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It really just doesn't stop. If you forgot that is happening, another one from Alir and Andreas, but today we got an official statement from Star Breze as a full company regarding the payday 3 matchmaking issues and making a statement. Not only that, matchmaking is apparently now fully stable and all the issues have been resolved that we had at launch, but on top of that, they seem to have confirmed free content will be coming out before DLC begins to release, so there's a couple of things to talk about today, so as always, here I am to.

Thanks & next interview

I will break it all down for you before I get into it, though very quickly. I just have to thank everyone for all the love in the interview. Gustavo Kimio, it was such a blast to record and edit, and I'm so glad that everyone seems to have loved it. Don't forget, it's not the only interview, as in a couple of days I'll be recording my interview with Kosher Engler, who plays Shade.

I'm hoping to get that up this Saturday again, like the Star Roos, but we'll see; it depends on editing times, so I'll get it out as soon as I basically can. I should put some more up there, really, but if you do want to see more, that does exist.

The matchmaking is fixed

The matchmaking is fixed

My camera has just changed brightness because I forgot that I could do a dark mode on this page, so I've done that. Regarding payday 3 and matchmaking issues So the schedule maintenance carried out last week has fixed the initial matchmaking issues that occurred during Payday 3's first few days after launch.

Matchmaking has been stable and has a good performance after the completed maintenance, and in the past 5 days, payday 3 had a peak in the current player count of 124, 000 people. In September 2023, overall, the game had 3.1 million unique players, and Star Brees Nebula had a total of 4.5 million registered users across all titles, so that being said.

I think just Payday 2 and 3 I don't believe there's any other game that needs nebula right now, so basically, about 1.4 million people have signed up for nebula on Payday 2 and have not yet played Payday 3. The gist is the gist, so roughly two-thirds of people who've signed up for Nebula have actually played Payday 3.

I just slipped in here to add something because I forgot to say it during the article. I'd like to know if Star will now intensify the commercial activities around Payday 3. After partially pausing these during the previous week in early October, the first update to Payday 3 will launch, focusing on improving the gaming experience.

Upcoming payday 3 content for 2023

Upcoming payday 3 content for 2023

The coming months will include planned updates to Payday 3 that address both content quality of life improvements, bug fixes, and new functionality.

And then it lists a table with planned updates and new content for Payday 3 during 2023, but it notes that in addition to these dates, platform-specific updates will be launched, so stay tuned for anything specific to PC. Xbox. PlayStation, whatever it may be. First off, they've got in October that we're going to have 200+ quality of life improvements for all platforms.

I think that's bad wording because, realistically, it is meant to be 200+ bug fixes. It's not a quality of life update the first time they've said that on stream repeatedly, so I'm going to put that down to just kind of group wording and not really having the right terminology there. That patch is supposed to be on October 5th, this Thursday, assuming that is going to carry on.


I've not heard anything else to suggest from Payday's Twitter that anything's going to change there, so assume it's on Thursday and we'll see from there. after that, between October and November again. On stream, they said late October, so maybe they're just covering their backs to make sure they don't have to delay it and then look badly afterwards, but it says quality of life improvements, new content, and new functionality.

Now the new content is probably just going to be the transporter skill tree, if you've missed my articles last week. about all their stream highlights: Transporter is a new skill line coming to Payday 3, which will introduce functionality like moving faster while carrying bags, being able to carry two bags at once, and also jack of all trades from Payday 2, making a return where you can have two deployables.


But the second one will suffer a penal penalty; it won't necessarily be called Jack of all trades; it's just the same skill, basically coming back as part of that train, so that could be the only thing they mean. With new content, there could be more things. I don't know because they haven't really gone into tons of detail, but that's the big update, so that's the one I'm personally most excited for happening in late October or maybe early November.

After that, within the month of November specifically, they note quality of life improvements, new content, and new functionality. Again, whatever that is, we don't know. I mean, if it were me personally, I'm really hoping we get a new free heist before the DLC kicks off. That's what I'm crossing my fingers for because Payday 2 got the diamond store added a month after release, and that was free.


I'd really like to see something like that happen again for Payday 3, even if it's not this month. If things have been pushed back because of the matchmaking problems that they've mentioned, I would like there to be a new Heist that's free first. I think starting off with free content would be a very good thing for Payday 3, and it makes sense because it does say that the DLC syntax error will go on sale in the Silver and Gold Edition in Winter 2023.

Now I don't know if that means all three DLCs. Because the gold pass has said that across the first year of Payday 3's life, you're going to get four tailor packs, four weapon packs, and four heists. Now I'm assuming that's running the same way as Payday 2, where one month you get the weapon pack, one month you get the tailor pack, and one month you get the heist; it's spread across, and maybe you can get the bundle.

That puts all three together. I don't know if that's how they're doing it; it's just me working on what they've done for Payday 2, because, as a lot of us have said. Payday 2's Revival era feels very much like it was a Proving Ground, but it made sense because if it is winter 2023, that's technically December and then goes into January.

February 2024. If we're talking proper seasons here, I'm not surprised to hear that that's coming later down the line, and I'm glad that's the case. CU, as I've said, gives them a chance to put free content out first, which is what I'm crossing my fingers hoping that it means in regards to heists.

After nearly 2 weeks of chaos and server crashes, Starbreeze have now announced that the servers are functioning as intended, and have started their teasing for future content! Let's talk about everything they shared today.
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