Payday 3 News: New Throwable Revealed & Update 6 Coming Soon


As you will have noticed last week, I didn't do a article on the blog in the end because it was just an interview with Gustavo Kimio, who is the composer for Payday 3. Well worth reading, but I had absolutely no commentary to offer on that, so I figured best not, and since the first article since insomnia 72 Quickly, thank you to everyone who sought me out at the convention, said hi, and took photos.

I really was quite surprised by how many of you there were, and it means a lot to me, so thank you to everyone who did that. But we're back in business. We have another weekly development blog to go through. This one is quite short but gives us details. On the free throwable, we're going to be getting into the game at some point in the next few months.

Hopefully, the question mark. This is about the pig tick, also known technically as the shot grenade. You can see a picture of it here. I do honestly really like the look at this, and the name is quite a cool little idea, but it's given us a bit of an update as to how this is going to work, but it just says that it's in a future update, so I have no idea how soon that will be.


It is worth mentioning in this article, however, that Elizabeth did mention on a stream yesterday that they are in the process of getting ready to film the next dev update again when they make these dev updates as soon as they go out. The update is usually a week later, so if they're filming it soon, then that means an update could be very well on the cards for April.

Good, slightly better pacing is what we need for this game, and hopefully it'll make a bit of a difference. I just hope that it's got an actual heist in it. It's, you know, a bit ropey that we still don't know when Boy and Blue is coming out, and if it takes much longer, it's going to be really rough.

I mean, we've already had four months without a new heist in this game. That's not good, but anyway, that's the debate from the article. Let's talk about the throwable, so let's go into the main explanation of the shot grenade and how it works. The shot grenade, also known by its in-universe name, the pig Tickler 187, is a new crowd control tool for Your Arsenal.


when you throw the grenade it will explode three times before it expires, any enemy hit by any of the four explosions become stunned for one second and after the stun expires they'll become slowed for 3 seconds, so obviously immediate confusion here and actually made me have to pause the article to check this but there is a gift down here that shows you it in action it will explain more of what's happening in the gift at the moment but you can see it does fire off three times before the GIF ends so it seems to me like it's three times and not four so that's where the typo, is hopefully going to be corrected so it stuns enemies for a second and once the stun expires if they aren't obviously stunned Again by one of the following, explosions.

Then they will still be slowed for three seconds. Any enemy or civilian hit by the initial explosion will be the start of an electric arc, and this arc will jump to the closest enemy seven times before it expires. As long as they're not too far away from each other, an enemy hit by the arc will get the full effect of the shot grenade stun, and this gives it some more different coverage from the flashbang as you could stun a group behind corners and not in a fixed radius.

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The downside, compared to a flashbang, is that enemies will be stunned for a shorter duration. The other thing I have a problem with here is that this is another typographical bit of information that's not really clarified. It says any enemy or civilian that's hit by it, but then it says it will jump to the closest enemy seven times, so will it not jump to other civilians as well?

Is it only the first civilian that triggers The Arc, and then it autofocuses? on enemies and not civilians; I'm not assuming that's the case, but it's not explained very well, so that's another thing that needs correcting here. Also, while the actual grenade does no damage by itself, some law enforcement agents are more conductive than others, so any Shield zapper or techy hit by the shot grenade will die immediately.

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Sadly, the Dozer will maintain his crowd control resistance, so we won't be shocked at your attempts to use this grenade again against him. Unfortunately, all three of these have confusing points or things that I'm not a big fan of overall. I do think that the grenade sounds good, but I want to preface that right now it does sound like a really cool thing, but there is confusion as to whether it hits enemies or civilians with the arcs or whether it actually does have three or four charges that the GI could cut off, but mostly.

This is the thing that annoys me the most, while the actual grenade does no damage by itself. Melee not dealing any damage is a very big criticism people have for Payday 3. I don't like that they're doing something else that feeds into that criticism even more. Don't get me wrong, instantly killing Shields Zabas and Techies is a great idea.

Don't get rid of that. I think that's brilliant, but just a little bit of base damage for these shot grenades would make a world of difference. It feels like it's actually worse than throwing into a crowd of people rather than just to stun them. You get a bit out of it as well, with a little bit of damage even if it isn't an instakill.

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It still makes a difference, much like with melee weapons. You know the idea that it stuns enemies every time you hit them. Why doesn't it also deal a little bit of damage? You know why just hitting someone 20 times does not do anything to them other than you just standing over them. Stop hitting yourself.

Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself. It's not worth it. It's not a really good idea, in my personal opinion, so I do think that could do with The Mending as well. It also says that shot grenades will benefit from some of the existing skills in the game and should serve to give more options to expand your arsenal, and all of those skills will be affected by it, so skills from different lines, but that's it.

Let us know what you think of another throwable you'd like to see in the future. That's the blog post, so a bit of information about the shot grenade. some confusing information, and no ETA, So some good and some bad, which unfortunately is very much part of the course of payday 3 at this point, but that's everything.

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To talk about my personal thoughts, as I said, I think this sounds really good, but it could do with a bit more clarification before it goes out. I think sometimes with these blog posts, you want to make sure that you'll clarify the information as best as possible, and they're not doing that. Sometimes there are questions that are left unanswered, and they either have to be answered on streams or on Twitter or something.

Dev Blog 7 is out for Payday 3, revealing the Pig Tickler shock grenade. although it doesn't explain itself very well. Also, Elisabeth has hinted on yesterday's stream that the next update may not be far away. so let's talk about it all.
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