Payday 3 News Roundup. No Pausing, Console Fov Slider, Infamous Rewards & More



Payday 3 interview announcement!

I want to announce an interview with Gustavo Cucimo, the music composer.

Infamous rewards are live!

Launch the game and refresh the page. I'm going to do it right now in this recording, so hopefully it will work and you can see it evidently in front of us. Okay, I'm going to hop into the inventory of my game and just change a gun.

Just pop back out; maybe get it to save there. We go prompt to save on there. There we go; it is working fine and brilliantly, so there we go. We've got all the things unlocked that I have worked up to, so I need to complete a few more houses on Mayhem. Okay, cool, so that's how that works, and it seems like it's all working fine for me, so if anyone's got any problems, keep tracking, keep making sure you're going into the game, and prompting a save to sync up with the cloud so that the nebula can pick it up, and you'll be good to go.

The infamous rewards will be yours.

Starbreeze ceo discusses always online

Starbreeze ceo discusses always online

Next up on the agenda is a bit more news about the game always being online. There are a couple of things I want to cover here. First off, there was an interview here with Starbreezer's CEO, Tobias Hargreen, whom I've never seen pronounce his name right. He apologized for any native Swedish in the audience, but he did an interview.

It's all in Swedish. There is an actual official translation on YouTube, but I've spoken to a few people who've been able to translate some of the important things for me, and he talked a bit, as you can see here, about the always online integration of Payday 3 and the fact that you can never play any Heist to Payday 3 unless you're connected to the internet, and he talked about the fact that it's to do with preventing cheating; it's an anti-cheating setup, which means there's either one or two reasons as to why they've done this.

It could be to prevent the existence of a DLC unlocker again, which was a very big problem with Payday 2, and they're trying to avoid it for Payday 3, or I think it could be more stupid microtransactions. I don't know which way it's going to be realistically but it could be because they've got a micro transaction system coming if they're constantly connected to the internet helps prevent some glitches and bugs for example if you think about gt online people were able to glitch money into the game by sometimes removing their internet connection then getting back in things like that tricking the connection would, sometimes work for things like that so maybe they're trying to prevent things like that happening to pay A3 so that their micro transaction system can be held up and people can't steal the in-game currency whenever it releases it could be why but either way it's a very much an anti-cheating, setup that's their logic behind the decision does.

You can't pause payday 3 private games?

You can't pause payday 3 private games?

On from that with it being always online Andreas. One of the lead producers or the late producers should say on payday 3 did a few bits of questions and answers on Twitter while the second beta was going on, and one thing that really stood out to me was people asking. When you do a heist solo in a private match, will you be able to pause the game?

He has said no, which is just the worst possible thing I could have heard, and you can see he's not even had a single like on the tweet; no one appreciates it. I did reply to it, and if anyone wants to try and support this, feel free to like my tweet, reply to it, and encourage that you do want a pause feature for private matches.

I've said it in there. I know there are games that are always online or require an internet connection to play, for example. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, where if you play privately, you can pause the game, which is doable, so I'm a bit sad that they haven't done that for Payday 3, and I do want them to fix it if it happens that I'm in the middle of a stream.

I'm in the middle of a tough heist, and I want to pause the game to go and do something, or I'm recording or anything like that, and I can't pause the game or anyone, just realistically not doing articles. Just not being able to pause is so inconvenient. Input from the audience is basically to say let us pause the game, moving on from that.

Console fov slider confirmed

Console fov slider confirmed

Andreas did share one more interesting thing for the console players because I was wondering about this myself: an FOV slider will be available at launch on console. It wasn't in beta; it was only on PC, but you will have it on console, so it won't be paid at all over again.

Payday 3 x bam-bam fashion collaboration 2024

Begging for one for years you'll get one at launch so don't worry about that will be there in, next week's main full version of the game very glad to hear that myself because an fov slider is something I appreciate very , very dearly and then finally in today's news roundup it's actually something a little bit more random but also quite interesting and it's just been twisted out by payday 3's a Twitter account they went to New York City this week to present in-game paylay outfits in collaboration with Bam which is a fashion design I've got a website here, and I'll show you in a second an ocar-style suit physically at New York Fashion Week next.


Year two of Bambam's Creations will be available for payday 3 heises to enjoy, and you can see them here. I'm assuming these two are different suits. It says that there are two outfits; maybe there's some that are different; maybe it isn't either of these. I don't know, but considering you've got a more masculine build and a more feminine build version of the suit, it could just be these are the two items.

I really don't know; however, they do look really cool. I think they're quite striking outfits, and realistically, you can see a bit more bit of pictures of them on the fashion carpet. I don't know if Alma is in the audience; I know he said he was in New York, but I can't quite spot him. It'd be funny if we could sit him out in the audience; that'd be hilarious, but you can see one of the outfits here and then one more here, so both of them were shown off on the carpet or the fashion runway.

I'm not a big Fashion Week person; I don't know the technical terms, but they look really cool. I really, really do like them, and it's just kind of crazy to see payday stills on a screen. A fashion show that's kind of mad realistically, but if you do want to check out more of the artist designs, I have found a website you can give a scope to, and it goes to a whole bunch of designs.

You can actually see some of the stuff that is playing parts in the outfit, so very similar color schemes or patterns are showing up on their website, so you can go and give it a peek.

There have been a bunch of small Payday 3 news updates happening over the past week, so I thought I'd combine them all into one video and update you on all things PAYDAY 3.
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