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With the release of update 2 in Payday 3, came two new Legacy Heists Turbet stations, and we went over the new favors per map, totaling eight. As we have already covered every single heist-specific favor in the entire game. I figured we'd go ahead and go over the new favors as well for the new maps, so without further ado, let's start off with the stealth-only map turbet station.

As you may know, with this new map came a new security camera in the form of drones. When we play this map regularly, we come across a total of five different drones.

Fewer drones

However, we do have a heist favor named : fewer drones, which of course decreases the number of drones on the map precisely; it brings the number of drones from five to only two personally for this favor.

More lures

More lures

I find that hacking guard radio is a far better choice, but hey, if you enjoy lures, this can make things a lot easier.

Longer extraction

The third favor for this map is , the longer extraction favor, which, as you may know, if you mess up in this map at least on Overkill difficulty, you're given 30 more seconds to extract whatever it is that you can before the mission ends, but by utilizing this Heist favor.

I tested it on normal difficulty, and that extended the timer to 1 minute and 15 seconds, which is just 45 seconds longer than before, which to me really sounds quite useless. I mean, by using this heest favor, you're kind of pretty much betting that you're going to get caught, and the only genuine benefit I can think this favor can bring you is if you're a speedrunner, whose run usually gets detected towards the end of The Heist but still needs a little bit of extra time.

But for most regular players, I see this as quite useless for the next favor.

Longer remote door

Longer remote door

However, we have yet another extended timer, but in this map in the form of the longer remote door timer, now this is the only favor for this map that I can personally truly stand behind, as the remote door timer only gives you 1 minute on Overkill, difficulty, so if you're unlucky enough to get the farthest wagon, it's not really that much time to get all the way across to the other side of the map.

I tested this favor on normal difficulty, which increased the normal difficulty timer from 2 minutes all the way to 3 minutes, which I'm guessing is overkill. Difficulty will bring that timer up from 1 minute to 1 minute and 30 seconds, which will give us more than enough of a window to make our way safely across to the proper wagon.

Now that's it for Turbet Station, so let's go ahead and check out what we've got for the loud map.

Faster supplies

the Cook Off Heist first off, we've got the faster supply drop, so in Cookoff, you're able to cook seven different bags of meth with the supplies you have lying around in the house, but once you've started cooking your sixth bag, you're given the option to call down Bile, which is the helicopter pilot, so he can drop you off with some more supplies.

which will give you enough supplies to make four more different bags of meth every time you call bile, he takes 1 minute and 10 seconds to deliver the supply you've requested, but by utilizing this favor but by utilizing this favor that decreases the time to only 35 seconds, which is exactly twice as quick to deliver the supplies, so it's a bit of a help, especially if you're playing this on Overkill difficulty, which you really can't afford to expose yourself to for very long. Next up, we've got the hostages.

More hostages

More hostages

And yes, it's as bad as it sounds. I mean, you get three more hostages to use in this map, but I find this favor to be wildly unnecessary. You can maximize this favor by utilizing the Negotiator skill set, which enables you to turn in hostages for multiple bags of health.

Generally, armor is an issue, not necessarily health, but yeah, I guess for any player that enjoys hostages, this might be useful.

Permanent escape van

I don't really know, and I don't really see too much of a use for this one favor that is useful, however, is the permanent Escape van, and it's exactly what it sounds like in this map: when you deliver the initial bags of meth to the van, the van flees after a while and returns every now and then to allow you to deliver more bags.

Longer purity window

Longer purity window

However with permanent Escape van, the first van that ever arrives onto the map never really leaves meaning makes this Heist a little bit easier as you can run to the van and deliver any bags you've cooked up in between the cop waves so you risk less having your bags be taken away so I guess that's kind of useful, last but not least is the longer Purity window which in this map when you're cooking up meth if you let the meth cook for a little bit longer it will turn green which is considered to be of higher Purity and it of course rewards you with more cash, however you leave it for too long and the meth turns red to let you know that it's burnt and now it's worth less so this is how this works to go from regular meth to Perfect Purity It takes nearly 20 seconds to cook before it turns green.


After it turns green and the purity is perfect, you now have a window of around 12 seconds before the meth burns, meaning that as soon as it turns green, you better get it out of there as soon as possible. However, by using this favor, we're able to extend that 12C window into an 18C window before it burns.

But here's the interesting part: the favorite doesn't mention it, but the meth will also cook to perfection faster. Bring in that 20-second window to reach the perfect purity to nearly only 13 seconds, which can really accelerate the processing of these different bags of perfect meth, especially if you are going for every bag available in this map.

So that's all for the eight different high-specific favors we've gotten with these maps. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I'll be catching you guys on the next

Overall nothing takes the cake as the best favor in the game, but can be of some decent use. Enjoy the Fastest Leveling in Payday 3! Buy Payday 3.
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