Payday 3 Update 4 Isn't Good Enough



Update 4 is out now for payday 3, known officially as Update 1.1.1. Unfortunately, Starre has failed in that regard. Regardless, I want to go through this article very quickly, just going over the most important parts of this update and sharing my thoughts. I won't be streaming the update today.

To be honest with you, it's not enough to make me carry on playing the game. I'm still in my little rut of not really playing it, but it does set the stage very nicely for a article I'm going to be putting out on Saturday. I won't say any more than that, but please do check it out when that comes out.

Let's get into this. Let's have a look at all the new update changes and fixes in Update 4 for Payday 3.

Pc performance improvements

Pc performance improvements

We have some PC improvements to kick off Direct X12, which is now available on PC. You can still use dx11 if you wish, but dx12 has been reported to give you better performance, especially on low-end PCs, so it's worth checking it out as well as Nvidia Image Scaling Up Scaler 3.5.

And super resolution 3.5 as well, so just taking advantage of, as they've said, some more advanced features after that, the hardcore Cookoff reward is here.

Cook off "hardcore challenge" reward

Instead of getting an achievement or a cool weapon skin or a mask or something, you get a single.

Unready button & deadzone settings


Meth grain thing as a weapon charm I wasn't I don't think hard enough on it last article it really is an underwhelming prize for completing a very challenging feat in Payday 3 probably one of the most challenging things you can do in the game I would have really appreciated something a bit more sort like a mask or something like that I don't know there's also some various UI improvements they made several fixes for the UI such as adding sliders, as well as adding the much requested Lobby unready function, and on top of that some controller Dead Zone settings so you can see here an example of what the controller Dead Zone settings look like so you can change the dead zone acceleration multiplier acceleration time something that was heavily requested.

So very glad to see that be added, as well I'm on the topic as well the lobby on ready function I mean it took 5 months too long it should have been in the beta let alone not in the full game but I think it's important to note that the lobby unready function only works when some people in the party have not yet Reed up if everyone readies up and everyone is ready at the same time basically, you can't then un ready there'll be a countdown that puts you into the heist that also means if you're playing solo as soon as you're ready up you can't unready, the only way you can unready is if someone else in your lobby is not yet ready as well that's the exact same as Payday 2 you as soon as you readed up in Payday 2 you went straight in and in Payday to multiplayer soon as everyone was readed up you'd start the heist onless.

Rotating modifiers

Rotating modifiers

On top of that, there are also rotating security modifiers. Starting with this patch, they'll be rotating security modifiers on all heists for very hard and overkill difficulty to freshen up the experience, and they'll be updating the modifi distribution every 2 weeks. In the future, you can expect more steal modifiers and loud modifiers in the rotation.

Menu fixes

Known issues (not good)

There are some known issues, though, and the first one is really unfortunate: skill point assignment has been reset on loadouts, but you retain your earned skill points, so remember to recreate your builds after updating the game now. For me personally, that's awful, because I've played it many times, but I've barely played Payday 2 in the last two months, and I don't remember what my builds look like, so I'm basically going to have to play Sherlock Holmes detective to try and figure out where my points were because I haven't got a clue, so that's going to be intriguing.

I really wish that could have been avoided. Goodness knows it would have been nice to explain what happened there and why that's the case CU; that's very bizarre, but either way, on PC, the introduction of dx12 support has helped them identify an issue that was present in the previous version of the game, which means there's a rare Edge case issue where using the GeForce, experience, or Shadow Play instant replay feature can cause a system lock if the alt tab joins game startup or while switching between full screen and window modes, so turn off instant replay to fix that.

For the time being, I would have loved this much detail on this: why was this reset?

General changes

General changes

Not entirely sure they've also tweaked that drones may now be highlighted by Center tools added an outline to traded and rescued NPC hostages added settings option for hold to slide and added player death animations I thought was quite interesting so maybe no more body flopping, which actually is a shame really cuz I quite enjoyed the body flopping I thought that was fine that wasn't something I figured that needed fixing and at the bottom yes this is one thing I was wondering about cuz people had spotted this in the game files during the downtime the sneaky Heiser May notice two new masks in the game files these will be unlockable in a future Community event, you may see them in our official streams before they are made publicly available. But the point is, people were used to having the AL mask, so I'm glad that people will be able to get it later on as well.

Weapon, skills, equipment & enemy changes

Weapon, skills, equipment & enemy changes

But that's all for the general changes. Now. I also know that yes, there have been some unique weapon changes worth pointing out, so the r900 sniper can now penetrate shields when paired with the cutting shot skill armor pen has been increased as well as damage increased, so you can see an overall buff for the r900.

The Moscone 12 has also had reduced hipfire and pellet spread, and there's new expect animations for the overkill weapons, the HG5, sniper, and the Mark Mamba mgl launcher. Although I have seen reports that the inspect animation is not currently functioning correctly, if you fire some rounds out of it and then inspect it, when you inspect it, you get a very glitchy weapon where basically the chamber just kind of pops out of the gun.


If you're going to add so few things, I would hope that everything would be perfect. Whatever the way, it would have been good regardless. There are also some new equipment changes, so medic bags now restore one down by default, increasing the healing from the first kits and also the base amount of health gain from medic bags.

They also lower the armor repair kit time interaction and tweet the regen for stand-lining armor from 3 seconds down from 4, so some interesting changes there; there's some skill changes. I'll be honest with you, I'm not reading through all these; I can't remember what half the mean was, as I said, not played for two months.

While it adds some long-requested features, Payday 3's newest update kicks off Operation Medic Bag with a whimper, not a bang. Let's talk about why.
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