Payday 3 Update 3 Has A Fatal Flaw



Update 3 is here already for payday 3, giving us the first batch of DLC, as well as a new enemy and a few other tweaks and changes from there, and right off the bat, this one is a little bit more of a mixed bag, as my title is probably going to say. There are a lot of things that I like about this update, but there are a couple of things that I'm not as big of a fan of because a lot of them pertain to the DLC.

M gmt, and it'll be on YouTube and Twitch, so you can watch on either platform if everyone takes your fancy. Just stopping by to add this in apologies, but apparently my OBS did not pick up the audio correctly when I was recording, and there's no game sound for the article, so I will put some Payday 3 music in the background.

And that's the best I can do because I want to get this article out on time when the update drops.

Dlc overview

Dlc overview

Sorry with all that being said and done, let's get into the discussion. About the update, I'm going to start by talking about the DLC, because that's the thing people are going to want most to know about. Then I'll talk about the enemy, and then some general changes at the end of that. So this DLC, the syntax era, comes in three parts today: the heist, the weapon pack, and the tailor pack, all of which fall under the syntax era name.

The syntax error heist [dlc]

So let's start off with the heist itself, the syntax-era heist. Overall, it's pretty good, but it's not fantastic. I don't absolutely love the heist; I don't think it's one of Payday 3's best. I'll say that right out of the gate because I have a few very key issues with the heist. The biggest one, in my opinion this is the thing that pertains to both stealth and loudness is the map layout.


I am personally. It really is still challenging in both. It's easier in stealth, I will say, because you don't feel the time pressure as much with stealth. You're being patient; you're planning your moves around, and I think that does help it a little bit, but in particular, it's pretty rough. There aren't many differences between stealth and loud gameplay.

In loud, you will force a keypad rather than trying to find the key code in stealth and getting through the door and disabling the metal detector. Whereas in loud, you have to interact with the AI that overruns, the building this Sims thing, and once you've taken it down, you can then pull the servers out, scan them, and get the loot out, which will involve putting a hole in the roof of the basement.

This is probably the worst escape in Payday 3, in my opinion, because you get pulled into this open park area. And you have a very slow timer that ticks along until the helicopter shows up.


Now I figured out the hard way: you have to stay in the actual park in the extraction zone for the timer to tick up. It says the objective is clear: the park of cops. I don't know if when cops get into the extraction zone that stops the timer, but you need to be in that particular zone for it to work; it isn't labeled.

You just need to be in that general area, and I was running around the edges of the park trying to kill all the people, keeping it clear, and I only realized when it was too late and ended up dying, which on my own failed the heist, that I wasn't in the right area and I could have finished the heist if I'd stayed in the right spot, so it's a little bit too slow, and I don't think the objective explains it as clearly as it should.

So that's a big issue I have with this as well, which is an issue that's completely avoided in stealth. In stealth, you extract via a van on the ground level because you go into the building, go into the basement, and get the servers back out again. This is definitely a heist you can do fully unmasked; I needed to try it first when I went into the basement.


It went to a fully secure area, so I just put my mask on there, and when it started going around doing the heist, I ended up doing it completely pacifistically. I didn't kill anyone; it was a normal thing, but still, stealth is the more unique thing for me because in stealth, you have five different server rooms, much like loud, but all of them are locked by QR code scanners.

payday 2

Just generally less irritating it's a bit easier to get around the map you're not stressed from allow combat, and I think just overall objective Wise It's a bit simpler and flows a bit nicer at least in my opinion I think out of the two options for this Heist stealth wins for sure the only other feedback I would give and this is something that I'm pretty sure has happened in a couple of other payday 3 heists is to stop only unlocking the van when you've got the main loot secured, because again in this Heist you can get optional loot because you scan a lot of servers, only three that you need that will be combined into one bag once you've got them but every extra server you scan that doesn't fit the bill becomes its own loot bag the problem is when you start pulling those out you don't get the van Loot drop as a popup until you've got the main loot bag to secure, it's not the only Heist this happens in and it is extremely irritating.

Because you pull the bag out and then you've got nowhere to put it because there's nowhere to go and secure it, you have to shove it in a ventilation shaft and keep moving. It's not ideal; I'm not a fan of it, and I really want them to stop doing that because then you can actually go up with your optional loot bags and put them in the van, and there's no stress if you're on your own, so it's definitely a piece of feedback I would offer there: let the van secure loot, and the second you get the first bit of loot, whether it's optional or main.

Payday 2 used to do that, and Payday 3 should be doing that, so all in all, like I said, there are a lot of things that I like about the heist. I like it a lot in myself, the way it flows and connects, but I don't think that overall it's the strongest payday 3 offering as far as DLCs go. I definitely think they could have made a stronger start with the DLC Heist, and I give it maybe a six or a seven out of 10.

I think it's pretty good, but it could have been even better.

The syntax error weapon pack [dlc]

The syntax error weapon pack [dlc]

It's no golden shark moving on, though next we have the weapon pack, which came with three weapons: a marksman rifle and a shotgun. And an SMG. I fortunately got the patch notes in front of me so I can remember the names of the guns, so let's start off first with the Marksman rifle, the fik.

22, Tlr, This is the one I want to get out of the way first because I'm going to be intrigued by this one. I think opinions are going to differ between players. The idea of this gun is that it has literally no recoil, maybe a teeny bit that I don't notice, but it is a low-to-no recoil Marksman rifle where you have to land multiple shots to get the kill, so you're not constantly having to retarget to land the hits, but you have to land more hits to combat that and offset it personally.

Payday 3's third update has dropped, giving us 3 DLC packs, a new enemy and some difficultyenemy tweaks - all of which are pretty strong, although there are a few things holding it back. and it has a price tag that's a thorn in our sides. Let's talk! CONTENTS.
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