Payday 3 News: Update 5 Is Almost Here


Well, folks, it's Friday again, so I'm back with another payday 3 news article, except today it's not really focused on dev blog 5, and the reason for that is that it says loads of stuff we already know, and actually what the dev blog has done today is coincide with the release of a new payday 3 Dev update from Elizabeth.

I'm also not going to be talking in very much detail about this for the exact same reason; it's talking about stuff we've already heard. What I want to make this article for, and it's the main reason I'm doing it, and why it's going to be as short as I'm hoping this article will be, is that the presence of the dev update now being out and public means that it is very likely that the next update for payday 3 is dropping next week; that's usually the time frame there's only about a week in between these articles, and the updates dropping now it's possible.

It may creep into the week after because we are on Friday when this comes out, so if they're going by their normal timelines, if it's a bit longer than a week, it could be the first week of April. Personally, that wouldn't surprise me, but I'd like to think that they're releasing this article because they're in good stead to hopefully drop it next week.


I think it would stink if it was any longer, so that's the main takeaway. I'm going to do a very quick recap of what's in the update for those of you who aren't up to speed. I'm not going to go into tons of detail; there are plenty of articles on the channel you can go back and watch if you want to see more detail on fortitude, adaptive armor, adrenalin, and all that stuff, but if you're here and you're missing anything or you want to know exactly what's in the update, just with the headers.

I'm going to go through that in the blog post. Now I'm also sliding this in here very briefly because I think people in this audience will be very interested. UK time, which is GMT. At the time this article goes up, it's probably going to be around 400 p.m. You can always check up online and convert times, but probably about 3 hours from this article go up, but you can join my Discord Discord.


Gg arer live, and you'll get a ping as soon as I go live, so in this update that's supposedly coming out, hopefully next week we have the adaptive armor, the new armor that heals back over time, and we have the medic bag improvement where when you heal you gain adrenaline, which is overheal. If you have Max Health, we also have the new Fortitude skill line, which is based around health medicine, which heals and also makes you stronger if you have less armor.

So it's trying to introduce a new health-based method to combat with the armor, and hopefully it will work just as well in execution as it is being added in theory. There's also the skill point increase, so you'll now have 28 skill points at level 100 rather than 21, so that change is being added in this update, and on top of that, there are some skill and weapon changes.

So as you can see, a lot of these are things I've already talked about, so feel free to pause if you want to see anything specific here, but I've talked about all these key things in previous streams. There might be one or two that I've missed out on, but you can see them if you pause the article here.

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The last thing to talk about is the weapons, and I want to focus on this because it gives us information on the ziv Commando rework. The sniper will now let you cycle its bolt without going out of scope, meaning repeated fire will feel much better. We knew that already, but I wanted to reinforce that in this update.

On top of that, in the ziv Commando, we have the following changes to its stats: increased sprint enter and exit speeds in their animations; decreased spread cap and increment across several stances Also, we got damage increases for up to 15 M, and you can see the increase up to 5 up to 10 and then up to 15 M, and you can see it's really been buffed for those super close quarters.

Combat makes sense for this gun to reduce the damage from 25 onwards, so if you're going further than 25 M away, you're going to be dealing less damage, but that's fair; it is quite a small SMG. It does make me wonder if that really should be a secondary weapon rather than a primary, but that plays into a wider argument as to whether payday 3 should have just pistols in its secondaries.

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I don't personally think it should, but that's a debate for another day, and on top of that, they've also increased the armor penetration from 0 to 0.5, so there's a tiny bit of armor penetration now as well, and beyond that, there's just two fixes: In turbid Stag, they fix an issue where players were blocked from Crouch walking under some of the train cars, so that was a bug that was non-intentional.

Glad to hear, because I had seen it posted recently that people weren't able to go into the train cars anymore; they didn't do it on purpose, thankfully. I did wonder if that was just a really stupid choice. Thankfully, it is just a bug and weapon fix. They fixed an issue where the primary weapon would sometimes be changed to the weapon in the first slot, which means the visual issue on the Mamba grenade launcher has not been fixed, which stinks because that should have been fixed in this update.

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What are you going to do? Hopefully it gets fixed in the next patch, but ladies and gentlemen, that's everything. I will give you an update as soon as I know when the next update is dropping. As I said, I think it's going to be next week. That's where I would put my money if I were a betting man.

Feel free to go and check both of them out if you like, but I'm going to sign off and keep this simple, so hopefully I'll have something much cooler to share with you all next week. Stay safe Take care.

Payday 3's next update could be just DAYS away now that Dev Update 3 has dropped.
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