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Happy New Year! It's a little bit late, but it's the first article uploaded in 2024. And not talk about things that were said offhand during the stream there's a couple of reasons for that one is timing I want to get a quick a article that's to the point for this one and secondly on a more personal note I'm kind of a little bit tired of the time being of talking about the things they say maybe this will come down the line, because I'm more interested in them actually stating cold hard facts which is what they've done here I'm sick of constantly saying they said onl offline mode was on the table I just wanton an offline mode there's only so many things I can say without wanting to get really annoyed so I thought let's focus on the actual, confirm things, and we can always do some more Theory stuff based on other stuff on the live stream later on and you know what I'm adding this in here in the season of giving even though it's not the season of giving I'm a bit late but I have got a Payday 3 code for Xbox series X and PS5.

Payday 3 giveaway

Payday 3 giveaway

The giveaway will close this Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. GMT, that's UK time, the giveaway will close, and I will email the winner of the copy of Payday 3, so make sure you go and enter that giveaway if you want to win it on a console platform of your choice.

"what's coming": confirmed content

Let's get into it. So I have set up a specific window here, and we are to look through this on full screen and read everything in the community update, so let's do it.

Let's start off with a bit of a content page. We don't need this, so this is the almost certain changes section. So as we go along in the different categories, we go from almost guaranteed to less guaranteed to things that will most likely change or be canceled over time. To nobody's surprise, they're going to lower the drone damage across all difficulties; they're going to lower the drone health and also increase the techie respawn rate by 20 seconds.


This is all in direct feedback to her behavior in the syntax era. Heist, all these changes are very much appreciated. The techie did come out to be far too strong, and I'm glad they're responding to that and dealing with it by nerfing her into the ground. Well, at least nerfing her into the ground, but pushing it.

We'll see how well it goes. Next after that, we have some weapon changes. The R900 sniper is going to have its armor penetration increased from 1.3. To two, that's a huge increase in the armor penetration it will do, and also, on top of that, increasing the damage. From what I heard Mio say on stream, he did say that means that the sniper should just about be a one-shot kill at the right skills, so I like that.

I appreciate that greatly, which means the sniper will pack one hell of a punch. I don't think I've tried the sniper at all in the full game, so I may wait until this gets done and then have a little bit of a mess around with it and maybe make some builds. Who knows, but the Moscone 12 gauge is also getting some changes.


Overall, it's going to be a more consistent, concise shotgun. Moving on from there, we have some skill changes. There are a lot of skill changes here, so we're going to kind of whittle them down to them through real quick and run you through what you need to know, so triage in the medic skill line will no longer consume your buff when you use it, so grit Edge Rush won't go when triage is activated.

Threat assessment strategist, and Bonus increase by 20%. The Negotiator skill and Minul skill tree now give two extra resources instead of one, so I believe when you trade a hostage, it normally gives you one extra Med kit or armor repair kit. Now it'll give you two shell shocks, and the Demonstrationist now works on all enemies and applies a 20% penalty.

You can see the CQC specialist is making two changes: the base now says whenever you grab a human shield, you gain a refresh rush, and the ace now says whenever you perform a takedown, you gain a refresh grit. I don't really use the takedown ones as much, but that's interesting to see nonetheless.


The groundskeeper and CQC specialist also have a takedown speed bonus now increased to 60% from 20%, which is very, very good. I'm glad they've stated previous ones there; they should have done that for the rest of these soft assets and the CQC specialist. You can see they're really trying to overhaul this particular skill line, which is good because, as I said, it's not really one I was using, but the soft asset skill now says if you rush and shove away a SWAT you held as a human shield.

Rush is consumed, and you repair your current armor chunk if it's damaged. This ability is only triggered once per enemy, and you move 5% faster while holding a human shield. And then the Savage takedown also says that whenever you grab a human shield, any civilian with an X Mees, who's obviously going to decide the number later, will immediately become intimidated, so there are just some improvements to that skill line overall.

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I'm not sure if it's going to make me invest in the skill points. Human shields are really good in Payday 3. I enjoy using them, but I don't know if there's enough skill points to make me want to try pushing in there, but hey, that's what trying different builds is for; maybe I'll give it a shot at some point.

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High grain Amo specialist though now works crew wide so anyone interacting with the ammo bag will receive the benefits rather than just the person putting it down which is very good it's much like Bullet Storm in Payday 2 in that sense now if multiple crew members have this skill equipped the bonus is increased so it Stacks very good as well, in medic steady hands now works crew wide as well so same thing again inter with the med mag you get the same Buffs which is very good and disengage in the tank now also lets you sprint through n gas grenades, regardless of whether you've used up the skill or not so some overall, really strong skill changes there now I don't know if these are all coming in the next update or in the next few updates but it's good to see that these are on the way I'm just appreciating some overall skill changes they're good on top of that we're getting some equipment changes so for medic bags they are now going to heal 50% of your max Health to the 35.

2024 has kicked off for Payday 3 with a new livestream from Lis Mio now the new game director for Payday 3, detailing what to expect from some of Payday 3's upcoming updates - as well as potential content that may release further down the pipeline. Let's break it all down.
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