Payday 3: Update 4 Is Too Little, Too Late


Stick around to hear more about them a little later on. When you're looking to relaunch and rebrand your game from outright failure to potential success, you have to take some massive steps with real intent from the get-go, but update 4 or 1.1.1. To be frank, it amounts to little more than a hot fix that should have been added to the game to fix the many new bugs the syntax error update added within a week of its launch; instead, it's adding some of the most basic and unforgivably emitted features that have been demanded with a sense of incredulity.

Since launch, I truly can't fathom it. I think the plan operation meditation bag sounds promising, but this is the most uninspired way to kick it all off, and that's pushing me to lose my ability to present the facts somewhat neutrally. I know from internal testing that Star's partners are involved with that this isn't all that's been worked on for Payday 3 in the past few months.


There are exciting and tangible additions in the works relating to a new armor type far closer to Payday 2s, overhealed buff health play styles, and actually changing up strategy. Which would have been much better suited to act as the flagship update to promote this new more positive age of payday, but as it stands update 4 is just another empty disappointment that's going to only increase the level of disbelief, amongst the player base I believe releasing that and not just combining it into a larger more marketable update was a major mistake that star Brees might live to regret, but what you won't regret is downloading War Thunder the most comprehensive vehicle combat game ever produced join over 70 million Global players in PvP battles of massive scale War Thunder gives you the opportunity to take control over the machines of war that have shaped the world of today in total there are over 2, 000 500 tanks planes Choppers and ships for you to command from over 100 Years of military history all with some of the most authentic audio visual presentation you will ever experience.

There's a game mode for all preferences, ranging from arcade to simulator, depending on your thirst for realism, and if you're keen to express some individuality. War Thunder still has you covered with its comprehensive customization system, allowing you to make every vehicle your own even better.


When you do, for a limited time only, you'll also get access to a massive bonus pack available for new and returning players on all platforms. This includes an exclusive vehicle decoration, the Eagle of Valor 100, 000 silver lions, and a 7-Day premium account booster. As long as the flash is wheeling.

I'm going to run you through the highlights of all the game updates. I think it takes a lot of go to advertise its addition like a major new feature because, to be frank, it's a bit of an insult. I know full well it's not intended to be that way; that's just the ironic sense of humor I've witnessed internally at the company, but hell, even knowing that it's difficult to give them a pass for failing to read the room here, this feature works except it doesn't in Solo, so I can't even show it in action.


Basically, once the entire lobby has Reed up, it becomes inaccessible. Obviously, this is to prevent griefing and taking Lobby's hostage, but yeah, there are still circumstances in which you can't be ready. Comically enough, up next I need to talk about controller Dead Zone settings, this one I agree with being prioritized in this update it's been a huge breaking point for console players that might even put them off playing the game it should have been fixed sooner frankly and isn't caused for huge Fanfare but I'm relieved for the console players that it's finally happened I'm not a controller user but these settings do look a far cry from the whole lot of nothing think you guys had to work with before, another somewhat noticeable addition is the new upscaling options for improved performance this comes alongside official dx12 supports which is certainly a positive previously this was only accessible via steam starup command and did make a tangible performance difference on most PCS.


There were a few crashes related to it, though, so with those now also fixed, you can benefit from the additional frames with no potential tradeoff. I have some authority that these new settings do make a sizable FPS difference, especially for weaker machines, and on taxing heists like No Rest for the Wicked, if poor performance alone was keeping you from trying the game, now is your chance, but I don't see this bringing back plays in their droves if I'm being honest.

For the hardcore players who want to run a 19-bag Overkill Cookoff, you'll now be rewarded for your completeness via a brand new weapon charm. I believe this is an attempt to replace Payday 2's frequent achievement editions, given the limitations they have with console approval. I'm not against it exactly, but the idea of a new weapon charm doesn't thrill me to the extent that you're going to have to hold me back from playing it, and they added new inspect animations for the game's current Overkill weapons.

These are generally cool again, especially the Red Fox one, although Mark Mason's animation is incredibly glitchy after firing shots, which really stands to show the ambivalence the team seems to have developed towards testing these things properly. When this is one of the only new features to play around with that could be deemed content, it's a damn shame that even that isn't polished.


In terms of really tangible changes, the last major one is the fact that Overkill difficulty is getting some changes. Now the assault wave intensity can change mid-wave. This has been suggested for quite some time as a way to potentially fix the game's lack of endgame difficulty. Essentially, payday 3 is so easy because enemy difficulty is with completed objectives, and it's very simple to abuse those born restrictions by timing things well and moving through a heist quickly, which obviously comes with experience, meaning there essentially is no endgame challenge.

This patch will make things harder on Overkill, and I think that's a step in the right direction. I'd rather they did away with this very forced wave intensity system completely and went back to Payday 2's more RNG-dependent system, as it would do wonders for the game's replay ability, but this is at least something to make Overkill runs feel slightly more punishing.


From there, this patch is predominantly about bug fixes and balancing, which I'm all for, but damn, does it need to be properly supported with some more impactful content? Anyway, for the most part, these are all positive changes for some of the most underutilized skills, which is good news, although it's not going to wholesale sell you on the current skill system if you didn't like it already.

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