Payday 3 News: Update 2 Patch Notes Tomorrow

Patch notes tomorrow!

Patch notes tomorrow!

M uk time, that's GMT, 5: until 6:00 p. M swedish time, which is C, and you can change your time zones from there, but I thought what I'd do is go over the newsletter today, and I'm going to look over those live streams I mentioned last night in my article about the animations in a separate article tomorrow with those patch notes, so when the patch notes come out.

I'll do a article covering those as well as any details I missed from those streams. For this article, I want to just go over the newsletter.

More animation footage

However, before I read it very quickly. I just want to show you something extra real from the animations that Starre just put out today that teases the weapon inspection and also confirms you can do a weapon inspection when you're not even holding a gun and you're in casing mode, so let's just roll that footage.


Okay, so enough said. Let's get into the newsletter and read through what they've got to say, and as you can see here, we have a very nice Legacy Heist logo here for payday 3. I really like that they converted one of the s's into a two because it's obviously Payday 2 Legacy heists. Anything they port over is from Payday 2, as you probably no doubt know if you played Payday 2 on PC.

There isn't a single heist in Payday the Heist that wasn't ported over, so you could effectively say everything is a Payday Two Heist being ported, so that works for the future, but it's a free content drop for Payday 3 coming before the end of November, which means it's got to come by next week. December kicks off next Friday, so they've got till next Thursday to release this update, so about a week, so it's exciting that we're going to have it very soon, but in their first update article, it says they recently revealed two fan favorites.


Legacy High Payday 2 Cookoff and Murky Station, but Murky Station, no longer being murky water, has been renamed to Turbid Station. It sounds a little bit like Turd, but either way, they're coming to Payday 3 reimagined. For the new game, we're also bringing back an old friend, Lock, who survived the assassination attempt on his life and will be the contact for these two new heists.

Now I feel it's important to mention that I think I've been informed via those streams because I have seen some bits that he won't be talking you through the heists; he's just the contractor who reads out the so you need to get back in the game-style thing on the menu screen. Shade will still be talking to the heists themselves, which explains why Koser, in my interview recently, was saying she was reading scripts for upcoming content; it was probably for these heists.


So Lock is not talking through the heist themselves, which I'm of two minds about. I mean, to quote the Doctor Who fan inside of me, one heart is happy, one heart is sad. I really would have loved for Lock to talk us through some heists. I really would have liked that I loved it in payday 2, but I do love shade, so having a talk us through is also perfectly fine to me, so I'm kind of two minds about that either way, the free content update for payday 3 will offer the following things: The two Legacy Heist Cookoffs and the Turbid Station are presumably loud, only one stealth, and only the transporter skill line the brand new first-person interaction animations, weapon inspection animations, and adding infinite points for heist payouts.

the under wraps mask and compact 7 lyen preset. I don't believe either of them has visuals that are officially revealed yet, new music by composer Gustavo Kimio, optimization improvements and 200+ bug fixes, and many balancing and quality of life improvements. This fascinates me because they were originally announcing or touting, I should say, these 200 plus bug fixes, and we got about 150 in the last update, so another 200 plus can't be a bad thing.

I'm very glad to hear about it. If you want to see more of a detailed preview of the update, check into our Thursday stream on Twitch or YouTube, as I've said on the Payday game Twitch channel. That's the username on Twitch or Payday 3 on YouTube, where community manager Elizabeth and lead producer Andreas will walk through a summary of the patch notes, patch 1.0.2.

Payday 2 sale & roboquest

Payday 2 sale & roboquest

Drops before the end of November for all players on all platforms ; there is also a sale right now for Payday 2 on the Steam Autumn sale, which is, you know, nothing new; there's always sales for Payday 2; and also, you can nominate Robo Quest, which is another Star Breeze game, for the best soundtrack.

This wasn't published by Star Breeze; this wasn't developed by Star Breeze; it was published by them, but Robo Quest launched recently in full build, and I've heard a lot of very good things about it. I haven't yet checked it out, but I am planning to do so at some point. I'm on here or most likely on Twitch at Twitch, TV, and RAR Live, so feel free to check me out when I do that.


But either way, that's everything you need to know from today's article. That's everything in the awesome newsletter. For Star Brees Nebula, as you can expect, tomorrow I will have a article out when these patch notes drop, talking you through everything that you need to know so we can all get excited about the update.

Starbreeze pushed out their Autumn 2023 Nebula newsletter earlier today, teasing what's to come for the next Payday 3 update which is releasing no later than next week - so I'm here to break down all of the news.
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