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There has been some information discovered that's been shown on Payday's Reddit regarding offline mode, and most importantly, Alamir. And Andreas has just done a live stream over on Payday's Twitch, trying to answer a bunch of questions or at least note things that they're attempting to work on at the moment while servers.

Starbreeze company statement

Has not performed as tested and expected in matchmaking. Software encounters an unforeseen era, which makes it unable to handle the massive influx of players, and that issue causes an unrecoverable situation for Starbury's third-party matchmaking partner. A new version of the matchmaking server software was gradually deployed across all regions, leading to improved performance.

However, a software update made by the partner late Sunday again introduced instability to the matchmaking infrastructure. Saturday did have matchmaking errors, but on stream I didn't really have anything to notice, and then on Sunday it did. The actual quote from Tobias is that we are disappointed in the issues our player bases faced during our launch weekend, but we are confident in our core product, the quality of Payday 3, and all available metrics. Point to it: we have a lot of diligence and consistent work ahead of us to regain community trust, but we will work hard to do it.

Tweet from ceo regarding offline mode

Tweet from ceo regarding offline mode

The only other thing to note from Tobias himself is a tweet he made yesterday in on Sunday afternoon saying.

Offline mode reddit post

The ability to click play solo, so at some point the game did have offline play and it was removed, but it does prove to us the fact is that they were working on it, so hopefully it gives them a slightly better stead to make sure they can try and add it back in at a later time.

Almir/andreas q&a - most important notes

Apologies for that. I took some notes from the stream purely because I wanted to kind of drop down the most important bits and read through them all with you, so we've got a little bit here. I'm going to read over and add some extra comments based on what was said during the stream. If you want to, you can always just scroll through and read the stuff if you don't want to hear my commentary, but I'll try another thought wherever I can.


So the stream's most important starting point was Alma talking about why it was always online. They wanted to avoid negative aspects of Payday 2, and he noted in specific that cheating on an unreliable host stinks. He also partially put it on consoles, wanting to maintain a fair community between PCs and consoles.

Tutorials are different from full-on-fledged heists. I get that, but hopefully it means they can explore it, like with it being in the debug files. So, it's good that they've given a bit more of an explanation; it's one thing I really want them to share, and one thing I will say on the record right now is that before they did this live stream.

Starbury's partners had a chat with Star Breeze with a few members in there. I wonder about NDA, so I know it sucks. I can't tell you anything about it. Problems were down to them and not Starbury, so I can understand them wanting to try and find a different partner, so whatever's going on there, they've got to focus on fixing that first flashbang.


Etc, and bringing those to the forefront, as well as ways to filter out the achievements, just to basically make the UI a bit better. The challenges are not achievements, but they want to make the UI a bit more user-friendly. PS5 aim assist has had some problems but that has been fixed in the upcoming patch which is coming out on October 5th it fixes a whole bunch of bugs Etc and the patch notes will be shared close to the time but, one thing that Andreas did point out was that there is a bug apparently in rock the cradle where when you restart the heist the VIP blank, card that you need for stealth objectives just, vanishes into thin air that has been fixed so you can keep an app for that on top of that they have also confirmed another patch for late October with book fixes quality of life changes more focus on quality of life at that point fingers crossed but he has also noted that there will be a new skill line in that update which is called transporter.


And he didn't spoil any of the skills other than one, which will allow you to carry two bags at once. It's going to be interesting to see how that changes the gameplay mechanically. Be very intrigued to see what that looks like. We'll, obviously, see when it gets added in late October and go from there.

One thing I skipped over that's important to mention here is that compensation is not really something they're talking about right now because they're more focused on fixing present problems, which I'm completely paying for right now. They made a point out of the die packs in Solo, so if you've seen my review article of Payday 3, you'll know I've said there's a few things that don't feel very solo player friendly, die pack disarming being one of them, so they are investigating it, but as I feared, they said they're not sure how it's going to impact the gameplay loop, and they're trying to see if they can find a way to make it work, so we'll see where that goes.

payday 2

I did think it was interesting to mention, though not to kind of ramp up the Houston hype. Train again, they mentioned a lot of characters; like I said, a lot of it was kind of fluff of just saying the same things they've already said. Always, when someone asks them a question about a feature, they're not confirmed; they just go; we haven't confirmed; however, when someone said it's Houston coming, they just said maybe.

So I don't want to be a gambling man or a betting man, but I think Houston coming to the game is fairly likely, so if you're in the mood to be excited for new characters, which I don't blame you if you're not, there's something to get excited over, so that's there for you. On top of that, there's some more details, as I said, about the console mouse and keyboard compatibility, apparently.

payday 2 console

There is a website I haven't got the note here but they did mention it there is a web part on the website that allows you to upvote user feedback options so go on to pay a3's website and look for the feedback section and people can apparently upvote suggestions, so go and leave your career I thought that they're also evaluating a jukebox feature for payday 3 so being able to choose different tracks for different heists and also a solo player feedback focus is going to be considered in future heists so going forward they'll try to avoid the die pack situations good, glad to hear it final thoughts to read out patches, are slower because of console approval time I felt that was necessary to mention because obviously as I've said before on.

After a weekend of server issues and complaints left, right and centre. Starbreeze have finally offered us some response regarding the rough launch of Payday 3, and what's to come - so let's talk about it.
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