Payday 3 Update 1. 1. 3 Broke Cameras And Doors Stealth


Again, so first disable it via the camera reset bug, which you simply do by having a hack running on it as a reset happens. Once you have that, you just slap the ECM on it, and for some reason, ECM distortion is applied permanently even if you take off the ECM.

If the camera makes a really rapid beeping sound sounding like an alarm clock, then the camera reset bug has turned off the camera, and then you can simply slap on the ECM to permanently keep it. Down, so that's how you can permanently disable cameras again, and now on to the doors and how sound is able to pass through them when they are closed and not when they are open, but with some sounds, they can pass through no matter what.

It's complicated, so I will try my best to explain my findings, at least so far. So first off, sprint in a secure area. For some reason, if a door is closed, sound will go through the door, but if you open the door, it doesn't go through. This seems to be consistent because, from my testing, it seems to always be the case.


However, if it's a throwing knife, it just doesn't make any sense at all, so if a door is closed, the sound of the throwing knife will go through if it is open; it sometimes seems to go through while other times it does not seem to go through, and I have no idea if this is like positioning a specific guard or door; it just seems overall inconsistent, so let's use the bathroom trap exploit on Touch the Sky as an example.

If you have the door open when all the guards are outside the bathroom and then you throw the throwing knives to make them go, you know, inside the bathroom where you can trap them. If you have the door open for some reason, not all of the guards will actually go into the bathroom. However, if you close the door before throwing the knives, then throw the knives, and then open it again so the guards aren't slamming the door on each other, it now seems to work consistently; they all actually go into the bathroom and into the corner to get trapped.


So all in all, if you want guards to hear something, leave the doors closed, and if you don't want them to hear something, leave the doors open. Yes, it makes no sense, but I guess we are just stuck with this until the next update. But hey, it seems like they finally managed to patch the throwing knife bug, so I guess that's at least something very important when it comes to bug fixes.

Anyway, hopefully you learned something, and as always, thank

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