Payday 3 - The 3 Best Infamy Farms To Level Up Fast (new Update)



With the new update 2 that just came out for payday 3, which included the two new Legacy Heists Cookoff and Turbet Station, it also came with a pretty major game changer, which is the infamy points per Heist win, meaning we no longer require to only utilize challenges to level up our accounts, but rather we actually gain experience as we play regular Heist.

So with that in mind, I decided to take up any maps that could be a top contender for the best infam point solo farm, and I've concluded my list with three different Cho choices. Well, technically, four, but we'll get to that in a second, so without further ado, let's get right down to the best infamy farm.

First off, before we get to the top three, I must include.

Honorable mention (road rage)

This honorable mention: if you're a solo player who usually matches, one of your best choices will be to queue road rage on Overkill. Most players by now know how to farm road rage pretty effectively as it was one of the best matchmaking and money farming methods, and now I'm sure this farm will continue going strong as it will be a pretty solid way to gain 100 infam points for probably about 8 to 10 minutes of gameplay, not counting the massive amount of money you make, which I believe is near $1 million.

It all, of course, depends on how solid of a team you get. I've been in games where my team has won in about 7 minutes, so 7 minutes for 100 points and $1 million is pretty decent. However, let's move on to the actual top three options we have available: First up, we've got dirty ice overkill, solo.

Dirty ice loud

Dirty ice loud

Now, it's not what you might think. We're not aiming for stealth play here; instead, we're going to be aiming for a fast, all-bags, loud approach. We're able to complete this map in about 6 minutes and 30 seconds when going all loot and loud, and it's not as tough as you might think anymore.

Now surely you might want to wait until you're decently high enough so you can tank some shots, but this is how we do this. Upon starting dirty ice, we mask up right away and get rid of the guard. We intimidate the entire front room and check out the employee of the month code, then we move on to the inside of the store and search for a phone to tie up an employee, check out the lunch board room for a code, and see if either one of the codes we got happens to be the code we need to open up downstairs.


If not, we open up the VIP room, grab the code, and go downstairs. Open it up, grab the red key card, pull the lever, and back onto the front of the store. We go and trade out five of the hostages we initially intimidated for about 30 seconds longer of a negotiation. phase, and we start opening up some cases.

As the phase is about to end, we grab the employee we tied down earlier and make her open up the vault for us, and then we grab the rare stone and give it to one of the bots. We then proceed to open up all the cases in the VIP room. As the cops start coming in with the bots having been buffed, they actually tank quite a bit and survive for a long amount of time, which makes our lives dramatically easier.

At this point, we just focus on grabbing all of the remaining jewelry from the front part of the shop, which is a total of eight more different bags. I recommend putting down an armor bag to loot any armor you might need as you're doing this, but generally speaking, this run will only last for one cop wave, and you can mostly just ignore the cops shooting at you and let your AI mates do the covering only occasionally.

I recommend taking out the cops if their numbers are getting too large. Once the cop wave is about to end, call out the chopper and start hauling the bags onto the flare. You're pretty much done once the chopper arrives; you just throw the bags on the chopper and it's done. I could have completed this faster if I had called The Chopper quicker, but this is a pretty average run that goes to show what that generally looks like.

For this run, it took me 6 minutes and 30 seconds, and we gained 100 infam points without much effort. Next up for the best farm we've got is.

Rock the cradle stealth

Rock the cradle stealth

I got the rock at the crle farm; this is the same farm you've been doing for money and weapon XP. That only takes about 5 minutes, and it is still the most consistent way to farm for XP. For this, what you want to do is rush to the front door. Hit a civilian to trigger Rush, then lockpick the front door right in front of the guard, take a second, then sprint all the way onto the bouncers, ignoring whether you're detected or not.

Take the blue key card from the right bouncer, open the door, and let yourself get arrested. After you're arrested, you'll be requiring the slippery finger skill, which will allow you to uncuff yourself, and after you do so, just sprint down the stairs onto the room to the right, then move through these railings, get to this office, and start searching for the room, which will have a big white board with the codes you need.

In this run, I had a perfect room, which is right on the first one, but most of the time you have to go around checking each room looking for the white board. There are, I believe, four different places the whiteboard can be, but you get pretty much used to it eventually. After finding the correct switch, make your way back onto the switch and shut off the correct switch.

Go back to the office and interact with the computer, and this will open up the crypto vault. Grab the crypto wallet and stealth your way onto the escape point, deliver the crypto, and make your way back upstairs. In this run, I messed up, but usually I put an ECM jammer down on the floor and run onto the escape point to trigger the ECM jammer.

This will delay the radio long enough for you to complete this heist completely stealthily, and you end up triggering the alarm and missing out on 30 infamy points. This run only took 2 minutes and 30 seconds; they do, however, usually take longer. I just happen to have the perfect spawn, and had I not messed up the ECM ranger, I would have gotten 90 infamy points in the next three minutes.

Gold & sharke stealth with favor

Gold & sharke stealth with favor

Up, we've got the golden shark. The downside of this farm is that it can't be as effectively spammed, as you'll be requiring the elevator access heist favor.

However, every time you do have this favor and want to make a quick 210 infamy points, pop this favor and do this run. If you want to play Golden Shark pretty regularly, run to the right side of the bank and grab the phone that will be lying around on one of these tables. Run across to the bank tellers and open up the left door.

These are in my experience the 3 best farms for a solo player. The more skills you have available the easier these are. Enjoy the Fastest Leveling in Payday 3! Buy Payday 3.
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