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Stream [update 5 info] breakdown

Adaptive armor is going to be in the next update, as well as all the armors having descriptions explaining the number of trunks they have armor regen, that kind of stuff, and the big thing that I don't think has been confirmed officially until now was the skill point increase to 28. Skill points as opposed to the usual 21, so when this next update drops, you'll have 28 Max skill points, and if you're already level 100, you'll get those extra seven right off the bat; they've been sprinkled in the rise up to level 100, not 150.


So by the time you're at 100 you'll have all 28 points and it's also important to note that at level one you'll start with two skill points now as opposed to one so extra ones will pop up as you progress to level 100 if you haven't already done sir on top of that there's going to be a new skill Clean Slate which is a tank Mastery skill, which says that when you have no armor present one armor repair kit which is only normally meant to repair armor chunks and not add them but in this case if you have no armor it will give you a chunk to start you off, so that's been talked about a lot but that is in this update it's a tank Mastery skill, and also there's a bullet point here to note some skills moving around as a result so the previous tank Mastery that was called disengage.

It has now been moved to become the mastery skill in the Escapist skill tree, and so Escapist mastery has now been clipped onto the Escapist skill line as a fifth extra skill, basically. So everything is there; nothing's been removed; there's just one new thing being added and a few things being rejigged around to accommodate it.


On top of that, the new health system allows you to gain more health past your maximum; that just decays over time; that's been renamed Adrenaline. And they've also changed how it works in the game based on some feedback from Star Bre's partners and other people playing, so how it's going to work now is that if you have adrenaline present, that overheal will be a green bar on your screen that will take damage before your armor.

Then your armor will take damage, and then your base health, which is actually far more important than I thought it was going to be. I figured it would just be all under the armor. I'm very glad to see that that's not the case because it means the health packs are just far more valuable now, and hopefully it'll shake up this very prevalent armor matter that Payday 3 has so very promising.

On top of that, it's important to know that medic bags will give you the full amount of health that you would normally gain as adrenaline, whereas first aid kits will only offer you half of it, so if, for example, you were going to heal 20 health, you'd get 10 from a first aid kit as overheal, but if you were getting it from a medic bag, you'd get the full 20 as overheal adrenaline.


I'm going to keep getting confused between the words I feel like, but either way, now there is one other thing I want to mention, which is the fortitude skill line. This is the new one coming out; it is confirmed to be in this update, and it will be all around health and adrenaline. There are a couple of things I want to talk about in relation to that in this list, but I'm going to save the full breakdown of that skill line for tomorrow's article, as I'm 99.99%.

Sure, it was confirmed. Unless anything's changed, then it's going to happen. Tomorrow's Dev Blog will cover fortitude. And break it down, so rather than me doing it in two different articles, it makes more sense to leave it here and talk about it tomorrow, so get ready for the full breakdown of Force tomorrow if you haven't already gotten any of the gist of it, so it'll be in the dev blog breakdown.

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Video but I would just mention the stockpile Mastery skill and that gives you two more charges per Deployable bag which means if you combine it with the other already existing skills to increase the amount you have like Deep Pockets, you can now get up to eight charges per bag in whatever deployables you have finally the armor bags will actually use up those eight slots that were present in the container for them so nice to see that there'll be some practical use for all the slots I like that moving on we got some weapon changes so the r900, sniper currently when you fire a bullet and have to rechamber, it you get pulled out of the ads view pulled out of the scope and you have to put the new bullet in and then you can look down again now you can just stay looking down the scope even while you're putting a new round in nice bit of quality of life for that sniper on top of that the ziv Commando is also getting a buff moo didn't say anything else he just kind of put that statement out on the table and I just said on the table.

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We're leaving it in, but that's trauma for me, but no. He said it's getting a buff; he didn't explain what kind of buff it is; just that people had complained that it still wasn't powerful enough, even though he disagreed, and has made it better, so good to hear. They've also talked about loud modifiers; they're not being added yet.

As far as I know, they didn't really say that concretely, but they were asked about it, and I thought it was good to mention that when these loud modifiers do get added to the game, they're not going to nerf you; they're not going to make you carry less medic bags or have your charges be less effective.

It's all about the enemies making them smarter and specifically making them adapt to certain play styles. Again, not much in the way of specifics here, but that sounds like an intriguing concept. We'll see where it goes. Something you'll also see in the b-roll footage we'll get to in a minute is that now the drops you get from hostages, so first aid kits and armor repair kits, will drop in stacks, so they'll be on top of each other, and you can see quite clearly how many you get from each trade.

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Also, in the b-roll footage, it's worth noting that when you see the colors, the standard armor is white, adaptive armor is purple, and overheal or adrenaline is green, so there's color differences for all of them, and those apply to your teammates in the game as well as yourself, so you'll see at any point in time whether your teammates have adrenaline, adaptive armor, or standard armor, and I think that's a really good play.

I think that's been executed quite well, just so you can make things a little bit clearer as you're playing along, but speaking of making things clearer, unfortunately. Quick Play was not made clear, and this is just a little bit of a nitpick. Liz and I were quite hesitant to confirm some things for updates, and Quick Play was the biggest criminal here in the stream because they were asked about it a couple of times and they said it's probably not this update.

Today's livestream with Lis and Mio shared some information regarding whatwhen to expect Payday 3's next big update, as well as a breakdown on some of the key features! I'm here to break all of it down. CHAPTERS.
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