Payday 3: Update 1 - Everything You Need To Know



So the Payday 3 patch has finally landed, and in this article, I'm going to give you a rundown of what's changed.

Important notes

On the payday website, they have confirmed this is something they will be working on in the future.


This patch has added a boatload of bug fixes and quality-of-life features.

If you look at their website, they've posted this article for everything that's been added in patch 1.0.1. And starting with some much-needed PS5 features, they have added pre-order and addition-specific items for PS5 players. This one was huge. The fact that some people had paid for content and they just straight up weren't given access to it is really bad, so it's really good to fix that, and they've also updated the assist for PS5 players.


I had seen a few Reddit posts about how bad that was. A big one is that they've closed the weapon experience exploit in 99 boxes. One of my first articles on the game was about how to use that exploit, so it's probably about time they fixed it; it was live for over a month, and to be honest with you at this stage.

I think everyone's weapons are maxed out. Two main quality of life features that I think are worth calling out are that the last call will now provide a last warning before the alarm goes off and will not be interrupted by other radio dialogues. Basically, it's a lot clearer when you're about to run out of radios.

They've also added a fix for the cleaning it out achievement to pop up when the criteria is met. Coincidentally, yesterday I was live on Twitch just doing some achievement hunting, and this is an achievement I unlocked. Towards the end, I wasn't sure if I'd gotten all the bags and when you'd invested as much time as you needed for this achievement.

It really is stressful not knowing if you've got all the bags, so that's a really nice quality of life feature to add. Just a few of the notable fixes they've added around crashes. When it comes to doing things like answering radios, or there's one that says when you're vaulting near the heest end.

I have not personally come across that, but that would really annoy me if you sunk half an hour into a stealth heist and just by vaulting something, it crashes your game. I can understand the frustration there, so it's really good they fixed that. They also go on to list a number of other things they fixed that were causing the games to crash.

I'm not going to go through all of them, but if you want to pause the article and read through this list here, it is really important that they're fixing how often the game crashes because it will undoubtedly push a lot of players away from the game. Hopefully, these fixes can draw some people back in.



Next, we've got this balance section, and they do call attention to the last man standing and armoring up. These perks are basically performing a bit too well, and they're going to Nerf them. They're also saying that armor is considerably more desirable compared to ammo and health, and the armor mechanics themselves are working as intended, but they do want to add a few more ways for players to restore it in the game.

They have said that they think health is underperforming a bit right now, and that's something they're going to fix over multiple updates; probably the more we play, the more they'll be able to tweak it to perform how they want to.


Going on to skills The main thing that stands out to me is that the battering ram skill can no longer be used to open the blue key card door on rock, the cradle, or the front door without touching the sky.


For weapons, they've added the ability for knives to be thrown through broken shield visors. I did try this in the past and just really questioned my aim, but it's good to know that it was actually a bug, and they've also fixed an issue where throwing knives couldn't be picked up if your equipped weapon, whether that's your primary or secondary, had full ammo if you're trying to do a stealth run where you're only using throwing knives that could really mess up your heist, so gladly fixed that one in terms of enemies dozers are actually getting a bit of a Nerf It seems like they were using their shotguns a bit too far away from players, so they're going to have to be a bit closer to begin using them.



They've also updated enemy flashbangs to apply the flash effect more consistently, so I have seen this a few times where you can almost look at a flashbang and just not take the effects of it, so it makes sense they've addressed that bug, and players can no longer open doors leading to enemy spawn locations.

That is good. It's a shame if you were farming those, but realistically, for a balanced game, it's good that they fix that.

User interface

Next up, we've got the technical section. There's been a UI update for the favor rewards in the results screen. You can unlock that favor by completing a different heist.

As it stands, people are quite unsure of how you've unlocked those, so now when you finish a heist, it will tell you that you've unlocked a favor for a different heist. They're also adding icons for when buffs are blocked due to certain skills that'll be really useful if you're trying to create a build and you want to try it out.

You can see what's being blocked because of certain skills you've selected. Player stats are also now shown in the result screen when failing a heist, so even if it's not successful, you can still complete challenges, and you can now actually review your stats in there as well. They've also fixed an issue with the report player option not appearing.

Unfortunately, in the game, there are a lot of players that like to troll or some that have quite offensive usernames, so it's good to know you can kick them out of your party now. Other than that, it sounds like they fixed quite a few issues for when you're trying to play with friends, with menus basically not working correctly. Hopefully, a lot of those should be fixed.



Next up, we've got audio, and I know this has been mememed a lot on Reddit and on the internet, so one of the key things to call out here is that the Shar voiceover will no longer play when players return to the main menu after canceling Matchmaking.

It's really annoying those voiceovers at the beginning of the heist, but at least when you cancel your matchmaking, you don't have to keep listening to it anymore. Something that I quite like they've added is that there's going to be more small talk conversations between civilians and employees. It's probably going to make the world feel a little bit more lived in than it currently does, and one for all the wolf fans out there.

Unfortunately, he's now going to whisper for a medic bag instead of shouting for one. If you're in stealth, all the other ones on the list just sound like they were supposed to be in the game, like the sound of a dead body dropping onto the floor when you drop a dead body onto the floor.

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