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We're going to get into today's notes. There's not quite as much to do today to talk through, but there are some very interesting things, including a direct response to yesterday's article. That's always cool to hear; it's nice to see them respond to big issues that the community is bringing up with them, but before we get into it.

I do want to announce one thing very quickly: I will not be live tonight or tomorrow.

New interview out tomorrow!

I'm having a bit of time off this weekend, but : I am releasing a new article tomorrow at 7 p.m. time, which is about 24 hours from now, and that is the interview with Gustavo Kuchimio's composer. It's nearly an hour and a half long, with a ton of audience questions, and it really is a fantastic interview.

I've put hours and hours into editing this to make it sound as good as it could, because, let's face it, the music guy needs it to sound good, obviously, but it will be going out on YouTube as well as audio platforms.

Day 5 notes


Let's get into the news. So today it was Almir and Grace again, with Andreas being Payday 3's lead producer.

He was present on both Monday and Wednesday streams, and he was back today to talk more about payday 3 with everyone. They start off by saying the maintenance periods this week are now done and the servers will continue to be monitored. To hear Almir. I immediately jumped straight into talking about the article I made yesterday because, if you didn't see yesterday's news article.

I pointed out that Alman noted battle passes were not confirmed, but more details on the post-launch campaign will be shared later down the line, and I pointed out that being on the fence about something as vital as the post-launch content was not a good move. He's come out and said thanks for pointing out they're not happening, so battle passes are not in the works, and long may that continue.


I'm very, very glad to hear it. The next stream is confirmed for 9 p.m. CEST tuesday next week don't know why the date is in there but I'll talk more about that later the next stream is going to be later in the evening and on Tuesday so the Americans can see it so they're trying to try different stream time basically but I'll talk about that at the end of the article Andres then reinforces, the first patches on October 5th with 200 plus bugs being fixed He's listed some but they'll be a more detailed patch notes list obviously when the update comes out and he reiterated the list but I don't need to go through it again here you can go watch day three's article it pretty much opens up with that patch notes list if you are interested to see some of the things he picked out of about 15 to 20 bug fixes that he wants to focus on particularly but he did note a new one that he didn't mention on Wednesday which, is something ironically.


Titles are currently planned as well, because I could barely say utensils. Sorry, then I did follow up with the most exciting statement I think of the stream, which is to expect more Heist content this year, obviously, not to miss the forest for the trees. We should have really expected that to be happening anyway, but it's just nice to hear you know it's nice to know that Heist content is coming, and if anyone wants my predictions.

I would expect DLC, and free we know that DLC won the syntax era DLC, which is ironic given the server issues are over winter 2023, going into 2024. Typically, the winter months are December, January, and February, so maybe they don't kick off DLC stuff till December. I find it hard to believe they're probably kicking up in November, at a guess.

payday 2

However i think in the meantime, we could probably expect one or two free heists, or at least one or two might be a much but I would like to see a free Heist get added first because in Payday 2 one month after release we saw the diamond stock at it for free I'd like to see that happen again for payday 3 a free high school I did before any DLC kicks up that'd, be cool after that though they then confirmed they are working on Steam Trading Cards and the improvements to the main menu will come over time in the high selection menu so they're just talking about some of that stuff so I think it was mainly High selection menu rather the main menu but who knows maybe I'll touch up the main menu as well I don't really know for sure Andreas, then says that at least for year one the goal is to keep them more menacing and serious grounded tone for payday 3.

He said further that they don't intend to change the tone, but they might do if the community really asks for it, so things might get goofier if the crowd asks for it again. My personal thought is that I really like the tone as it is; I don't want to see it change too much. I really would prefer not to see people walking down with giant, commonly large spoons and all sorts of stuff like that, but I realize I'm just one voice in the community, and if the vasta community wants that to happen, enough.

payday 2 console

I will bow to the overall opinion, but for me personally, like the tone. I don't want it to change, but whatever, call me a serious person if you want. It's very rare that people do that, given how nerdy I am. I mean, I've got a [__] lightsaber collection for goodness sake, but I like serious tones sometimes, and in Payday 3, I think it works on top of that.

Then they talked about stealth-only heists, and Andreas now-wild road rage is an exception to the launch of Payday 3. Their intention is for all future heists. Or go aloud. Moving on from there, they said that stacks being exchanged for money as well as new items to buy sea stacks with are down to the design team.

payday console

They didn't confirm any changes to sea stacks but said the design team could change anything with regard to that anywhere down the line. Offsetting a loud stealth indicator in matchmaking is something that they're working on and want to add to Andreas. I noted that was something that should be in there, so knowing that if you get into loud or stealth lobbying, that will hopefully get added later down the line, and then I acknowledge that there's not been much concrete confirmation in the stream.

So this is more of an overall thing for the week. I would assume, but they do explain that's because they have been so focused on the servers that they wanted to finish that first before they got too focused on anything else, and honestly, you. I can't be fairer than that. Now that the servers are beginning to tidy up, they'll be looking better.

I know obviously they're still monitoring it, and nothing's perfect yet because they still have the artificial cap in place, Think hopefully, Within. The next week or so, they'll start to look at more game-specific issues and start moving their focus because I think the servers are beginning to hold fingers crossed, and it's been nearly 72 hours without a problem.

The final daily stream of Payday 3 News is here, with teasing of upcoming content, more bug fixes and a direct response to yesterday's video from Almir himself! Let's chat about everything important covered in today's stream.
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