Payday 3 - The Most Overpowered Game Breaking Glitches That Survived Patch 1. 0. 1



Patch 1.0.1. It has officially dropped, and even though it's not exactly what players were hoping for, the patch in itself fixed a wide variety of different bugs and glitches in Payday 3, but for better or for worse, there were a lot of different glitches that were left untouched. And so today we're going to be covering a couple of extremely overpowered glitches that were left behind before we got into it.

I want to say that there are dozens and dozens of glitches that I could have introduced into this article, but I only selected the most overpowered. This article's purpose is to bring awareness to the players and to the developers themselves that these major bugs were left behind, and some of them should probably be fixed as soon as possible.

Infinite c-stacks

First up is the C-stack spam glitch. By utilizing this glitch, if done properly, you can gather an infinite amount of SE stacks, as long as you have the cash to back it up. Essentially, if you're unfamiliar with this glitch, what it does is enable you to constantly purchase SE Stacks at the base minimum price, so for example, Le would purchase 10 C Stacks for $90, 000.

And by utilizing this glitch, the price never scales up from $9, 000, But not just that, but you can also keep repeating this over and over and over again without any limits to it. When I made a article on this glitch. I initially thought there would be a limit to it, but it turned out that I had just been doing it wrong, so this is quite a major glitch that makes C Stacks pretty pointless. I mean, C Stacks are already pretty pointless, but this makes them even more so, so hopefully they've got some plans stored away for the secondary currency.

Immortal under the surphaze

Immortal under the surphaze

Next up comes a pretty funny glitch that, to me, is kind of absurd as to how it even survived this purge. I'm no developer, but I feel like this would be a glitch that could be fixed extremely quickly by an experienced one.

This is the immortal under the surface location. Maybe the reason this survived the purge is because the glitch in itself is pretty useless, and the way you do it is that if you crouch inside this garbage bin, you are completely safe. The cops will not even attempt to shoot you; they'll just stand there and let you kill them for free.

The use behind this glitch, however, is to farm combat challenges, as this is the easiest spot to get to in the entire game that leaves you completely immune to your enemies, and you can pretty much just go and watch a movie on your second monitor or something while you farm your combat challenges with this location, seeing how there is literally no risk in.

Out of bounds immortal


Being here while on the subject of being immune, another glitch that made it through the patch is all of the out-of-bounds locations. You can still clip through vehicles and find yourself outside of the map, which allows you to get to some pretty weird locations, such as being right up in the cops spawn in Golden Shark, but the most overpowered one is this immortal location in dirty ice where all of the cops spawn right in front of you but you are technically behind a wall, which prevents them from shooting you, but you can shoot them for free with no downside.

This is single-handedly the most overpowered location to farm kills for combat challenges, as not only are you completely immune, but you are also right up in their spawn, and your AI teammates don't even shoot them either, so all of the kills are for yourself. When you clip through a vehicle, you must go loud in a mission to cause all of the vehicles in the street to speed and RAM through people, and from there, you must wait for a van to become in your way, which you then wait until it's about to hit you, and as soon as it's about to hit you, you slowly aim downwards to the floor, and if done properly, this will push you outside of the map, which you can then get to these pretty crazy locations.

It may take you a few tries to do it properly. Also, there are dozens and dozens of different locations you can get to. Out of bounds, I only covered the two most overpowered ones, in my opinion.

Bagging camera guard

Bagging camera guard

The last few glitches I'm going to talk about now are all related to dealing with guards and PayDay 3, and with that being said, even though some of these are extremely overpowered. I truly do not know if these will be left untouched, sort of like a feature, or if they truly are glitches that are unintended by the developers.

I mean, only time will tell. First up is the one everyone is pretty much aware of at this point, especially if you play Overkill Stealth, as those radios are crucial to your runs. distracting the camera guards with bags, which is essentially as it sounds: you throw a bag on the floor, the camera guard gets distracted by it, but he never goes on to return to watch the cameras, which means all of the cameras stay turned off for the remainder of the run without even having to waste a radio.

Again, I'm not sure if this is going to end up remaining as a feature in the game, but I'm thinking it won't. Whatever you do to distract the camera guard is usually enough to turn off the cameras permanently, so I'm guessing Star Breeze will eventually implement the obvious feature that once the guard is no longer distracted, he returns to watch the cameras.

Softlocking guards

Softlocking guards

But who knows next up is a glitch? I've never used it myself until the time of this recording, but I've seen it around on YouTube as well as in online lobbies: soft locking guards with throwing knives. Soft locking, if you're unfamiliar with that term, means that, essentially, you can glitch the guard in such a way that he remains completely stuck in position and doesn't proceed with patrolling the map.

There are various ways to soft lock a guard, but the throwing knife method is by far the most consistent and literally works on every guard in the game on every map, with the exception of the lead guard. And thus since it is the most overpowered one it's the one I figured I'd bring into this article to soft lock a guard with a throwing knife you must of course have the knife equipped as well as the retriever skill and from there all you really have to do is throw the throwing knife in front of the Guard right by his foot and he'll become distracted by it as soon as he tries to radio for backup you then just walk over the knife and pick it back up and voila, the guard has now been stuck unlocked and brother will stay here in this position forever, the guard still works in the sense that he will spot you if you walk in front of him but he will stay in this position for the remainder of the run, and he will not Patrol anywhere else now That glitch does work against every guard except the lead guard, but that doesn't mean that the lead guard is safe from glitches either.

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