Payday 3 Update 2 Makes The Game Good Again



hot Digger and dog. This place is magnificent. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm having a very good week at the moment. Not only have I had Doctor Who come back with David Tenant, but I've also had a Payday 3 update come out. That's actually something that makes the game really enjoyable again. I've got to be completely honest with you; this is the update the game really needed when update one came out last month.

I kind of looked at it as the vaccination you get before you go on a holiday to some exotic country, which is what you need to get before you go to the fun part, but it's not the fun part. It means I can talk in a bit more detail about the update and share my actual thoughts on it as it's coming out for all of you to play, so you can get an idea of what's to come if you haven't already seen the patch notes.

I just want to know my thoughts in general. That also means this footage was captured before the update went live publicly, so as always, if you see any problems early, the usual gist I need to give you and the only other thing I need to mention before we get into the gist of it is at 7 p. M tonight I'll be doing a live stream of the update, hopefully on Twitch and YouTube.

At the very least, on Twitch, I'm going to try and get multistreaming working again, but I will be joined by Ian Russell, the voice of luck. He'll be Ching about coming back to Payday 3 and hopefully trying to play some matches with me, so that will be quite fun, but either way, let's get into this.

Let's talk about everything you need to know from the update TI, and to start off, I've got to talk about the two heists.

Turbid station

Turbid station

Cookoff and turbid station I'm going to get turbid station out of the way first purely because I've had less experience with that one I want to offer my overall thoughts and the things I've picked up from playing it but honestly I want to get the hang of stealth in that on stream with you guys think that'll be really fun but there are a lot of very key similarities between the Payday 2 version murky station and PayDay 3 but this heist in particular, feels like the one that's had the biggest overhaul with it being payday 3's first stealth only Heist, things have had to change to accommodate it for one thing the movement system is very different you're getting around along the top of the train cars if you want to the actual map spaces feel a lot wider some of the rooms underground feel wider some of the corridors and spaces that you're working through feel they've got a bit more space for movement than Payday 2 actually really in hindsight payday 2's environments.


I could feel quite claustrophobic. And I don't really feel that payday 3s have that same vibe anymore, at least personally. I mean, in both games, the fov slider cranked up to maximum, but in payday 3. I really feel like I've got tons more space than I did in payday 2, but I will say the heist itself is definitely more challenging than payday 2.


They've really taken the stealth angles of Payday 3 and what makes the stealth gameplay unique and pushed it as far as they can in this heist, and I think it's worked very effectively. You've got a lot of things that are quite similar so looking round for example key cards ssds, to get into particular train cards to get the things you want this time is stealing satellite parts and if you want extra loot the solar panels things like that there's still a good chunk of op loot you can get and if you want to get the new INF Point payout for getting all the bags you'll want to get it all from the heist, but a lot of it is quite similar some things have change though the most interesting thing for me was the new computer objective, when I was trying to get into one of the train card doors which I'll try and put some footage on screen for you now you actually need to hack a computer underground in the lower section.


That then opens the door for a brief amount of time where you have to get upstairs and get in the train car and get the loot but an interesting Twist on things and I think again it's trying to make the most of this whole stealth layout for payday 3, and I think it works really well I will give us special mention to the key card stand though in Payday 3 because much like in Payday 2 when you go near the key card stand there's a radio, playing some music and every time I was playing I'm not sure if the song variates in different playthroughs cuz I haven't played enough of it as I've said but all I heard was on the road so that was a really nice touch of someone who loves that song in Payday too so that was quite nice to hear but yeah I think that the actual Stell systems work really well the cameras themselves now interestingly.

Are moving drone cameras not like motion detectors, where they will only detect things moving, whereas actual cameras will only detect anything suspicious? But also very enjoyable, and also it's worth mentioning when you're hacking into the train cars themselves, rather than just doing a lockpick, thing that opens the train door you have to leave it hacking, for a brief period of time and then confirm it once the hack is done but bear in mind when you're doing the hack guards can see it will walk over and be alerted by it so try and do it when no gods are around that's the stuff I've picked up so far from playing turbid station but all in all I will say I really like this Heist I think it's a very strong Improvement on murky station it takes what makes payday 3 stuff so interesting, and incorporates it very well, and that's why it's important to remember what they've been saying so far that you know these heists won't feel the same as Payday 2 and despite what some people are saying they weren't copy and pasted you can't Port stuff from diesel to Unreal in that same sense they've had to build this from the ground back up again, and build it within payday 3's architecture, so it still takes a notable am amount of effort and honestly.

Update 2 is out NOW for Payday 3, and it's made the game fun to play again.
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