Payday 3 News: Server Fixes Coming & More Changes Confirmed



We've got server downtime as well as a full one-hour stream again today between Almir and this time senior game designer Mio to reveal a whole bunch of details about what's coming for Payday 3 Once.

Server downtime

And you can see a few other time zones there, but those are the time zones for Tuesday and Friday for server maintenance, three-hour time periods that you need to keep an eye out for.

The game will be completely down; it won't just be matchmaking issues; you literally won't be able to get in at all. There's nothing you'll be able to do now. The first one happened three hours this morning for people in the UK and overnight people in America. So far I don't want to get ahead of ourselves or Jinx it's on crossing our fingers to say it I've, not noticed much issue with server instability and I put out a tweet asking people and the general consensus is it seems to be working quite well we, aren't quite at Peak time though normally when the Americans wake up it's more like six seven eight pm UK time that's when it starts to get worse I will be live on Twitch as per usual tonight at 7pm UK time so in by the time this article goes up within the next hour or so and we'll play the game and see if the servers are okay so please do tune into the stream hang out and we'll see maybe they'll be working I, don't know but that's the server news for today I want to look at detail and I have to give a flashback warning this time because I didn't last time flashback flashbang. Because it's a white page, so three, two, one, boom, there it is.

Stream #2 notes & thoughts

Stream #2 notes & thoughts

I didn't write down notes for every time that Alma was asked about jacket and every time he read that comment out because if I did, there would be five pages of notes. I honestly think it's really petty, but I really wish to just focus on the important questions rather than reading the same things out over and over again, but he noted that's just me being petty; I want the news; that's all I'm bothered about.

So, as I said in today's stream, we had Almir and Senior Game Designer Meow. He's not sure why I put his left name in capitals, but he noted that he's worked on AI enemies, combat difficulty. He teased it was a skill line coming in the second update at the end of October, and he teased simply being able to carry two bags at once with one of the skills, Mio.


However, he went into a lot more detail. You can move bags and bodies faster, and there's the option to carry two bags at once as well as carry two deployables, with a slight penalty, Allah. Jack of all trades and PayDay Tim also said you'll be able to carry bodies more efficiently and forego penalties.

Three different ways first off, it's community feedback, so feedback from content creators, hopefully articles like mine, and also things from Reddit Steam. It's interesting to know, at least for me personally, but then he goes into challenges specifically completing specific things, as a lot of you will know by now, give you infinite points, and the idea that he said was that it was designed to encourage you to try different weapons, play styles, and difficulties, and the more varied of playstyles you tried, the higher level you'd get, so someone joining with level 80 or level 90 to their name would be like they've done a lot in this game.


Basically, allowing you to level up just by playing heists would be good, even if you only gave us a few infinite points. I think that would help a lot. You've got to also be careful that you don't go too far, because if you go too far, you'll hit max level too fast. As you'll see later, they don't really want to add a Prestige system right now, so you need to make sure it's balanced.

I understand that he does, however, know that the challenges are definitely more loud and heavy, and they do want to amend that he said they expected loud players to try stealth and vice versa, and I've put that as my own comment because, realistically. The top thing that comes to mind is Star Wars Battlefront 2.

When you finish that game, it will show you in a match that you've made progress towards a selection of six challenges so you can see where you're going, basically, so something like that would be great for Payday 3, and they've said they're looking into that as well. The result screen is going to get a lot of love.


It doesn't show you on the results screen; you'll only know when you go into that high sloppy, but they're going to improve that and make it clearer to you down the line, so that's also good. They noticed about quick Melody not doing damage that people wanting melee weapons they're not prioritizing, it but if enough people ask they will consider it new, weapons are also going to be coming and new enemies might be down the line they said they're not confirmed but Alma did make a point to the fact that Payday 2 did see new enemies added post launch so that could also be done also, that they're waiting for more time to pass and also for more player data hence the analytics section I mentioned earlier to see what the consensus is towards enemy strength and power because Mio notes they've had complaints in particular about doses being too strong and cloakers being a bit too subtle and stealthy at times and catching people off guard a bit too often for me personally he said that people field very differently I think the enemies are fairly well balanced bulldozers.

payday 2

That was ridiculous, but whatever additional features could be added post-launch, such as improved animations and extra things like that, they mentioned that just on the fly, but it wasn't super relevant. Jokers. Now here are a couple of hot topics from Joker's Dodge and Bots. Like I said, they went through a lot of key things here, but they're not looking at putting jokes into the game right now, so converting cops to fight for you, Allah Payday 2.

So it's a lot more about the gunfire and not what you get hit by and what you don't Dodge could be hard to balance with the new system as a result and notes that smoke grenades already kind of filled the Dodge roll because they do reduce cop accuracy, you get hit less within smoke grenades kind of like the sicario perk deck in Payday 2.

So, maybe they will address that down the line, but for now, Dodge is not a priority. On top of that, they also want feedback with regards to bots. They think the bots are all right; they know that the general sentiment is that they're not very useful on Very Hard and Overkill, and they're wondering if it's a priority.

payday 2 console

Basically, right now, they need to prioritize certain things. Another hot take is RNG staying the same upon restarts. If you restart a bang case, the vault codes will stay the same. That kind of thing they've noted that a lot of people have been complaining about that, especially veteran players.

It's time for Day 2 of my Payday 3 News Updates as Almir and Mio chatted at length about upcoming fixes to the game, as well as server downtime to improve the system.
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