Payday 3 News: First Patch Soon, Progression Update & More


Ladies and gentlemen, we finally have some clarification on the status of Payday 3's first patch, and I'm very glad to be here reporting it. I did say I would go quiet until it actually updated us, and honestly. Again, that's kind of saying the same thing they've said the whole time, and I still don't completely agree with what I've said before.

I think there are some things they could have shared before. Now you know they can't share updates on the patch. I mean, what about combining patches? What about having it set out for certification? There are things they could have said; even saying it hadn't been sent out for certification would allow us to set expectations.

But something like that has been addressed now, so let's read what they've said. We know it stinks to keep hearing the same thing. So allow us to lift the curtains a little and give you some insight on what the team is working on right now. First off, the first patch has been sent off and is currently going through testing and certification, which means it's been submitted.


Microsoft and Sony are looking at it. Valve doesn't really need to do as much as I said before, but it's being approved now, so that can take, I think, 3 to 5 days. I think it sometimes can take longer, so I don't want to set a necessary time on it, but provided that it gets approved, we should see the patch hopefully by next week.

Fingers crossed that's just from my experience. Don't quote me on it. I'm saying that this could be hopefully something to get our you know our excitement up for but remember it could fail certification, that is possible so it's not a guarantee just yet but they have said we have made a commitment to our players to keep the parity between all platforms this is an important part of the process good no updates being released until it's ready on all platforms then it gets released on all platforms at the same time that's what you want The reason it's taken so long to get this first patch ready is very long and complicated, but the short version is that we discovered critical errors with our update pipeline shortly after the game was released.


There was a significant risk of player progression being wiped out. If we hadn't addressed this and ensured a solid test environment, they would have said this three weeks ago. I mean, that's a very important problem. I don't understand why they're not allowed to communicate these things or why something is going on where they can't share this stuff sooner.

I know I'm being pedantic now and I'm having to go when they are talking, but you know what I mean, folks? We see a lot of your feedback about the progression system in particular, and our designers are looking at how the system can be adapted to balance both the challenge system as well as offering infinite points for each heist.

Fantastic, And we'll come back with more information on what this looks like soon, so it's not going to be the first patch; it never was; it's just bug fixes. This first patch, possibly the first two patch patches, if, as I've said already, the patch that was split off isn't recombined. I still don't know what's going on there, and I would have appreciated them clarifying that, but whatever happens, once we consistently deliver patches, the team will also deliver on our plans for more content for the game.

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Expect to see free content updates for the game before the end of the year. We'll share more information on what these will be when we get there again. We apologize for our silence. We see your frustration and anger, and we can assure you that this is not a situation we want to be in. The team is working hard on a game that will be supported for years to come and making Payday 3 the new Criminal Dawn, so this last point is interesting to me in particular, and I think I'll go back to my main chatting camera just so you can see my face, but no.

As we've discussed previously, several times it hasn't really gone according to plan for Star because it's been a month without any patches, and by the time this comes out, it may be a month and a half. Who knows, by what point it actually releases? The point being, that's obviously going to have some kind of impact on their road map.

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Initially, they said they were hoping it wouldn't impact anything. Alman did a stream yesterday where he pretty much said the same thing as always, but the point is that he's been doing those streams, saying you know the DLC shouldn't be affected. Some people are still working on future content in the background to try and basically negate any delays to DLC updates, but Star's road map said that winter 2023 It would be the start of the DLC plan now that winter kicks off in December, which means you'd expect updates in December.

January, and February for the first group of DLCs, which is called the Syntax Era, but yeah. I was expecting the D to kick off this year. Maybe that is a suggestion the DLC won't, maybe it's nothing to overanalyze, and it's not worth going into any detail over, but I did think it was interesting that they've promised free game stuff before the end of the year but not mentioned anything with regards to DLC.

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To be honest, with the way the game has been treated the last month and the lack of communication and all that stuff going on. I think giving us a good chunk of free content to begin with and not really pushing the DLC first would be a good move. I have no doubt about that, but I think having a bit of extra time to just kind of bring people back in, do some free stuff, and add some cool stuff that people don't have to pay for, especially after the last month we've all had, would be a very good way to get people back on side.

I think it's going to be interesting to see what they do as compensation for the lack of updates and communication. I've personally been someone who wasn't that bothered by that, but given the last month the amount of people who have been turned off for the game I think we do need to have something to kind of compensate for the time and bring us back in, so we will see what that will be.

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But ladies and gentlemen, I will wrap this article up here; that is everything we need to know. Right now, about Payday 3's next patch, my voice is slowly fading away, so I'm going to cut this recording off before it's too late. I will let you all know as soon as there's any more big news. Like I said, even though I was taking a big break from Friday onwards, I did say I would come back whenever there was actual communication.

I'm just surprised it's come around this quick. I really did not expect it.

I expected my break to last longer, and yet Starbreeze have returned with some PROPER information on the patch, at last. Let's break it all down.
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