Payday 3 News: Update 2 Patch Notes Revealed. And They're Great



I'm getting back into the Grove here. I'm quite enjoying this, but Star Bre has just given us an overview of the patch notes for update 2, which at this point I think it's safe to say is coming next week. They keep stressing the end of November, and it's the 1st of December next Friday, so I'm assuming it's coming next week now, and it's presumably already in certification, judging from how Liz was talking about it in today's stream.

So what I've got, as you can see here, is that I took a whole bunch of screenshots during the stream of the presentation. Because it's not actually been published just on its own yet at the time of recording, and I want to get this article done as fast as possible, so you will see Liz's head blocking a couple of bits, but I'll try to read through and fill any gaps if necessary, and that's also why there's a view count down there because I have a wider phone, which basically means that it has black bits on, and you can see a viewer count there, so basically just ignore that, but we're going to go through all the slides from the PowerPoints.

I have also taken, get ready for a flashbang recap notes from last week's streams that I didn't talk about and also some notes from today's stream, so I'm going to go through the presentation first, and then I'm going to go through those notes. There'll be time markers on the article as well, so you can just skip to whatever you want if you want to read things in different order, but I think this is the most important thing I want to leave out of the presentation.

Patch notes

Patch notes

So let's do that. They split it into five different sections and started off by talking about the new free content and focusing on Cookoff and Turbid Station.

As we talked about yesterday, turbid is the rename of murky station because murky water is gone as of payday 3. They don't operate anymore, so they're not relevant. I believe the only exception was no mercy, which was a flashback. I don't know who stops filling the gaps; it's like playing a fun game with your friends.


But you've got some first some details here on the first lot he they did these slides in the wrong order we saw this again, and they also talked about some features for off there is a larger m so it fits better with payday 3's movement so it actually is bigger and as you'll see in a minute I think the actual house is wider than it was in Payday 2 there's tactical scaffolding I touched on this in the dev update article there's more scaffolding around the outside of the building than there used to be there's a new area this garage you can see here which you can access from underneath the building but also, you can see it's where there was normally a shutter in Payday 2 and a truck was parked outside with ingredients in that door's open and the garage is there now there is a 19, bag cap which did cause a bit of an uproar in the live chat but there are some notes to explain why there's a 19 bag cap and actually some interesting features to how the bags are going to work.

That, I think, compensates for it. I honestly think it is better than it sounds, but we'll get to that later. On top of that, they've also talked about influence and loot value, which combines the 19-bag cap. We'll get into it later, but basically, the gist ahead of time is that if you leave a bag to cook for longer after it's ready, you'll get extra value.


If you leave it too long, it'll end up losing value, so there's a bit more interactivity to the loot this time around, which I really like. Moving on to some comparison shots you can see here, as I said, the house looks wider.

Moving on, you have some interior shots. You can see it looks like the table is a little bit lower, I think, in this heist in Pay A3, and also the biggest improvement for me is the lighting. I think that's a huge, huge change. Moving on, we look at the turbid station, which, as I said yesterday, really, really sounds like turd.


I really wish they could have come up with a better name for it, but whatever it's a rename from murky station, which says you know it's a reimagining of murky station where the gang is stealing satellite prototypes. Located in a rail yard the loot needs to be stolen without getting caught but there is reward that makes it worth the effort The Heist is attemp adapted to be better with payday 3's movement set allowing you to complete the heist with more variety so it is completely still stealth only and on top of that it's going to flow more with pay a3's movement and stealth mechanics I mean that shot alone looks really good in my opinion, they also did There's accessible train carart roofs now you can see there's planks to go across in the roofs I did think that was possibly teased in the dev update that is true I'm guessing that means you can get into the train car through the roof does it mean the roofs are accessible from above or you can get into through the roof of the train car maybe both hopefully both but it has been adapted to Payday 3's movement and stealth mechanics.

We've then got some comparison shots, so this is the overview of the map. As you can see, it's a bit wider in the overview section this layer up here compared to here, and then on payday 3, instead of just having holes in the fence you can cut, there's actually an open gateway you can go through here, so some changes are noted on the inside.

payday 2

I don't think anything really has changed there maybe some pipe layouts but that section looks pretty much the same but again it seems like possibly the interior here is wider it feels like they've made things a bit bigger so it's not quite as claustrophobic in Payday 3 which you know cool especially with field of yout Max it'll feel even bigger next thing new Cosmetics, there is an underw wraps mask which Andreas noted there are some loose bits of bandage they will flop in the air with Unreal Engine 5 so you'll see them kind of moving around and there's also the lyen, compact 7 preset weapon these will be talked about more in the patch notes but I will just tell you right now they have confirmed the underw wraps mask will cost 10 SE stacks and the comback 7 preset weapon will cost 25.

Very cheap, very good prices. I hope this is a pattern they are setting for the future, because having new things added in that you can purchase relatively easily is important, I think, in this game. Moving on, they talk about the skill line. Now I have broken down the transporter and skill line before, so I don't want to sit here and read through all of it again.

At last, we have a full insight into the contents of Payday 3's second update.
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