So basically, even if you log in at level 100, the armor won't be unlocked until you finish the heist; it has to update on the back end. We've talked about it a lot here, but it is the two-plate armor that doesn't take any trauma damage, so as long as you don't lose a full chunk, any damage your armor plate takes.

It will come back after a few seconds. The stats are on screen now if you haven't seen them already, and it's also important to note that the other four original existing armor types in Payday 3 also have very similar stats next to them now in the menu, so feel free to gloss over them and check out extra information about the armor if you didn't already know how each of them work, but honestly, especially after plate up getting nerfed, you no longer get two armor plates every time you pick up one in the previous update.

I honestly think that adaptive armor is going to be the best one because it shines out. Of all the armor options, it's the most logical one to go for because regenerating trauma damage is so useful.

The clean slate mastery skill (it's great)

The clean slate mastery skill (it's great)

It's so good in Heist and there were very few situations where I found myself getting shot so much that I ran out of armor quickly it happens a few times don't get me wrong but as long as you're careful with how you move around the heist and you do take cover every now and again you're going to replenish that damage quite quickly, and it will become quite clutch but when you combine it with clean slate which is a new Mastery skill in the tank sub tree so bear in mind with Mastery skills in skill lines you don't need to pick any other skills in that line you can just click the Mastery skill if you've already unlocked it clean slate allows you to pick up an armor repair kit which is only meant to repair chunks not give you them but if you have no armor at all and you pick up an armor repair kit with this skill it will give you one chunk, back, and that is clutch especially when bulldozers drop armor repair kits techies and syntax era drop armor repair kits and you can also trade them for hostages.

That's a really good way to bring back your armor if you need any extra fortification, especially with adaptive. It means it lasts even longer if you're careful with it because you can keep having it replenish that extra chunk.

Adrenaline is brilliant

Adrenaline is brilliant

And I think it'd be wasted to only be on one type of armor it'll be fine, but I think people will be clamoring for more I really do next up though let's combine adrenaline and fortitude, together because they kind of go hand in hand adrenaline is a new feature where if you heal above your maximum health you gain extra Health on top which is called adrenaline it's a green bar on your screen it's slowly ticks down over time but if you take damage the tick down will pause for about 6 seconds it basically gives you an extra health bar if you have it maxed out by you know taking your medic bags or your first a kits and trying to build up the extra health and that takes damage first, before your armor so if you have full health full armor and full adrenaline.

Adrenaline goes first, then your armor, then your health, so adrenaline, no matter what you load out, is a pretty useful thing to have if you can build up that extra health, but especially.

Fortitude works well!


With fortitude , builds, if you haven't seen the fortitude skill line I will leave all the skills on screen now while I'm talking so you can look over them and see what the skill line has but the idea is it basically gives you more and more Health more Health just a base more Health based on how many Downs you have so if you have thinner armor, you have extra downs and therefore more health and there's other things like helping adrenaline take down slower all sorts of stuff like that and this skill line is very powerful and I'm really enjoying it I've got to be honest I was never the biggest complaint about armor being a big matter I do think it was a shame that Health was quite underpowered.


And more so that there weren't enough play Styles, but as a play style itself I liked the armor play style I was quite happy with it with the only obvious caveat to that being that you couldn't pick up enough armor in game I felt and armor a pet have helped a bit with that but they also need to be lying around in heists but that's another point but what I'm trying to say, is that Health has offered a really good alternate, play style with this adrenaline and with this fortitude skill line and in some ways I think I enjoy the game more with this layout, than I do with the armor I think that it works much better and combining the adapt DEA as I've said with clean slate with fortitude, with adrenaline.

Update 5 has dropped for Payday 3 and, despite only containing a few notable pieces of "content" that we all have known about for months, is a solid attempt at improving the game and shows signs of life after 6 months with very little changing for the game.
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