Payday 3: Update 1 Is Finally Out Of Custody


The short answer here is no, but for the overall health and future of the game, this is still a momentous occasion. What is most impressive about this update, hence what's ended up on the thumbnail, is the scope of these fixes; something from just about every facet of the game has had a tweak or patch ranging from obscure bugs suffered by very few to fundamental platform-specific issues that desperately needed addressing.

I think this update will mean something different to everyone, but to me, at least, this is just a statement of intent. With the 100+ fixes detailed in the patch notes, it's probably best if I just leave you guys to run through each one individually in your own time. Instead of this article, I'll point out what I believe to be the highlights of this update: that most players of the game will consistently notice and benefit from the game's progression.

Breaking glitches have been fixed. The infamous 99 boxes glitch, which just required you to hop in and out of the Escape Zone to multiply your weapon and skill progression XP, has been squashed. This was the sort of thing that will be fixed in the future once the update process has been smoothed out, but unfortunately, given the delays, it'll probably come after most of the damage has already been done.


There have also been a number of dialogue editions and changes to liven up the world and better inform the player in stealth. Now the last radio call on the guard will provide a final warning before the alarm goes off, and small talk between civilians and employees has been fixed to trigger more frequently with additional lines of conversation added to the game.

This both assists mechanically and makes the world feel more alive. I also noticed what seemed to be new lines for the police announcer, which is another noteworthy addition. Owen Wolf, disappointingly, now has a quiet, stealthy medic bag line instead of screaming out at the top of his lungs. Regardless of sneaking around in casing mode, the crypto wallet is in the room just off the VIP area.

Find a way to get down there. I need a medical bag. One tremendous change for PS5 players is that an assist has finally been updated to function as intended. I also want to point out that they finally added the pre-order and addition-specific bonus items to PS5 player accounts. This has been a long time coming.


I know many of you were feeling robbed after they went missing for over a month. A few crash triggers seem to have been fixed as well, including the DLS-related one, meaning that setting is much more viable now for anyone struggling with performance on PC. I've noticed a massive difference when using it on my weaker laptop.

There have been a number of major fixes across the buggy achievements that weren't consistently unlocking as intended, meaning those of you still sitting in the frustrating 21 out of 22 will finally get a chance to 100% the game for the time being. The social list seems to be getting a much-needed fix, and since launch, the game has only really shown me my offline Steam friends instead of the people I could actually be playing with.


Gameplay changes are few and far between, although we'll be seeing more changes in that department in the upcoming update. For the time being, the most notable ones involve nerfing dozers, who will now need to get closer before engaging heisers with their shotguns. Reducing their effectiveness as snipers but also buffing their charge mechanic is a great change in my opinion.

Also, for throwing knife enthusiasts, as I most certainly am, they've been massively buffed thanks to a fix that will transform the upcoming no-shooting run. As it worked at launch, for some reason you couldn't pick up the knife even if you could see it whenever you had max ammo, which meant a no-shooting knife.

Centric play style was entirely unviable as you just lost all your knives in your bodies over time; now throwing knives can be picked up regardless of your ammo situation. The battering ram skill has also experienced some slight tweaks since the application no longer works on the front door and touches the sky or the VIP door and rocks the cradle.


Gameplay-wise, this doesn't impact much, but I assumed the interaction was breaking something, hence why it's now changed, as for heist-specific changes. Finally, the security room on 99 boxes has been fixed to not always be unlocked immediately. This makes the heist much more difficult in stealth as the blue key card isn't found until the storage yard section of the heist, meaning cameras stay up for most of it.

Apparently, we can now also drill to touch the Panic Room door in stealth if we don't find a way to access Mason, which seems odd. I have no idea if this will instantly set the heist allowed, as we don't exactly have any silent drilling skills. Finally, throughout the Cradle, the VIP pass actually works with the interior bouncers on Overkill.

As it worked at launch, they would still block your entrance even though they recognized the pass. Mo wouldn't try to escort you out; this is now fixed, meaning no trickery is required when playing this heist in the way it was intended. Of course, there are also a few nice and long-requested minor bug fixes, such as the strangely locked car 4 challenges that were previously doing my head in, but I'd say the biggest change in today's patch has to be the post-heist rewards screen, and I think that should have just been in the game at launch.


First up, the UI update for the heist rewards on the result screen is excellent. Challenges are being properly tracked and explained here now, and their presentation is a lot less clunky, but most importantly, we can actually see which alternative heist asset we're unlocking through the heist completion.

This is huge, as up until now, the new favor system was probably the worst explained mechanic in the entire game. Don't get me wrong. Pre-planning still needs an overhaul, in my opinion, but this is a step in the right direction as far as unlockable assets are concerned. As I mentioned at the start of the article, the developers have also solved whatever issues are preventing all Heist assets from being available, meaning we can explore some of the most OP favorites in the game.


To explain, as of launch, we could only unlock the pre-placed key card asset for No Rest For The Wicked, but now we can find assets that prevent the van from leaving upon going loud, turning the heist into more of a road rage. Setup an additional dumpster loot secure point in stealth, meaning we don't have to troll the bags out in the open, and set the helicopter to drop two more thermite bags speeding up at access to the vault.

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