Payday 3 Took Me To New York And We Robbed A Bank


Good afternoon your knees have been activated. Give me a minute. Don't forget to CC on the microphone, ladies and gentlemen. My colleague over here has installed an ECM device that is shutting down all alarms and all cell service in the building. Foreigners, welcome to the new Williamsburg Savings Bank, our playground for the rich to stash their spoils, and it's time to play our game.

It's not fair, but today we're here to take back this evening the yard so you can enjoy the fine line dancer because the night is still available because after tonight the new Williamsburg Savings Bank will be the latest notch on our list of common horses. That's right, hold it right there, nighttime.

Is that gone, and here's what we're going to do? I'm going to have a friendly Little Doctor Mark with our bad president here, and in the meantime, my associate is going to take care of your lovely, lovely temperatures, and for the rest of you, all I need for you to do, my little throat conspirators, is stay calm, breathe, and stand the hell up, everyone.

All right, man, Mr. President, if you're feeling charitable, it might help us out a lot if you could just give us the vault building. I'm a little tired of your excuses, all right. You know, you know, look, they don't give me this information. I'm a high-risk individual. That is absolutely possible.

bank robbery

You and I both know that the protocol for these things is that if you give up the money as soon as you get a cup, look at your face. I am not lying to you. Please believe me. Obviously, no, you better give me something for math, Has a magnetic field. The vault has a magnetic seal, but if you drill into it, the blocking gauges can't be undone.

There is no way in. I love a challenge, but this thing is really starting to hurt my feelings. That's a word X that's still not seven, eight, four, or five. I think I misplaced it because maybe I left it in my office, but why don't I go up there with any last words? Okay, there might be another option.

There is a security override system two floors up. No joke about that; thank you. It doesn't matter who wins the trippy award; they never hear anything since you get these pillows out of here before they do anything else. Stupid all right fat singers all of a gun Okay, we have three minutes. Yeah, turn the plan on, gentlemen.

duffle bag

If you could please explore, then order me a single violin in this half of the room. We're not going to be playing a little game called grab-and-go. Come on, yeah. What's in that? What did you get? That's what you get. Yeah, that's sick, but it's heavy as well. Let's add some weight to it, you know.

Annoying is that this hasn't really been all over the place recently, well, when I have, when haven't I been really in the last three years, but essentially. I think it was about two weeks ago now that I was taken to New York by PlayOn, which is like the company that is sort of doing payday three.

They took us to New York to basically go to a bank robbery experience kind of thing, which is the best way I could describe it. It was insane. I mean, bear in mind I've never been to America, and, lo and behold, I got taken through what I do here on the internet, so that's kind of crazy. Yeah. I just enjoyed it a lot, so yes, you can probably tell by my smile.


I'm quite happy, too. I'm not part of the NYPD. I'm actually holding on. I'm a part of something else. I mean, basically, my hair looks stupid right now, like it looks really dumb. Look at this. What is this? Essentially, they gave us the collector's edition of the game, so we got, well, I don't think this is in the collected edition, but I know the mask is.

And also these playing cards, which are sick black and gold. I've got this effect on my thing, like blurring out the background; it's kind of blurring out things in front, but you can see this; they're just so nice looking, at Ah, but yeah, so the trip they took us to New York, we flew out and landed the day we landed.

Some people came out with us; there were loads of other creators; and there were some good friends out there. To be honest, I'm very happy that I got to meet some people. In person, I'm sort of quite a shy person, and when I get to know people, I sort of liven up and, you know, become myself a bit more.


At first. I'm quite shy, but because everyone was lovely, it was quite easy to sort of just sort of mingle and just feel like I was part of, you know, the bigger group and stuff, and so it's nice to me. Yeah, so that was the first day that was pretty much just the arrival day. Then the next day, we basically just walked into New York, and I went like I've never been.

I think we went all the way over the Williamsburg Bridge, which was sick. It's very New York. I mean, I only know of New York for movies and games, and it just feels strange. I actually felt like such a tourist. I didn't realize how big the place is, and obviously it's a big city, but it's ridiculous because I'm just comparing it to something like London, which obviously is a big place, but New York just sort of spans; it's crazy.


The new building is called The One Trade Center, I think it is. I'm good with Heights normally, but on my days, you can feel the building sort of sway, like you get off at that off the left at the top floor. The left is grim as well because it's so fast. I was shaking. I was pulling myself. But yeah, you get out of the left and you can feel the building sway, not in like it feels like it's going to fall away, but you kind of convince yourself, like, If it does fall here, I'm dead.

Maybe just don't keep building buildings that tall. I don't know. I mean, I know Dubai has the tallest building in the world. I don't know if I want to go up that, but yeah, the views from it were amazing. It was very impressive, but yeah. I was quite happy to get back down to the bottom, and like, they encourage you to put your phone up against the glass to take the best pictures, and I'd be there, like, holding onto the wall, shaking chain, just shaking chain, just pulling myself, trying to get good pictures.

new york

But no, that was amazing, and then we just walked around New York for a little bit. It was all our turn to cross the road, and there was some guy sitting in his car. And we basically walked in front of his car, and he did the most NPC kind of thing; he was like, not a good idea. And it was the funniest thing ever because it literally felt like you could be playing GTA, and that's something that you'd hear like exactly what you would hear, so that was quite it was endearing actually although I think he was being so much threatening, but yeah, so that was that, and then we basically got back, and then it was at the event day, so the event itself was amazing.

Still can't get over the fact I got to go to New York and experience a bank robbery in a real bank to celebrate the launch of Payday 3.
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