Payday 3 News: First Patch Delayed & Progression Changes Coming

Next dev stream tbc

I'll do a article like this to break it all down, but for the time being, this is the last one until something new comes, so.

Day 6 notes

Day 6 notes

And the price was pretty bloody ridiculous, as you can see here. Originally, new primary slots cost 100 C Stacks, but that's been reduced to 10, and anything else in secondary outfits used to cost 50; it's now been reduced to five, and that has already been applied, so for this one time only.

I will sing the praise of the game being online only. I still don't think it should be, and I still want an offline mode, and I will keep saying that until it's added. However, being online only meant they could just do that change in the back end and not have to push a patch out, so that is a small advantage.

Plural and he nearly spoiled a name; he didn't say a letter or something; he just thought it was funny to say, so maybe there is a returning Heist whose name we didn't want to give away; maybe it's Hton, as Alir keeps calling him in other words. Houston; he seems like a lightly bad B until we get more information we can't know for sure anyway.

Patch delay info

Patch delay info

They have now been delayed. This is the first important thing. The first patch was meant to be coming out on October 5th, which is Thursday. That has now been delayed; they need to send the patch to Sony and Microsoft for approval, but before they actually did that, they found a bunch of new crashes in Payday 3 that they wanted to get fixed first.

He said that they found a lot of the fixes, and the update is pretty much ready to go, which means that they haven't sent it yet to Sony and Microsoft for approval, so they need to do that and get it approved, which means the patch is going to be delayed, and we don't know how long by he said, not very long, but I mean.

Sonia is not the fastest to approve things sometimes, so fingers crossed, we still get it on Friday, but honestly. False i don't know. I don't know. I really wish there was more consistency between what they said on the stream and what they said in a tweet. I'm assuming it's still going to be consoled on Thursday.

At least that's a confirmed date for the console fix. There is still a patch on Thursday, just not the one we were expecting.

Changes to progression

Changes to progression

But we'll just have to see—I mean, the biggest. An example really is to just allow you to get XP for completing the highest or infiny points.

More day 6 notes

Based on that, they've reinforced that now there will be a range of content and it will vary depending on the actual month, so right now it's going to be bug fixes and quality of life, but as we go further into year one, there'll be a lot of content, including heists, some of which this year one or more we don't know at least one DLC.


They're also saying features and songs will be coming as well. There's also going to be a lot of weapons and development. Someone asked about the P90 specifically, and that wasn't confirmed, but guns are coming. Shocker considering there's four weapon packs in the first year and on top of that melee changes are still being discussed but are not a top priority talking about challenges not unlocking, they have said that they are looking into that problem so that might be an issue you're getting that I've had where you finish a challenge, but it doesn't actually give you the infinite points it says it's done but there isn't a tick that is a problem they're looking into it's a bug they've seen for a lot of players it's being worked on and will come in the future but again much like the SE stack change at the start of this article this is an issue that they think is with the back end and hopefully won't require an in-game patch it'll just be something they can tweak on the server side and fix.

El May read a message out to do with that and literally just said no. Keep it up, please, Dir Boy. Much appreciated they are still looking into fixing the empty lobby issues—people not getting into full lobbies—that kind of thing, and then someone asked about a PVP mode, and someone later down asked about holdout mode, and he was like, awesome ideas, but we've not confirmed any extra modes, and then they want to also note that in future heists.


Andreas pointed this out and feels a little bit disappointed. In the lack of randomization and unique kind of gameplay elements that change from Heist to heist in the base eight8 heist in Payday 3 so he has noted that in future Heist of payday 3 he wants to try and make sure that they have more random elements and more unique things per heist, which can only be a good thing because the more random the heists are, the more replayable they are, and the more fun you have because they will vary up between playr and playr, and that matters things like road rage, the only real change you've got is whether the helicopter spawns on the left or on the right.

It was cool but a bit trivial once you played it five times, so something more unique would be very cool if you are a collector edition owner. The collector's club invites should be in the coming days. Keep me posted if you get in contact about that, because I would like to know what's going on with that as someone who doesn't own the collector's edition.


I would like to know what I'm missing out on if it's anything special it may not be but it may be who knows on top of that they also confirm there is no Linux version in the works as of right now into the second page of notes someone asked Andrea something that I've been thinking of for a few years will the gang leave New York and go worldwide, he said he thinks there's a possibility for it and also kind of after a bit more talking about it said let's be fair them staying in New York City permanently if we support the game for say 10 years is pretty unlikely, so, maybe we'll go worldwide who knows we'll see moving on we asked about whether more difficulties can be expected much like what Mio said Andrea said that they will be coming so difficulties Beyond Overkill are happening for sure he said difficulties.

payday 2

Does it mean more than one? Hopefully not i still think one would be enough, but that's just my take. He also said that patch one has fixed a bunch of nebula issues. I think I've covered that before, but it's important to mention it again, especially for someone who has very big problems with nebulae in my streams right now.

I have to have someone else in my game to handle inviting people because my nebula is just that broken, so that better get fixed. Let me tell you, they also said that a new enemy is coming in the next F-first year, so within the first year of payday 3, there will be a new enemy. Who knows what that'll be?

It's time for another breakdown of Starbreeze's dev streams as Almir and Andreas chatted about more changes coming to Payday 3. Most importantly, tonight saw the announcement of a patch delay, a console update coming first and progression updates being in the works - so let's break it all down.
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