Payday 3 Patch Got Delayed And I Am Upset (unscripted Rant)


All right My jimmies are rustled, and my feathers are ruffled. Today the patch needs changes and it has to go through console CT again we hope to be ready to deliver this one for Mid. Unredeemable after it's already been two weeks and some people paid well over $100. I think maybe close to $200 for the collector's edition, and they still don't have a lot of their stuff in game that they were promised that they paid for.

Incredible, but the fact is that these payday patches usually go out at, like, 1 Eastern, and this tweet came out at 2, so it seems like this was a real 11th hour decision because they say we've chosen to delay the patch, so I just did it. It baffles me that we're at this point where this communication and these decisions are still coming down at the 11th hour.

No, it's really not been payday's week. You know the game's not in an acceptable state, and it's absurd to me that it's been left this way for so long. Long and I understand that the console certification for patches takes a few weeks, but now we're at the point where I don't know if it's one console or both consoles, or I guess three counting the two versions of Xbox, but I digress.


Xbox Jones over here, but the fact that we're taking all these weeks for any meaningful progress and there's never communication about the state of things in writing, be it on Twitter, in the discords, or in the discords or the steam announcements, until it's when it should have happened You know, this morning on his dev stream, it seems like we don't have any updates about the patch.

We'll let you know when we have something to say, but the dev stream should not be the primary source of information. Starb needs to start writing it down, just like cataloging stuff. I'm a moderator and I'm a starb partner, and I am missing critical information about payday 3 to do either of those jobs that I do because I'm not always around to watch Allir.


Listo put on a chicken mask and headbutted a microphone at 11:00 a. M on a Thursday, you know it's like, people work, people have school, and this is just information that's not readily available to people unless you go and like scrub a 2-hour, 1-hour, or 3-hour twitch VOD. They've already announced progression changes are coming thank God, finally, but they didn't reiterate that anyway where in writing that I've been able to find they just said it once in stream and hoped the YouTubers or the forums would take it and run with it and that's how they would announce it, there's, this there's clearly a communication breakdown in the sense of explaining to, players, what the status of things is but I feel like there's also this development breakdown going on right now because there 's constant delays with bug fix patches first we're going to split it then we're going to delay one of the split then we're going to delay both and now they even said if the two splits are being merged back to one big patch again or if it's now going to be two smaller patches it, just the more time, passes the more I feel like payday 3 just was not ready to be.

patch delay

Released that's how I'm feeling at this point. I think this game shouldn't be out, knowing when it launched. I would say maybe a November release, maybe even early next year, because, like, it's just not something that's not working. I just don't know what's going on anymore. I'm just like every time I want to boot up Payday 3, and I have been playing it off stream and off content, but every time I go to boot it up, I'm just like sad and frustrated at the state of it.

I don't have a point, and I don't have a clear conclusion. I'm just frustrated that this is purely an unscripted rant vaguely disguised as a news article.

Payday 3's jumbo bug fix patch that we were looking forward to was first split in half, and then delayed all together. Sadness ensued.
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