Payday 3: Update 1 Out Now. Bug Fixes, Improvements & More



Finally, we can say that it's been about a month and a half, and we finally have the first patch. It's very late. I know, but we have finally got a whole heap of bug fixes the patch is labeled as bug fixes and quality of life not seeing a ton in the way of quality of life here so don't get yourself excited over that, but there's some general changes, some balance changes, some technical changes, as well as some overall fixes and a couple of known issues, so we're going to basically glide through and talk about the most important things here, but I will leave all the tabs up on screen.

I'll also timestamp them so you can see General Technical and all that stuff so you can look and see which you want to read through because if I sit here and read out 170ish bullet points or whatever this is, we'll be here all day, which is not entertaining to anyone.

Streaming - on youtube!

Real quick, before this article starts.

I'm just sliding this in here because if you want to watch me play this update live and answer all of your questions. I will be live not just on Twitch tonight but on YouTube. Twitch has lifted multistreaming rules, which means now I can stream on both platforms at the same time, and that means I'll be firing up a stream within the next 2 hours, or so I'm going to try for 6 p.

M uk time, that's GMT, if I need to push it to 7:00 p. M i will do so, but I will be trying to do a live stream in the next couple of hours to talk you all through this and play it live, so whether you prefer watching on YouTube or Twitch. I'll now be able to account for both, and I'll hopefully do streams for other games as well, so keep an eye out for that articles will always be payday unless it's an actor interview, but streams maybe I'll mix it up on YouTube as well. Who knows we'll see, but either way, let's roll the article.

General changes

General changes

In the general section, there are a lot of fixes for crashes, achievement issues, and things like that not popping up, but the things I want to point out first are that they've added the pre-order and addition-specific items for PS5 players collector edition silver gold pre-order.

Those should be unlockable now on PS5. There's also a few other bits here with changes to certain game features, but the next big one is updating the assist to PS5, so now on PS5, an assist should work, fingers crossed, but also, it's worth pointing out a couple of things at the bottom. First off, they have finally closed the weapon experience exploit in 99 boxes, so you can no longer glitch 99 boxes to give you max weapon levels by fiddling around with the heist.


I don't really know what you have to do. I never really propably looked it up because I didn't care and didn't want to ruin the game for myself, even more than my mood had ruined it from the lack of updates, so I don't know what yet to do, but whatever it is, it's been patched. It took a while, but we got there, which was fantastic.

However, one problem I do have is this one here. They claim that an issue with the social list not filling up has been fixed. However, folks, as you can see here, this is my payday 3 on Xbox, and I still have zero payday, Friends. I still think I have none. I have accepted a whole bunch of friend requests, but I am pressing a, and it's not expanding or D expanding, whatever the opposite is.

Contracting the menu, so that has not been fixed according to this, so that isn't quite true, at least not on my end, so that needs more addressing, so star bre, please. Look into it because it's one of the big problems I have with Payday 3 right now, but those are the general changes. You can look beyond that, as I've said, to fixes such as Overkill weapons not falling through vehicles, and on top of that, you can also now hopefully mark enemies through windows with a bit more accuracy. I was having a few problems with that, so that's been fixed.

Balance changes

Balance changes

Balance is an interesting one that I want to focus on as well, because they've said for this patch he wants to primarily address minor fixes. We're aware of last man standing and armor up, so last man standing is the kind of swans song variant in Payday 3, and armor up is the skill where you get two armor plates for picking up one, performing a bit too well, so plan to give them a few tweaks that keep them effective but require a bit more setup compared to the benefits they offer.

This will be in the next big patch, outside of these two skills. We don't expect any big Nerfs to come to skills in the next patch, but given that players are still getting used to the game, we will be keeping a close eye on the meta. We are also aware that armor is considered the most desirable resource compared to ammo and health.


We're happy with how armor itself works, but we want to put in a few more ways for players to restore it in the game, and we also think health is underperforming right now, but addressing that will be a gradual change over the first year of updates rather than one sweeping update. So this is sharing some of the stuff they said during their D-Twitch streams a few weeks ago: they want to make sure armor is easier to get without relying on the armor-up skill and also make health a bit better performing, all of which sound good.

I'll be in ch to see how they execute that over the next Pat, and as they've said, going forward throughout the first year of content some changes to skills, though the manipulator's basic skill will no longer cause an interaction interference when players you know multiple interactions in your life, so that's pretty good and a couple of changes to the battering ram skill you can no longer use them to open the blue key card door and rock the cradle or the front door on touch the sky, they've also upgraded some weapon things adding an ability for knives to be thrown through broken shield visors so that's BS your life so that's pretty good fix an issue where throwing knives couldn't be picked up when they equipped the primary or secondary weapon when they equipped the primary or secondary weapon with full ammo.

Dozers will now get closer before engaging heises with their shotgun, update the enemy flashbangs to apply flashbangs more effectively and more consistently, and players can no longer open doors leading to enemy spawn locations.

Okay, so there are a few quality of life changes, and that's good. I'm glad to hear that. I'm glad there are a few interesting technical things in here.

Ui changes

Ui changes

Though there are a heap of UI fixes and changes, am I going to sit here and read through all of these? Absolutely not it will take 50 years before you can gloss over them. I'm going to have a very quick read over them to see if there's anything interesting, but the one thing that I was made aware of by Star Bree to the partners is that this right here is the most welcome change in the UI as far as I know, which is a UI update for the favor reward and result screen.

It's been a LONG time coming but Update 1 has finally arrived for Payday 3! Let's break down everything we know about the first patch.
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