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and we're back for day three of the Payday 3 game server.

Servers are working?

It seems like matchmaking. Is getting better now it's not across the board but a lot of people asked on Twitter said that they were seeing very similar things maybe the odd hit issue here and there but, overall not doing too bad now Andreas does explain a little bit about that here so we're going to get straight into the notes for today's stream which, is alamit and Andreas today as I said again so Al may be in the global brand director that we all know when Andrew address being the lead producer, on payday 3 who was also in attendance on Monday's stream Alma, also confirmed tomorrow's stream on Thursday we'll have Mio back again who was here yesterday there's, a bit of an alternating pattern at the minute and we'll just keep an eye on what's actually new there's a bit less information this time it's not quite two-page and there are some points in here that have been repeated again and I'll just kind of gloss over those to make sure anyone missed the previous articles knows.

Day 3 notes

Day 3 notes

So first off. Andreas kicked off by explaining a bit of the matchmaking issues, updates, and things they're doing at the moment, as well as the maintenance that we talked about yesterday, being that there's going to be another bit of three-hour server downtime on Friday morning between 7 and 10 a.m.

Aim assist will now be fixed on PS5 as well. From there, they fixed the delay you get sometimes when you interact with something for the first time in a heist like zip tying, so if you find you're holding X for a while and nothing's happening, that bug will get fixed. X obviously being the Xbox controller, button varies depending on platform, or speaking of.


The first responders arrive, the guard stops shooting, they get on their knees, and you can tie them up so they're fixing any issues around that also. Hey, it's not going to the end screen after failing, and also, issues are being stuck on the success screen. Both of those will be fixed. Finally, they're fixing the cray, not reviving some players, still not addressing them, not reviving each other, but whatever, and, on top of that, players were also noting having issues stuttering with around 100 pings.

I had a fair bit of that yesterday, but it's better than matchmaking issues either way that's getting fixed, so that's the list of some of the things happening in that update. As it says above, there are around 200 bug fixes in the October 5th patch—no quality of life stuff. It's all about bug fixes, but it's going to be a major quality of life update at the end of October.

Patch two is to be confirmed there, so let's move on to the rest of the notes. Now, voice chat, or VoIP, if you might have heard of it, is currently being evaluated. And Andreas then reinforced that the second patch is focused on quality of life fixes, so maybe something like that will be seen in there, but he didn't commit to that, so I wouldn't bank on it.


He also said that they're actually not currently working on an offline mode; he specified that they say it's still on the table, but they want to focus on matchmaking and being more stable, so at present they're not even going into any kind of development of an offline mode; they may be talking about it; it may be on the table; they may not even be talking about it at all.

Saying something is on the table is being very non-committal, and I just want to point that out because I don't want anyone to get my hopes up. I'm not particularly happy about it. I'd hope there'd be a bit more commitment to it, but he did say that if there was a way we could do it where we could just press a button and add an offline mode, we would, but it's not that easy.

You know they're taking it on board, so people don't like it, but they're basically saying we're going to try and improve the challenge system, making sure that it's more visible, more trackable, and more well organized, but no overall fundamental changes are happening to the progression system anytime soon.


Also, again, this is from yesterday, but I want to reinforce that mouse and keyboard support for console is mentioned as a fix they want to work on once matchmaking is fixed. They're noted as being part of a long list of quality of life changes that they want to release fairly soon, and Master Keyboard is part of that evaluation.

Confirm the tail end of October yet again, so I don't know what's going on there. Almir reinforces the more achievements for the compost launch and that they also want more randomization in Heist going forward, which is in response to feedback Andreas, who went into a bit more detail later in the stream, but I combined the points here, noting that it should always be fun to replay heists, and they want to make sure they reinforce that replayability in future updates, so they're going to add features down the line that hope to increase engagement and player replayability.

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Those features are, I don't know, but we'll see. Maybe it could be tied to Mio's comments yesterday saying that the repeated and fixed RNG between restarts of heists could be removed for high difficulties to make it hard for veteran players. Maybe that's what they're talking about. I don't know, that's just me trying to put two and two together there moving on, though we got one last page of points, so the team is working on additional cosmetics, such as outfits, noting that they will all still be aligned to the payday universe sticking.

With that, Andreas reinforces that all collabs will fit the universe, and they say that more heisters will be coming soon. At Clover, they mentioned Clover by name as well as a few others, but I picked up on Clover being currently unaccounted for. Multi-day heists are not confirmed, but they say it's early days; you never know where that could go.

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But then, the more interesting thing—probably the most interesting thing for me aside from the patch notes today—was Andreas talking about classic maps. He said quote remastering. Maps is a good opportunity unquote, but he says you need to remember that if they do remaster Maps it'll be a re-imagination and some things must be adapted to work within paid a3's framework while still capturing important all elements so key objectives stay the same but you know you gotta remember stealth mechanics are different mad mechanics are different things like that will be different based on payday 3 system but the core energy of the heist will still be that he then obviously time on the end but again nothing's confirmed so far and asks which Legacy Heist people want to see now to me that, screams we're working on classic ice but we're not confirming it so be ready they may not be exactly the same but we're going to do our best that's what that says to me that's obviously me making a deduction it's not official but I.

It's time for another day of Payday 3 news, and today Almir and Andreas delivered another host of answers regarding bug fixes and quality of life updates for Payday 3, including more info on Offline Mode, the first patch on October 5th and more.
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