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In this article, I'll be showing you a lot of useful tips for beginners and newer players that'll help you progress quicker throughout payday.

Tip #1 - preset scar

3 at levels 39 or 40, I highly recommend picking up the VF7s. Featherlite is a scar, and it's very powerful and causes high damage. You get it at a really low level, and you unlock it at level 77.

This is one of the best preset weapons you could buy. You get it super early once you unlock the scar. You are also able to get attachments for it before you unlock the base car and do challenges, so you're able to get attachments and progress the weapon through challenges without even owning it.

You just need 20 million. If you follow my guide on road rage, you'll basically get that.

Tip #2 - skills/ research

With putting a point in each one when, you put a point in each one, even if it just has one point, it'll still level the tree up all the way to the big node at the end, so just make sure when you're running, heist with your friends.

Putting a lot of these on this will speed up the time it takes to get a lot of your skills maxed out, and you won't have to worry about grinding. By doing this, you will have your progression and skills filled out very quickly, so I highly recommend it.

Tip #4 - tools for loud loadouts

There aren't many good options, but the two best options would be infrastructure and mine, which just stuns enemies in a circle and you just keep spamming it and you can basically have them cc'd forever or motion sensor, which lets you see them through walls for a short period of time, which can also help you have the jump on them with the difference of an Overkill someone basically beaming you, so it could help.

Tip #5 - c-stacks (for higher level attachments)

Under the vendor staggered, the currency broker You'll see sea stacks. You want to buy as many as you can because there are attachments that do cause sea stacks, and if you want to max out a weapon or use a certain attachment, you are going to need these on top of attachments. You could also get presets with the C Stacks, which aren't really good, and the only one I would recommend is the scar at the moment because I haven't tried a lot of other ones out, but the scar is very good and it only costs 20 mil; it doesn't even cost sea stacks. C Stacks will also get you gloves as well as other cosmetics, such as charms.

Tip #6 - favors *don't forget

Tip #6 - favors *don't forget

You start a mission because I know a lot of us forget. I would go to your vendors, scroll all the way down, and buy an ammo bag, armor, a medic bag, and a zipline bag. I've forgotten a bunch of times to bring these, so I would just buy a bunch of them before you go into your heist just in case you do forget; you'll have them ready, and you can just throw them on anyway.

Tip #7 - challenges = xp

This is very important to know, as in Payday 2, I'm pretty sure you would get XP for heists in general. Just every heist you would do, you would receive XP no matter what, but now you stop receiving XP from heist once you complete all the challenges from it, and what I do recommend doing is going to your weapon challenges, looking through all of these, and swapping your loadout accordingly.

A lot of people might be confused about this, so I thought I would put it as a tip just so people know to do challenges. Challenges are super important, and they'll get you to the highest level possible, and they'll help you level up even faster for.

Tip #8 - armor bag / sentry is op

For most people, you should be running the armor bag.

The armor bag is one of the best deployables, especially if you have the perks to get extra inside of it, and if people have the perks to armor up to get two plates out of one use, then you will never die. Basically, it makes Overkill a lot easier. The medic bag and ammo bag I don't think ammo bags are that useful.

Maybe an ammo bag is useful, but there are only two things I'd be using: an armor bag or a Sentry turret if you want to do a Sentry turboom. Overall, armor will save you at the end of the day because if you do get chipped away at your armor, you can basically be one shot away from anything. If you do get hit on your health bar, it goes down very quickly. Turret is also very helpful; it pulls aggro, keeps damage up, and clears out packs pretty quickly with the right perks.

Tip #9 - infinite armor pen

Tip #9 - infinite armor pen

It's a great perk to pair with tanks and armor. I would go to Sharpshooter. As well for Edge and cutting shot to always have armor penetration up because it is very good for Overkill and the Damage output helps, a lot you can Ace this too it's really good for your build performing a headshot while aiming down sights will refresh, your Edge which just keeps it up constantly and you'll always have armor pen paired, with something like Turret's armor pen and shooting at the same enemy you will basically just wipe away their health bar and it makes it so much easier a.

Tip #10 - challenge farm (any map)

Here, you're going to want to bring anything you need for your challenges, so whether it's a gun, an Overkill weapon, a tool throwable, or a deployable, you're going to bring whatever you need and just keep farming it constantly. This can be why you go to Heist. Click Road Rage. Put it on normal and put it on invite only.

Make sure you have the loadout that you need. By the way, I haven't stolen any missions; I've only leveled up from doing road rage and other loud mechanics to progress through challenges. I haven't done anything besides that, so I'm only level 66 from doing this. If you do this on a lot of other missions, but I do recommend it on Road Rage, all you want to do is you want to start this.

You don't need anyone in your lab. You could do it with friends if you want, but it doesn't really matter. I'm just going to start the mission like you're doing it normally. If you do have a suppressed weapon, you could just shoot the civilians; you don't have to deal with.

Tip #11 - hacking device spawns on road rage

Tip #11 - hacking device spawns on road rage

Yeah, this hacking device does have three spawns; this is one of them, here, and there's also a third spawn under construction.

Tip #13 - challenge farm build (legit)

I would recommend something like this with an ammo specialist.

Only, loaded high grain top up, you're going to want to take Sharpshooter, with Ace cutting, shot for armor pen speed aim. Rush Ace and Swift for extra bass printing, just to be quicker enforcers. Ace, quick reload face-to-face, and if you have extra points, I'd go for something like a strategist.

Combat, markings: you could kill dozers quicker if you're going for dozer kills and you need a lot of them, but besides that, this is very good for just constantly. Running through staying. In Heist for 20–30 minutes, make sure you have an ammo bag on that's. Make sure you're changing every part of your loadout when you need new challenges, and just escape at the very end of the road.

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